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Get Well Soon 2 (akathisia)


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This is really what I have to say about the treatment in the old British asylums. The deal breaker for me was the horrendous side effects caused by the administering of medication by injection. I have tried to show what akathisia meant to me and others.

Get Well Soon 2 (akathisia)

  1. 1. NEW FORNOVEMBER 2009
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  3. 3. Andrew Presents
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  5. 5. Get Well Soon 2 (Akathisia)
  6. 6. The Wikipedia definition of akathisia includesreference to ‘inner restlessness’ which is manifested in an inability to sit still or to remain motionless. Derived from the Greek for ‘not to sit’ or ‘without sitting’, akathisia is a ‘side effect’ of some typicalantipsychotic medications, particularly when given by injection.
  7. 7. Get Well Soon :-One thing for certain for some of the patients in the old National Health Service asylums in the UK, was that they weren’t about to get well any time soon...
  8. 8. On Horam Ward :
  9. 9. Meanwhile,on a nearby corridor...
  10. 10. A chance meetingat the patients’ canteen...
  11. 11. On Jarvis Brooklong stay ward:-
  12. 12. It’s late afternoon on Chailey Ward...
  13. 13. Back to the ward office at Horam Ward :-
  14. 14. THE END
  15. 15. If any of the issues here haveaffected you, draw a picture, make a song or poem – do some kind of narrative.And maybe use digital media.
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