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Pan Orientation

  1. 1. Pan: Orientation For the Curious: 1
  2. 2. We need two things: 1. An aggregate shift in the awareness level, and 2. A new bearing for developmental trajectory as a species and as a total-planetary culture.That is the task before us. 2
  3. 3. Pan MajorI have no idea what I am doing.Feeling the way, taking the next step. I don’t know if what I am doing is what is wanted, if it’s any good, if I amqualified. But I am moving toward a felt goal - a place of convergence, articulation and expression. A shift, arealignment.I am now moving on to the third phase of Pan.The first phase was crowned by completing my Masters in Conscious Evolution - Pan Minimum.The second phase was crowned by Earthshift - Pan Minor.Now Pan Major begins - and as always it’s a quest based on ‘listening’ - following the clues - The White Rabbit.I want to contribute to the shift in human awareness.Look - if the world was in an awesome place (though it is perfect as is, as is the need for change) - I would just bequiet, be still, be small. Perhaps move to the desert, or to the mountains - focus on my practices and retreat fromthe world.But clearly - homo sapiens sapiens are kinda trippin’ balls.So I contemplate what I have to offer and how.What is Pan? When I play with gender - Pan is a character - an energetic cocktail.But Pan is much more than that.Pan = Self-Realization & Play as Process.Pan means ‘all.’I want to offer my story.I want to offer an alternative way of seeing.I want to offer process tools so you can find your own flavor of self-realization and play.I want to offer healing and access to awesome people.None of this I can do on my own. I have no personal power - only what Grace allows.And for this I am thankful.- Pan. 3
  4. 4. CredentialsMasters in Conscious Evolution: GPA 4.0Published: 1. Consciousness from Zombies to Angels – Christian de Quincey. Knowing/dp/1594772533/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1302215600&sr=8-1 "We also have the Shamans Gift of alternative states of consciousness (ASC) coupled with participatory feeling, and the Mystics Gift of intuition accessed via sacred silence. If youve ever had the opportunity to use your Shamans Gift, involving an ASC, participating with the world through intense feeling, you will have had a direct experience that reveals the limitations of the Cartesian notion of subjectivity. You will know that subjectivity is not, as Descartes believed, sealed up in the privacy of an individual mind, only to be communicated via sensory utterances such as language or other gestures. Quite the opposite, really: you will have realized that our sense of subjectivity is deeply intertwined with other sentient beings, with other subjects. Subjectivity is fundamentally intersubjectivity. We are not so much individuals as interviduals.* We cocreate each other. And since my very being, my subjectivity, is a cocreation that involves all other sentient beings I am in relationship with (ultimately the entire cosmos), then part of my being is literally created by and shared with the Other. *The term interviduals was suggested by one of my students, Andrew Miller." - Consciousness from Zombies to Angels, by Christian de Quincey. P. 42. 2. An Englishman in New York – Jason Bell Bell/dp/1904587976/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1302216006&sr=1-1 3.,29307,2062056_2260320,00.html 4
  5. 5. Earthshift May 2010 UK – London & Stonehenge (below): 5
  6. 6. The Fundamental Fuck-upIs creating a story of humanity based on separation and difference, versus unity and commonality.Beneath all cultural decorations (flag colors, skin colors, funny sounds that come from out of mouths, weddingtackle, whom lives with whom etc.) we are one species.Living on one planet.Originating from and existing within the expansion of an infinitesimal point - a singularity.The singularity of the Big Bang - is more of a Big Expansion - and exists still as a unified whole.At the least there are no separate objects, no separate subjects - we arise together as a web of interviduality.Waves in an ocean.I exists only within We.Further - if you wish to take up the shamanic and mystical ways of knowing - there is no-self and unity awareness.I and We are energetic phenomenon that arise with empty awareness - an awareness that is non-personal, infinite:Buddha-nature. This awareness flows with all energy as a unified whole.I, and We arise with None (or no-one).And all this is within the One. The Infinite Being that is - eternal, blissful, unconditional love, boundless, self-sufficient.I, We, None and One.The upshot is - that if we build political, cultural, economic structures (etc.) based on the delusion of separatenessand division - they will crumble - no matter how powerful and pervasive they are.And hence - realignment.Shift.As we fall apart, we come together. 6
  7. 7. Shift Happens – Part I This is setting the stage of our current global and cosmic reality as I ‘see’ it. It is based on twenty years ofwork – personal, transpersonal and theoretical (which in this case is using the mind to discern patterns in super-systems to look for evolutionary trends). It is also deeply intuited, steeped in my own journey through worldspiritual systems, transpersonal experiences and a systems approach in the context of international developmentand conscious evolutionary theory. The upshot is that planet Earth is in a unique evolutionary crisis: for the first time in 14 billion years,consciousness in the form of human beings is at a crossroads, and we are faced with making fundamentalontological decisions as to who we are and how we should live in every aspect of being. The crisis can be seen externally as a convergence of exponential (or close to) developmental trends –involving extinction rates; natural resource use and depletion; carbon dioxide emissions; population growth;poverty and wealth differentials; small arms and weapons of mass destruction proliferation; GRIN (genetic,robotic, information and nano) technologies, etc. ad nauseum – all sealed in one global pressure cooker balancingon the dice role of positive feedback loops. This sealing, this cooking has more and more energy compacting into an ever shrinking space – asingularity (a mathematical term in which all the rules break down and something completely different happens asthe rate of change approaches infinity), or at least a series of massive bifurcation points over a contracting periodof time.The potential downsides: a highly charged and dangerous situation – mass suffering on an unimagined scale; theextinction of the human species; the near death of Gaia; or worst case – a new Venus.The potential upside: an evolutionary imperative that compels the transformation of consciousness so that humanbeings become ever more aware of who they are and their connection to all that is, and life lived in accordancewith these realizations and played from there. We are moving to a new ontology (or at least a new grasping of what has been told in so many waysbefore).We are moving to expand our range of acceptable epistemologies and in doing so create new ways of being, doingand having based on the axiology of Love.This love is to be realized through the yearning toward Union - Hieros Gamos – the scared marriage of the DivineMasculine and Divine Feminine aspects of the One Sacred Heart.It is this ever maturing sense of SELF-Realization that leads to Lila – Divine Love Play.I am not certain, how could anyone be, how and if we make this transition. No doubt it will be born through eitheran ‘End of World’ or ‘Great Awakening’ scenario, or some bloody combination of both.It is also my intuition that the transformation will involve collective surrender… 7
