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Tierra andrews resume


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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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Tierra andrews resume

  1. 1.  The resume gets you the job you’re after
  2. 2.  Summarizes your employability at a glance Professional resume › A self – marketing tool tailored to your career objectives. › It’s the first link between you and the potential employer. › Strongest points and gives you full credit for your achievements, presents a positive of your best qualities.
  3. 3.  Functional › Only highlights the skills pertinent to your job objective. Chronological › Used to combine all your experiences and employment history.
  4. 4.  Name, Address, Phone Number, Career Objective, Professional Profile, Description of Experience, and Employment History
  5. 5.  All the basic information is presented in both resumes. The only difference is how the information is presented.
  6. 6. Name & Address Phone Number Career Objective Professional Profile Educational Information Description of ExperienceEmployment History
  7. 7. Knowledge of a Resume Knowledge of Resumes Knowledge about writing Resumes Knowledge about the purpose ofa Resume Had to use a Resume