Steps to put a house up for property auctions


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Steps to put a house up for property auctions

  1. 1. Steps to Put a House Up for Property AuctionsWhat do you think is the best way to get a sale in a challenging real estate market? Theproperty auctioneers would surely tell you that it is choosing to auction a house. It is indeedthe best way to strike a deal if you are in a hurry to dispose the property. If you do appropriateadvertising, you would be surprised to see the crowd that would be generated on the sale date.There would surely a buyer who would come prepared for a bargain and purchase. If you handover the process in the hands of an experienced property auctioneer, he can create a wave andstir up tremendous interest in your property.During UK property auctions, if two parties are bidding, the auctioneer would try to get thembid against each other and bring the price up. Generally there are two types of auctions,absolute auction and auction with a reserve. The first step towards getting a good bidding isfinding a reputed property auctioneer. You can take the advice from friends or family membersto recommend some. You can also search in the phone book or online for getting someproperty auction names. Don’t limit your search in the nearby vicinity as you can find a goodauctioneer in and around the city. Most of them are willing to travel to the place where theauction takes place.It is always better to talk to several auctioneers before taking a decision. You need to find outthe various advertising strategies implied by each property auctioneers. Also find out how muchthey will charge for you. Do a research on their experience and the track record. Thepercentage of the successful sales of the property auction company would also determine theirexpertise.Once you fix with a property auctioneer, the next step is setting a sale date. The auctioncompany would probably schedule several open houses before the sales date. Hence it is
  2. 2. important to make necessary modification to your house and get it ready to show. Potentialbidders would be in attendance during such open houses. Some fresh paint or a little elbowgrease would be enough to bring in an appeal to your house.It is important to set the reserve price for the auction house. Reserve price would be the lowestprice you are willing to sell your house if things would not turn up accordingly. Take intoaccount all your expenses before fixing the reserve price. You can seek guidance from a realtorregarding the current price. However it is always better for you to do proper homework beforefixing the reserve price.There is no need to get nervous on the day of sales and be present at the auction grounds. Youcan relax and go for a vacation as you have already given the responsibilities onto the hands ofUK property Auctions Company. In addition, always remember that you would be protected bythe reserve figure at any cost. It is always wise not to put your property for absolute auctionsince the auctioneer’s commission and other expenses would be deducted from the bidamount.Source: Property auctions