  8. 8. Shift Happens – Part II - Visions How could I explain to anyone that at the age of 15 (this was in 1987) that the trees in the backyard of my housein Leighton Buzzard, U.K. were warning me of climate change and the end of the world? How could I communicatethe visions of a previous life; of plane crashes in this one; of the quest for God and for love? The people around meeither didn’t know what to make of me or thought I was deeply disturbed – which is fine because I didn’t knowwhat to make of myself and that was deeply disturbing. I would go to school and write about climate change, nuclear holocausts, biblical revelations andreincarnation. Of course with modern western limited views on ontology, epistemology and the nature of thepsyche – the only labels that would fit me would be psychiatric. Words such as shaman, seer, psychonaut, healeretc. would not really be available to me in any significant way for another two decades. What a shame and whatwaste of life (in some ways), and what an indicator of the state of our ‘civilization.’ Pretty much (well in fact all) of my visions have come true, and most have involved other people – eitherbeing present or a part of the process of the vision coming to fruition. My mentor in Bali – David Patten confirmedme as a seer. When I say visions – they are more of a feeling sense – clairsentience is a better term – the mystery ofgaining psychic knowledge through feeling-vibration. It was August 2005, I was living in Brooklyn, New York and working at my first advertising agency. I wasattracted very intensely to researching all the crazy ways the world could end and all the connections I could find –pole shifts; sun activity; climate change; biological disasters; mega-volcanoes; genocide etc. It was during this time and with use of a plant teacher – that I had a sublime vision of the future ofhumanity. Everything was red. The people of the Earth were clawing at the Earth itself as if trying to hold on against some terrible windfrom blowing them away. Redness, orange, flame, water, devastation, rape, genocide and mass anarchy –everywhere at all times. This was a pot from which there was no escaping - people killing each other in uttermadness and horror. The carnage was so great that I could imagine that the 144,000 mentioned in Revelations wasnot a metaphor at all – it was the literal surviving number of human beings in this apocalyptic vision. The time: 2012. (Interestingly enough 2 days later – Hurricane Katrina hit – and we all remember the images and storiesthat were coming from that place at that time – it seemed to serve as potential appetizer.)Why?Why would it be this way?What could this possibly serve in the evolution of consciousness?I meditated on this for a while – and this is what I saw:The Sacred Heart. 8
  9. 9. This is the breaking of the human heart and spirit in its current form, breaking it open wide to its truenature – the Divinity of the One Sacred Heart. In order to make this Divine Omelet our eggs are going to get thoroughly broken. And from the fires oftransformation a new being will emerge – Homo Spiritualis (Bache, 2000), and perhaps even further than that:Unity Consciousness. This is the job of the Divine Masculine - to take us to annihilation and the fulfillment of the Thanatosdeath drive, and at the same time there is an undercurrent – Eros and the reemergence of the Divine Feminine –that of caring, love, life, light, body, sex and biophilia. It is through and with Her that the phallus is exhausted untilretrained in the art of love making. Here then lies the hope – but not in denial of all that has come before, and not in anger at how weseemingly “fucked it up” – but in a loving embrace of the two supreme polarities of duality:Let us give birth to Divine Love.This is the promise and possibility of prophecy. 9
  10. 10. Shift Happens – Part III – 20122012 is when the Egg of Collective Consciousness gets Cracked.Or at least the 2012’ers get egg on their face – which means most “conscious evolution” people are coming to a‘hedging your bets’ approach there by allowing one to go out on a limb and express your own particular uniquebrand of 2012 heaven-hell cocktail, just in case you pull it off and win the call, and simultaneously cover yourprofessional ass - as long as you add the metaphorical legal disclaimer* that “no one knows,” and this whole thingcould be just another Y2K.Whatever, 2012 is about potential curve balls in the face of a planet already under pressure due to the currentversion of how we live together – Global Consumer Capitalism.Look – even my “vision” is just another feeling possibility wherein the most essential message is “Wake-up.” It’snot that I believe that 2012 is going down like this – it’s an alarm call felt in one’s being that we need to change(just like a junkie before they hit the bottom of spiritual bankruptcy).*no one knows and this whole thing could be just another Y2K.What is 2012?12.21.2012 ( in the Mayan Long Count) is the convergence of the Winter Solstice Sun, the center of MilkyWay and the ecliptic (path of the Sun) that has been coming into resonance over thousands of years to a point intime on that day: 11:11 a.m. GMT as foretold by the great Mayan astrologers/astronomers and shamans. (Braden,G. et. al. 2007).As such it represents alignment and transmission. This alignment will not occur for another 26,000 years.“The end-date alignment can be thought of as an eclipse, and it shares with eclipses the basic alchemical meaningof ‘the transcendence of opposites.’ In Mayan metaphysics, this union has a more profound meaning that goesbeyond the union of male and female other pairs of opposites. Instead, it involves the nondual relationshipbetween infinity and finitude, eternity and time – a union of lower and higher. Our higher and lower natures arereunited in eclipses, in the Quetzalcoatl myth of the sun joined with Venus, and in the 2012 eclipse of the galacticcenter by the solstice sun. Our higher nature does not destroy our lower nature, but embraces it. Likewise, time isrestored to its relationship with timelessness when human consciousness reclaims the timeless, eternalperspective. The manifest world of appearances is restored to limitless possibilities when human consciousnessreestablishes its connection to infinity.This is the heart of the promise of world renewal in 2012, and it can only take place with the heart of humanity.The indispensable secret ingredient in making these possibilities manifest is sacrifice, or surrender. We mustsurrender our ego-driven fixation to states of limitation, surrender the illusory ties that occlude our directperception of eternity and infinity. We do not evolve toward these states because they reside at the root of ourbeings; instead we unveil them by letting go of the limitations that obscure the reality of their immanentpresence.” (Braden, G. et. al. 2007 P.45 – 46). 10
