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The Young Ones Part 4


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The beginnings of a chaotic and psychotic life in the student fringe at Reading in 1970. Degredation and depravity through the smoking of cannabis.

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The Young Ones Part 4

  1. 1. Sometimes there are meetings with other occupants
  2. 2. And more drugs and laughs
  3. 3. A few days pass...
  4. 4. October rolls on...
  5. 5. They keep warm
  6. 6. What happened to them – where are they now ?
  7. 7. Mike went to live with a girlfriend at her parents’ house on the banks of the Thames at Wargrave, thought about a public school job such as High Court judge, and ended up in the defence industry in the Thames Valley, his Dad having been an Army officer
  8. 8. Steve graduated in History before getting a job at a girls’ school near Rome
  9. 9. Ray spent 17 years in and out of mental hospitals before being rescued by Margaret Thatcher’s community care
  10. 10. Derek pulled himself together and got a job as a bricklayer’s labourer on a building site
  11. 11. Rose’s parents made Algy an offer he could not refuse :- a one way ticket to Amsterdam, where he was reported to have died from alcoholism and neglect
  12. 12. Dan followed Algy to Amsterdam where he caught the clap from a European chick also named Dan. He was last seen in London with most of his teeth missing, with those remaining blackened.
  13. 13. The End