  11. 11. What are some of the possible happenings?The Wave That Cannot Be Outrun:Pole shift - a reversal in the Earth’s magnetic field. Apparently we are ripe for one, and that as the field weakens, itweakens exponentially. There is also some evidence that as magnetic fields weaken people become more openontologically.Solar flares - every 11 years the sun goes through a sunspot cycle – and the next one peaking in 2012, is predictedto be 30-50 percent stronger than the previous one – in an ever increasingly interdependent and technologicalworld the effects could be extensive.Extra-terrestrials – yeah, I know it sounds nuts – or how about inter-dimensional beings: appear and ask in someform or another, “Take me to your leader.”Super massive volcano – Yellow Stone National Park for example, will erupt at some point.Near Earth Objects – asteroids, bang-splash impact etc…Earth Quakes, Plagues, Nuclear Catastrophes, Tsunamis etc… (You catch my seven seal wave?)Subtle Realms – the shift may happen on one of the subtle planes – a shift in collective consciousness that has noapparent cause-effect relationship. The Vortex people are working on Earth Shifts and collective consciousnessfrom a subtle realm perspective, assisting in lifting the veils of separation from people’s beings and from Gaiaherself.Kundalini Transmission of Shakti Energy – a Divine transmission of life force, goddess energy that flows from thealignment of the Galactic core (where there is a super-massive black hole and singularity), through the Sun andinto the Earth’s energetic system and all beings. This same energy travels through the Earth’s Kundalini channel(which has switched location from Tibet to Peru over the 50-60 years) and rises through our individual systems andinto the singularity of the Heart, it also brings up repressed aspects of collective consciousness for liberation:women, the feminine, the body, intuition, Gaia, our animal and plant relatives and teachers, sex, sensuality,queerness, gender-queerness, relational freedom (polyamory and monogamy etc), the subtle realms, alternativehealing modalities, sustainability, the ethic of care and biophilia etc… and the emergence of ‘Pan Consciousness’and beyond.Y2K ‘2’ – nothing happens, at least nothing that registers with mass consciousness and 2012 is declared a fake, andperhaps the whole ‘spiritual’ emergency is declared fake also. The result – we will continue to drive our collectivevehicle off the cliff, or be very surprised if say 2013 (or 2014) was the year of “The End.”Scooby Do Ending – ‘If it hadn’t have been for those pesky kids!’Return of Christ, Christ Consciousness, Maitreya etc…Self-fulfilling prophecy – and of course the ironic ending: here due to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle – themore we focus our attention on something, the more likely we are to get what we are seeking. So how and whatwe focus on in regards to 2012 (and well the whole human enterprise), the story of who we are, where we aregoing, what is of meaning and value, and how do we know – this may be the most crucial question of all. For we 11
  12. 12. cannot control cosmic forces, but we can control the choices we make, the stories we tell and how we choose tofocus our attention and intention.Global Economic Collapse/Revolutions - Dont need to say much on this one.Some have talked about 2012 as being a ‘choice point’ – but this is a mistake, the choice point is now, it always asbeen and always will be. However, the collective system may not yet be ripe enough to make that choice. Just asmany of us saw from the beginning the disaster that was George W. Bush – it was only eight years later that thesystem was ripe enough for change (but at what a cost to America and the World). Is that what is happening here –2012 as ripening point, birth point, surrender point, grace point, disap-point?Again the bottom-line: *no one knows and this whole thing could be just another Y2K.Personally my bet is that a twofold process is happening – there is the Doomsday drive of the Divine Masculineenergetic drive combined with emergent kundalini-rising life-force drive of the Divine Feminine toward a collectivepan-psychic embrace in all aspects of being. Perhaps here at 2012 the tipping point is reached archetypally incollective consciousness and now the feminine brings balance to the force in a conscious pangendered energeticembrace?Whatever – we are dealing with powers above that of the ego and species mind. Two larger forces are at play –Gaia and Cosmic Force – and for that we must fall to our knees in surrender and appeal to Divine Force.To summize: all ‘end of the world’; ‘end of time’ scenarios seem to be metaphors for Awakeninig - the seeingthrough of the limited concept of individual separate self (see Adyshanti’s book “The End of Your World”) andfalling into a deepening realization of Presence (the end of time as we move into Now). 12
  13. 13. Shift Happens – Part IV – International Development and the Systems ApproachWhat is the State of the World? The world is driven by this:%Financial Return on Investment (ROI)And that is dependent on what people choose – what kind of world we wish to live in fuels the market place whichin turns fuels our desires through marketing- in any system – economic, political, cultural. What you feed is whatyou get – so you better be aware of what you are feeding and how. Currently the ROI is an increasing discrepancybetween rich and poor, increased environmental degradation, increased population pressures, increasedextinction rates, increased CO2 output, increased factory farming etc.Here nature is the transformational agent of change as reflected through changes in commodity prices andphysical effects within the planetary system (climate change).Familiar since the time of Marx, Rachel Carson, Greenpeace etc. etc. etc.I am tired – tired of having to think about this bullshit – tired of trying to get people to fill in the equation at somegut level about the nature of the crisis:1 + 1 = _____ (fill in the blank – no calculators allowed)The reports, the trends, the analysis, the protests, the books and yes the movies – have been out in mass culturewide enough and long enough for any vaguely sentient being to comprehend.What do we want? Who are we? What kinds of reality do wish to create together as a species?Why are tasks genderized? And why does it take philosophers thousands of years to answer some very basicquestions? (I know I am pissed and venting).Being is not rocket science – it mostly a question of action, observation, insight, action, observation, insight.I am tired of theory and debate. I am tired of ‘conscious evolution’ – when as far as I can tell, I haven’t actuallyevolved anywhere – all I have done is unveil that which society and conditioning tried to veil.It’s like people want to be patterns, they want to be programs, and they want to be farm animals – well now’s thetime to reap the rewards of letting idiots and insane ideas/beliefs run the planet. People will have to be wet-nursed through their experience as they wonder: how did we get here? Maybe a little die-off, a little globalsystemic crash, a little sitting in the collective fire is the medicine we need. 13
  14. 14. In fact – there is no maybe about it. We are reaping the harvest of our original sin – that of the illusion ofseparateness.Yes – I know, its frustration – where in fact it’s all perfect.2012 (or at least this Gaia Crisis as is) – is the alarm call for the species mind – and there will be no snooze button.And yes I know – the positives are catching up too – the environmental, social and spiritual awareness is growingso fast. I just wished it didn’t have to be so painful.How long do we have?Most trend based forecasting is based on linear thinking, which is a mistake, whereas future ‘forecasting’ shouldbe based on “…the nonlinear chaos dynamics of complex-system evolution.” (Braden, G et. al. 2007 p.114).Laszlo says we have until 2012 – where in we will be faced with a decision point (conscious or not), a chaos pointwhere one simple rule holds: the only way is up and to keep moving. This is true in transformation – as whenentropy increases to overwhelming proportions the only way out is through – usually through the hell of rebirth(death and birth combined).Laszlo defines the societal transformation in four major phases:1. The Trigger Phase (1800 – 1960) – “Innovations in ‘hard’ technologies (tools, machines, operational systems)bring about greater efficiency in the manipulation of nature for human ends” (Braden, G. et. al. 2007 p.117).2. The Accumulation Phase (1960 to present) – “Hard technology innovations change social and environmentalrelations and bring about successively· Higher levels of resource production· Faster growth of population· Increasingly societal complexity· Increasing impact on the social and the natural environment” (Braden, G. et. al, 2007, p.117).3. The Window of Decision (2005 – 2012) “Changed social and environmental relations put pressure on theestablished order, placing into question time-honored values and worldviews and the ethics and ambitionsassociated with them. Society becomes unstable, supersensitive to all fluctuations.” (Braden, G. et. al. 2007.p.117).4. The Chaos Point (2012) – which will either lead to a breakdown or breakthrough bifurcation point, however itis my feeling-sense that it will be a breakdown to breakthrough phenomenon.The point is this: it’s is coming on faster than anyone has foreseen, and will getting faster, stronger and moreintense.The question is this: will we reach a tipping point of no return where positive feedback loops turn Gaia into a newVenus? It’s not out of the question, and by looking at how humanity has faired with other basic assumptions (we 14
  15. 15. still struggle with homosexuality as being evil etc.) – then we have to face the stark reality that we may still beliving in the somewhat Dark Ages of Awareness.Light please!So the state of the world – beyond studies, graphs and figures is a tale of hubris, humility, surrender, heart-breakand transformation leading to SELF-Realization and Lila.What can we do?I think the ‘play’ comes down to five moves (this is based on current reality only):1. Emergency Preparedness: st· Personal: evacuation kits; shelter-in-place set ups; communication plans/networks; 1 Aid/CPR training; self-defense considerations; food preparedness; self-power and food options; community emergency response teams(CERT); understanding how disaster agencies work in a crisis; all organizations/governments preparing.2. Decentralize, ground and localize as many community systems as possible:· Complementary economies; decentralization of power-sources, communication, water, food and anythingelse to mitigate against the storms of systemic globalization: very Schumacharian/Gandian in philosophy.3. Shift the mass systems to decrease the angle of incident based on Third-Way Principles (the triple bottomline of: people, planet and profit principles combined with Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) design rules):· Active citizenry – voting, protesting, participatory.- Restructuring relationships of power and accumulation on all levels to create holarchies of actualization andwell-being.· Combining market efficiencies with government/legal interventions/regulations in the context of applyingthe triple bottom line principles of social, environmental and economic well-being, gain and infinite play. Andexplicitly – get the money out of politics.· C2C – a biomimetic design philosophy that can be used on products, production processes, systems andsociety that redesigns design on the basic premises of: waste = food; life is an infinite game; love as the foundationof all etc.4. Transformation of self and culture:· Transforming being and becoming structures intervidually and promoting transformation as the primarypurpose of existence.5. Pray:· Ask for and to become channels of Grace. 15
  16. 16. The point of the visions, 2012 and the eco-crisis is to show that how we are living as a fundamental way of being isout of kilter, and that we need to reorientate our general maps of being, knowing and values without getting lostin the details, so we can create new ways of doing in the world to have a different outcome.It’s about awakening – at least as process - as the fundamental drive of human existence – and perhaps that is thepurpose of 2012 and the eco-crisis – a grand device to market the fundamental purpose of human existence:SELF-Realization and Lila.The Seven Aspects of PanOk - so we can feel that somehow we are in a state of massive transition - whether you approach it through therational or non-rational (or a combination of both). So lets now move on to something more positive - the"Seven Aspects of Pan."Panenmysteria – opening to the Divine Mystery that is.Pandimensionality – opening to the fullness of one’s being.Panamory – opening to love.Pangenderism – opening to the full expression of self.Pansexuality – opening to the joy of the life force.Pantribalism – opening to the family of being.Panarchy – opening to global community. 16
  17. 17. Aspect 1 - The Hard Problem - Mind & MatterSetting the stage for Aspect 1 - Panenmysteria - the gateway into this, is what is known as in philosophy as the"Hard Problem" - that of the relationship between mind and matter.Essentially the problem is some formulation of - how do we explain the existence of consciousness, or interiorexperience/subjectivity within objective matter (energy)?How is it that I have any experience at all? Why is not the universe just an energetic and blind phenomenon?Often described in philosophy as the ‘hard problem,’ Peter Russell calls the mind-matter problem, “The impossibleproblem.” So if it is impossible – why bother? Because the journey through thought is healing unto itself and canremove blocks that further open our sense of being to the miracle of what is.So far science and materialistic philosophy have been unable to account for this.This means that our whole understanding of what we think of as real - is unaccounted for and built on faultyassumptions.If scientists discover a TOE (Theory of Everything) - by very definition - it will not be - as they will not be able toaccount for consciousness.It is at this point I would like to extend my gratitude for one of my philosophy teachers - Christian de Quincey -even though we netted out in slightly different places - we both embraced some form of Pan-ism, that accountedfor a more complete understanding of reality. 17
  18. 18. Evolutionary DisclaimerBefore I go any further - let me get something straight:This blog/PDF represents my current reality, and current positions within the field of theoretical and experientialinquiry – through the process of living the questions.  I live by the process outlined within - and work on my shit as I become aware of it.  I am not a teacher/guru/avatar. I am an explorer.  I have my issues - persistent and passing, my glories and my shames. I have edges of understanding and boundaries of fear & desire.  I have integrity - experience and scars.  I have not finished - nor will I ever. Take it, appreciate it, pull it apart and add to your own evolutionary endeavors anything of value. That’sall anything like this can be – stimulus for your own experience, your own fumblings and your own path. No doubt I will change my mind and be somewhere different in years to come - be someone different. Butfor NOW – this is it, the best of my understandings, the worst of my mistakes and the sincere desire for clarity,understanding and wholeness. In some ways – it’s just like placing a bet. Enjoy… 18
  19. 19. Aspect 1 - PanpsychismPanpsychism – means “All soul.”Panpsychism states that mind and matter are coextensive and coeternal – that is where you find one, you find theother – always, everywhere, in and through everything.Where matter = energyMind = non-energetic awarenessMind and matter are intrinsic to each other. Consciousness is seen as increased depths of interiority, intensity,agency etc. depending on the depth of complexity of the energetic structure arising with the awareness.This is also known as panexperientialism – everything has an internal experience – no matter how ‘slight’ – a virus,an atom, a Republican – all experience the world from the inside out.“Some argue this implies that rocks perceive the world around them, perhaps have thoughts and feelings, andenjoy an inner mental life similar to human beings. This is clearly an absurd suggestion, and not one that was everintended. If a bacterium’s experience is a billionth of the richness and intensity of a human being’s, the degree ofexperience in the crystals of a rock might be a billion times dimmer still. They would possess none of the qualitiesof human consciousness – just the faintest possible glimmer of experience.” (Russell, 2002, p.36).All is sentient energy with the intrinsic ability to know and direct itself.This helps in the problem of Creation - that is the act of observation is an essential part of the quantum process ofcollapsing a possibility into actuality.This goes to the famous philosophical question - if a tree falls in the woods and there is no-one there - does itmake a sound?This illustrates our fundamental anthropocentric bias - that only human observation is valid. What about the othernon-human animals in the forest? And if there are none - what about the tree itself?Take the Big Bang (Big Expansion) - who was the observer that participated in the act of Creation?Look - even if this is as woo-woo as you can go, still you will end up entertaining a worldview that brings theCosmos to life. Think about it - under panpyschism the whole of this singular reality you are in right now is tinglingwith energy and awareness.And that is awesome.Panpsychism is the fundamental shift needed in reality in regards to consciousness and energy being coextensiveand coeternal. That is the foundational genius of it.However as an ultimate descriptor I feel it lacks the divine punch of pantheism... 19
  20. 20. Expanding Normality through StoryAs I recount parts of my story, my personal narrative - it is to serve a few functions: 1. To challenge the status quo of consensual reality - of what we take to be normal, true and acceptable. 2. To let you know - that if you have had similar experiences you are not alone. 3. And that this is the process of reality itself - that is both intensely personal and not - simultaneously. 4. ;)If you look at a normal distribution curve (a mathematical symmetrical graph shaped like a tapered upside downU) - you will see that normality is broadly embraced - that there may lie some statistical outliers, that while rare,are not however abnormal.Just less frequent.However - I would say that the rate of frequency is increasing as the socially defined/experienced sense ofnormality shifts, and that these shifts are occurring at an ever increasing rate.The baseline is shifting.Also note - that in the field of spirituality - one is often shunned from talking about experiences or from stringingthese experiences together to create a narrative. This is valid and true - and we can come back to this at a laterpoint.But for now - lets break silence in heresy. 20
  21. 21. Aspect 1 - Pantheism‘God’– how did that become a ‘four’ letter word?How is God not central to our lives, how are we not transfixed with Divinity and the sense thereof? How did weforget when all is Remembrance of the One?Pantheism means “All God.” (The same as Panpyschism in its claims of Reality being energy/awareness -coextensive/coeternal - however God is made explicit as Reality).Look before we go any further – ultimately – I think as long as you are Pan-something – you are in the right ballcourt (panpsychist, pantheist, panentheist, panenmysterian etc.).Ultimately – splitting hairs over words is not what it’s about – it’s about a quality of being - lived, felt, expressedand shared. However – I am explicitly God orientated, I feel a devotional pull towards Zir (and yes technically God isPangendered – embracing all energies and therefore the correct Divine pronouns are Ze (as in he/she) and Zir (asin him/her) – from the transgender movement).It seems that God got lost in the shuffle when science broke from religion we threw the baby out with the bathwater (as we have done in many places).However, for me, this is the bottom line on reality:God is.So that automatically puts me at least in the pantheistic camp.Why am I transfixed by God? Why am I into conscious evolution? 21
  22. 22. Once Upon a Space-Time thI was born on Friday 13 1972 in Cardiff, Wales – the same day the airplane went down in the Andes leaving thesurvivors to fend for themselves and eat the dead. (Alive – was the movie made from that incident). always felt connected to God, to Spirit. It seemed natural. I would sing in church whilst throwing the invertedhymn book over my head. My first “experience” was when I was pre-school. I was traveling in the back seat of myfamily’s car through a town we had never been to before. I pointed out of the window to a non-descript apartmentbuilding – proclaiming that we used to live there. We didn’t – my parents did before either my older brother or Iwas born.I loved girls – mostly from a far – and followed the dynamic of my anima archetype. At 14 – things (and experienceof things!) began to get very difficult. I would have these recurring dreams of being sacrificed on hilltop. The time:2000 years ago (or so) – as the Romans encroached upon the British Isles. The context: the Druids. (About this same time – being 14 that is – I also had a couple of powerful pre-cognitive experiences – most notablywalking into my brothers room and saying that the biggest air crash in Britain’s history will take place in the nextfew days – 3 days later Lockerbie happened. I also felt the wind whispering to me about climate change).When I was 19 I went off to have hypnotic regression work done for past lives. In it I relived the end of my formerlife. I had a Master – a teacher – an older man. There was - a beautiful girl. Also my left arm was withered –perhaps this is why I wasn’t a farmer or a hunter? I was lead up the bare-sided hill top to a clearing surrounded bytrees. Here there was a massive flat stone. Here I was sacrificed – cut open from groin to throat. Here I died. Heremy Master put the “Truth” (whatever that means) into me for the future when it will be needed again.The future is now.I experienced leaving my body, looking down on the scene of my death and fading to blackness.“Can you remember the name of this place?” I was asked.“It’s something like Negwelwyrn,” I stammered in reply. Phonetically it was similar.I returned home and looked in the back of the Atlas of the British Isles: Gwyddelwern (near Angelsey, North Wales)rang true. Within a few miles of it I discovered two other villages: Druid and Bala. Bala I later learnt was Druidic forsacrifice.Later in my early twenties I travelled to Paris to study French. I was really just following the Path of my Heart. Thereon the first day I met an American girl, took her to an Irish bar to watch the world cup and fell in love. That evening 22
  23. 23. we decided to travel around Asia for three months looking for the “Ultimate Truth.” Needless to say my heart wasbroken – in Paris, Venice, Chengdu, Singapore and London.We broke up in Venice, but agreed to travel together “as friends” which was a noble impossibility for me. Aftermany adventures she left (just as I had dreamt) on a bus from Singapore up through Malaysia and Thailand, thenoff to India – where she ended up in Poona at Osho’s place.After going to Australia (I didn’t really know what else to do) – I returned to England and decided to go back tocollege and then go on to University.It was upon my return I went to the Buddhist Monastery (Theravadin - Amaravati the Deathless Realm) where Ihad been going on and off since I was sixteen. I was considering Monkhood. I decided to stay for the weekend.There I met a hunchback guy from California who had sold his possessions to travel the world to meet spiritualteachers and go to spiritual places. We were sitting on the bed in the dormitory when he began to guide my mindinto the present moment.No past, no future – only Now.Over and over.Golden Divine Light appeared from behind his head – a halo. His face began to change and cycled throughcountless forms of many faces – men and women from and of all ages, all races and ethnicities.Then the light exploded – a supernova of bliss. He disappeared, the room disappeared, space and time disappeared,“i” disappeared.I was One, Infinite, Blissful, Eternal, Self-Sufficient, Only Light – a Shoreless Ocean of Unconditional Love, the EverPresent Now.I was terrified – I sped away in my 2CV (an obvious oxymoron to non-Americans). I had transitioned from shamanicknowing to mystical knowing. Then began my philosophical knowing in earnest: what the fuck is going on? Who thefuck am “I”? How should I live? What of the world at this time in existence?The experience of Oneness and the path toward and since has been the definition of my life (along with theanima/shadow dynamic). The transcendent divine masculine and immanent divine feminine – what a tumultuouslove affair it has been – I am so blessed and privileged by all I have experienced - all the pain, all the pleasure, allthe angst and all the love – thank you God.So that is why I am transfixed – it is the exploration of the deepest and widest nature of one’s own being andexperience that compels me, and this one taste of the Absolute that makes me a –theist and not a –psychist. And itis this sense of boundless and beyondness that leads me out of pantheism and through panentheism (no matterhow philosophers may argue and cut into pieces with their words – the direct experience of my deepest natureburns and yearns toward a more poetic expression of reality). 23
  24. 24. Aspect 1 - Panentheism“Pure pantheists believe that God is the essence of all things. Others, called panentheists (meaning ‘God is in all’rather than ‘God is all’), believe God is in all things and also beyond them.” (Russell, 2009, p.115).“Only mind, or consciousness or spirit is ultimately real.” (De Quincey, 2002, p.45).Mind, consciousness and spirit are three distinct things – and it is in these three distinctions that we arrive at atriune vision of reality and move away from the binary of energy and consciousness of panpsychism andpantheism.Consciousness: this is the empty awareness, the void, the subject that experiences all objects. It is like cool, clearwater that flows through all containers without separation yet distinct. It is non-energetic, the eye(s) of God as Zegazes and acts upon and with Zirself.Mind: is composed of objects of awareness – thoughts, emotions, vibrations. It is the interpretive terminal of theintervidual self. The contents of which can be witnessed when one has the clarity that ‘I have’ but not am ‘my’thoughts, feelings etc. Mind is on the object end of the spectrum.Spirit: is the transjective SELF. It is ontologically distinct from mind and consciousness, in that it is transclusive. It isthe “…and also beyond them” (Russell, 2002, p.115) aspect of being that pushes us from pantheism topanentheism. As it is transjective i.e. subject-object are ONE – no testing can be made in scientific of philosophicalterms (this is mystical awareness par excellence).I can never adequately prove to anyone this assertation either philosophically or scientifically, but this ‘knowledge’gained from direct experience that gets lost in translation (hence fingers and moons) – is undeniable for me. This iswhere I plant my flag and hold my integrity.Peter Russell on the nature of light…Paraphrasing from the Primacy of Consciousness clip on YouTube:“Light comes into the eyes and hits the back of the retina, which triggers electro-chemical impulses which travel thdown nerve fibers. In 1/10 second the brain puts it all together – ‘this is what it looks like’”, and ties all inputtogether as one experienced experience.” This is the mechanics of physical light interacting with awareness.Russell then goes on to claim that light does not exist in the world of space-time and matter, and that c: theconstant speed of light – is not ‘speed’ at all but the “constant ratio of manifestation of space and time.” For every186,000 miles of space that appears - one second of time appears. And that every photon of light is an identicalunit of action measured in erg.secs.Looked at from lights point of view it doesn’t need to be a wave or a particle – as it doesn’t go anywhere.Sensory forms are in the mind – color, shape, sounds, matter, space/time, wave-particle dualities. 24
  25. 25. Out there we just have perturbations in the absolute which consciousness congeals into the material world.Causality is a construct of the mind. There is only the ever-present Now with transformation occurring within it.Although all we ever see is light, paradoxically, we never know light directly. The light that strikes the eye is knownonly through the energy it releases. This energy is translated into a visual image in the mind, and that image seemsto be composed of light-but that light is a quality of mind. We never know the light itself.“Universal Light (from Peter Russell’s website: can now begin to see just how close are the parallels between the light of physics and the light ofconsciousness. Both are beyond the material world. And both seem to lie beyond space and time. Both seemintrinsically unknowable-at least in the way that everything else is known. And both are absolutes. Every photon oflight is an identical quantum of action, and the foundation of every interaction in the universe. The light ofconsciousness is likewise absolute and invariant. It is the source of every quality that we ever experience. And itsessential nature is the same for everyone. Since it is beyond all attributes and identifying characteristics, there isno way to distinguish the light of consciousness in me from the light that shines in you. In other words, how it feelsto me to be conscious-that sense of being we label "I"-is the same as how it feels to you. In this sense we are one.We all know the same inner self.I am the light. And so are you. And so is every sentient being in the universe.Mystics have spoken of this inner light as the Divine Light, the Cosmic Light, the Light of Light, the Eternal Light thatshines in every heart, the Uncreated Light from which all creation takes form.Once again the phrase "God is Light" comes to mind. But now God begins to take on a much richer and morepersonal meaning. If God is the name we give to the light of consciousness shining at the core of every sentientbeing, and if that pure consciousness is the very essence of self, then it is only a short step to the assertion that ‘Iam God.’”Or more - God is i. 25
  26. 26. Aspect 1 - Panentheism - by Stephen Nuttall “Divinity is the enfolding and unfolding of everything that is. Divinity is in all things in such a way that all things arein Divinity.” Nicolas of Cusa (1401-1464)Panentheism is a noun that has a marvellous ring to it, but very few people are sure of exactly what it means.Strangely, you will be hard pressed to find it in any contemporary dictionary even though the word has been in usesince the early nineteenth century. It was in 1828, to be precise, that the German thinker Karl Christian FriedrichKrause originally coined the term in order to clearly delineate his own philosophy and since that time it has beenretrospectively applied to a fairly wide range of philosophical schools. Panentheism has its linguistic roots in theGreek words pan, en and Theos, and therefore literally means All-in-God. Krause qualified his overall perspectivewith the assertion: “Everything is in God and God is in everything, but God is more than everything.”According to this outlook, God is an essence that contains the entire universe within itself but is not exhausted byit. Put simply, it is the premise that divinity includes the cosmos as a part though not the whole of its being. And, toone extent or another, this concept can be found at the heart of belief systems as seemingly diverse as CreationSpirituality, Gaudiya Vaishnavism (a form of Hinduism), Kabbalah, Process Theology, Shin Buddhism, Sikhism andSufism, as well as certain kinds of Neopaganism. Moreover, although as a world-view panentheism outwardlyappears to be an emerging new theology, it can actually be traced back to times prior to recorded history.Archaeological findings indicate that nearly all of the ancient hunter-gatherer societies developed a panentheisticculture. Correspondingly, modern anthropologists have discerned that the panentheistic mind-set was manifestedby way of Goddess worship.Throughout our own epoch, stretching back two millennia, Western culture has been chiefly influenced by atraditional Christian theology that always stressed the transcendence or apartness of God. Despite this, manynotable Christians over the centuries – including the likes of the great medieval women theologians, Hildegard ofBingen, Mechtild of Magdeburg and Julian of Norwich, plus Nicolas of Cusa and, closer to our own time, DietrichBonhoeffer and John A T Robinson – were convinced of divine immanence in all worldly phenomena. In otherwords, like the pantheists, they recognised that the material universe was pervaded by the very presence of deityitself. In fact, in keeping with all this, Bonhoeffer aptly described God as “the Beyond that is in our midst.”Today, Panentheism – an ism that was almost forgotten – is enjoying something of a renaissance. Not only, aspreviously stated, can this sublime axiom be perceived within most of the major faiths, but also it is evidentlyplaying a role in the ongoing dialogue between science and religion. Viewers of will likely beaware that contemporary scientists often speak of a quest for the Theory of Everything. Such research, succinctlydescribed by New York University’s Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics as being at “the intersection ofparticle physics, astrophysics and cosmology,” ultimately leads to what has come to be termed the New Science.Regarding what he often refers to as Neoscience, philosopher and writer Frank Parkinson has pertinently opined:“The connection between the emerging new science and religion lies essentially, but not entirely, in the fact thatthe former is telling a creation story which forms the basis for a new theology and, together with evolutionarybiology, provides us with a new awareness of what it means to be human. This is not a passive understanding, forin offering us a view of where the universe and the human species have come from it forces upon us a decisionabout where we want the species, and ourselves, to go.” 26
  27. 27. Notwithstanding this, it is important to note here the ingrained influence of theological precepts on the scientificmind. Quoting Russian physicist Andrei Linde, science writer Margaret Wertheim (New Scientist, vol. 156 issue2102, p. 28) observed: “He (Linde) believes that the whole of modern cosmology has been deeply influenced bythe Western tradition of monotheism. "When scientists start their work," he says, "they are subconsciouslyinfluenced by their cultural traditions." In particular, the central idea of modern cosmology - that it must bepossible to understand the entire Universe through one ultimate Theory of Everything - is an outgrowth of belief inone God. Thus cosmology has itself become a sort of religious quest: a search for "God" in the form of anequation.” Seemingly then, the relationship between religion and science is, and always has been, a symbiotic one.Sallie McFague, Distinguished Theologian in Residence at the Vancouver School of Theology, is certainly oneperson who firmly believes that panentheism is in accord with science. She says, “Science is describing the processof creation while theology is suggesting the meaning of creation.” Moreover, McFague attests, “God is seen notonly as the agent that started the big bang, but rather as the continuing creator who is the source and power of lifeand love in the universe.”A final point about panentheism worth consideration is the fact that being a holistic philosophy it refutes thenotion of objective evil. For panentheists, what is deemed evil is simply a product of human subjectivity. As therenowned 20th century Unitarian theologian, Alfred Hall, remarked: “All that we mean or can mean when we say athing is evil, is that it falls below our standard or idea of good.” The inference of this opinion is that humanimperfection is but a stage both in the evolution of our species and, in a wider context, the unfolding of thecosmos. One could argue that it is the essential integrity of panentheism, with its profound intimations ofwholeness, that is probably its most inspiring feature.The esteemed medieval Sufi mystic Kabir once sagely noted: “All know that the drop merges into the ocean, butfew know that the ocean merges into the drop.”While this still basically remains the case, evidence of the reappearance of the panentheistic viewpoint on thespiritual and intellectual horizon is definitely there for all to see. If, in time to come, this wonderful philosophicaltradition proves to be a bridge between science and theology on the one hand and people of differing faiths on theother, then it will surely serve a noble purpose, not just in the search for ultimate truth, but perhaps moreimportantly in the cause of a much desired global harmony.Stephen Nuttall © 2010 27
  28. 28. Aspect 1 - PanenmysteriaPanenmysteria – the ontology of consciousness and gross-through-subtle energies being coextensive andcoeternal, whilst simultaneously being held in the Heart of the One Infinite Being that transcludes relative reality.Pandimensionality – recognizing the mulitpolar unity of one’s being that extends through gross and subtle space,time and dimensionality and that is transclusive of energy, consciousness and the ONE.Panenmysteria – for me captures the “Awe at the Core of Being” – it is a word which leaves the door open to theMystery of All-That-Is, the Divine Mystery. It goes beyond the philosophers and scientists gifts of knowing andpoints to the gifts of the shaman and mystic, in a loose linguistic embrace. It is the sense of the boundless withinthe bounded within the boundless. It is the expression and the experience of the Sacred Heart.It also brings in explicitly the pandimensionality of existence – the multidimensional experience of the shaman –the seer in the dark whom travels within and through the subtle realms through various means – theinterdimensional beings, angels, daemons, fairies, inter-galactic beings, deities, power animals, Huacas, plantteachers, elementals, inter-object communication, reincarnation, time-travel, astral-travel, journeying, strippingaway the dimensions of existence – seeing how the stage upon which play is played is constructed – beyondwords, beyond maps –simply experiencing the awe of anything at all and letting go of words and concepts - andbeing lost without needing to know, to label, describe or evaluate.Panenmysteria – is letting go and surrendering to the Mystery of God and what is… 28
  29. 29. The ONE - Non-Dual Divinity Manifest Reality NONE - Empty Awareness I -the Intervidual WE - Gross thru Subtle Energy Bodies Empty Awareness Interconnected Gross-Subtle EnergyAspect 2 - Pandimensionality & The Epistemology of Multipolar Unity“…our modern world was constructed on an ‘irrational rationality,’ a reductive empiricism requiring a rigoroussuppression of psychic, intuitive, and shamanic dimensions of being.” (Braden, G. 2007, p. 329). Race came out, women came out, queerness, transgender – all came and are coming out. Pride marchesare held – people are at long last letting themselves be seen in a world where we can go to the moon – yet sexualand love attraction between same-sex is still fraught with difficulty – how fucking absurd. When I was writing my learning goals at the beginning of the Conscious Evolution class, this was goalnumber five:‘To overcome the shame of deep spiritual experiences in culture of epistemological marginalization anddiscrimination.’ Epistemological shame, anxiety, self-doubt, along with ontological versions of the same – at beingshamanic, psychic, mystical; transgendered, hetertoflexible, sexually explorative; earth-loving, people-loving,animal-loving etc. I have the scars on my wrists, the years spent in recovery and the wounds in my heart from this – this isvery real and important. What I am writing about, trying to express isn’t meant for a conference where it shall beseen who is the ‘best alternative to Ken Wilber,’ this is life – my life, collective life, life on Earth and the Cosmos,God – what is this, and how do we know – these triune foundations of ontology, epistemology and axiology formthe foundations of everything – cultural norms, laws, political philosophies, market structures and desires,ambitions, perceptions, lifestyles, communities, how we treat otherness, whom gets married to whom, how wefuck and make love, who does what and how, who wears what and what it means etc. etc. 29
  30. 30. As a child playing dress up at school – I wanted to wear the tutu and carry a gun – and now thirty oddyears later I am writing a philosophy, which includes pangenderism, because those norms were not allowed - that’snot what it means to be male, that goes against our values – and as such I have lost so much time and life insuppression of fabulousness – and that is a crime. Ontology, epistemology, axiology saves or destroys lives… So how do we know? I would like to reiterate Christian de Quincey’s Four Gifts of Knowing (if somewhatslightly modified):1. The Mystic – direct experience of the transjective and immanent natures of reality (and here I would agreewith Chris Bache – these are not ineffable experiences).2. The Shaman – experiences of deep feeling, non-ordinary states, intuition, and synchronicities.3. The Philosopher – understanding through reason and language and the manipulation of symbols.4. The Scientist – understanding through embodiment of the senses/sense extension with methodology, andalso just sensations directly within attentive awareness.This provides a sufficient basis for broadening the range of ways of knowing in a world that has been suffocated byphilosophers and scientists for too long. However these babies stay – we simply add the shamans and the mystics– and we find ourselves most of the way ‘there.’Are there more than four? Possibly – one could argue nuances and essences – the point of pandimensionality isopenness – being open to whatever is happening right now through as many different channels as possible:Pandimensionality– recognizing the mulitpolar unity of one’s being that extends through gross and subtle space,time and dimensionality and that is transclusive of energy, consciousness and the ONE.I have found resnonance with the Vortex teaching, Ayahausca Shamanism, and Pan and this has provided me withan increasingly conscious and practical understanding of gross-through-subtle energetics, consciousness andtranscendent Divinity.In vortex there is a multitude of energetic bodies and realms (shamanic), witnessed and experienced through theemptiness of consciousness, held by the transcendent/boundless ONE, these include (most likely not limited to):Bodies (energetic forms):· Physical· Emotional· Mental· Etheric· Vibrational· DNA 30
  31. 31. · Karmic· Spiritual· Realms – shamanic, healing, angelic, hell etc.· Clusters and Superclusters of self/selves – from soul to superclusters of souls, deity structures etc.· The Pure Emptiness of Consciousness· The Transjective SelfBeing all of the above – or at least expanding into this, as well as through-out the panoramic experience of earthlyinterviduality is the wonderful ride and adventure of being pandimensional in a panenmysterian existence – noneed to worry (though I am good at this), only the invitation to play and explore…However, ultimately, now is the knowing – by paying attention with our awareness through our many bodies andrealms, and by listening to the Supreme Wisdom of the Transjective Self – one follows the clues, signs andsynchronicities of life – the white rabbit of transformation – we come into ever greater alignment, attunement,expression, joy, gratitude, acceptance, allowance, purpose, wisdom, knowledge, love and Grace.Amen.Aspect 3 - Panamory & The Axiology of Love.“If I can speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but am destitute of Love, I have but become a loud-soundingtrumpet or a clanging cymbal. If I possess the gift of prophecy and am versed in all mysteries and all knowledge,and have such absolute faith that I can remove mountains, but am destitute of Love, I am nothing. And if Idistribute all my possessions to the poor, and give up my body to be burned, but am destitute of Love, it profits menothing.”– 1 Corinthians 1-3: Weymouth New Testament.Panamory – the Love of ALL – as there is only the ONE that is Eternal Love. In panenmysterian reality – the transcendent aspect of God is foundational and embracing – and the qualitiesfound there are: bliss, eternity, infinity, light, radiance, self-sufficiency, ever-present now and unconditional love.The transjective experience of the mystic reveals this. The ontology of God as ultimately love is known through the epistemological grace moment of the mystic – andthis then becomes the ground of our axiology for how we live as interviduals.All is God and God is love,God is we, we are love, 31
  32. 32. God is I, I am love.The how is not as important as the knowing and the intention – no matter how far I may appear to be from love,how limited or conditional it may be in my current understanding and embodiment – this is the compass bearing ofbeing and of conscious evolution – love, bliss, presence, self-sufficiency, bio-luminescence. It begins with self-loveand spreads through esteemable actions outward – action, observation, insight… This is living from, to and within Samadhi.There are many barriers to Oneness and love in our intervidual selves – racism, speciesism etc. However, what Ihave found to be the most intimate form of ontological and epistemological fields of exploration into the nature ofself and love has been sexuality and gender– let us now turn to that.Aspects 4 & 5 - Chocolate & Vanilla Ice CreamThe main point of Pansexuality & Pangenderism is to expand ones sense of possibilities. To see the expandingmenu and create an alignment that fits for you - an alignment that will most likely change over time.Pangenderism includes four energetic poles, and pansexuality includes 16 overall orientational poles that can plug-and-play into the context of your choosing.There is no right way.The only main ethical dimension comes from the S&M community - that of safer, sane and consensual.Conventionals need to accept Radicals; and Radicals need to accept Conventionals.And thereby is the spectrum of inclusion.For example: homosexuality - has as much ethical weighting philosophically, scientifically and ontologically (that isspiritually) as whether one prefers chocolate or vanilla ice creamMost religious systems are steeped in delusion and irony.God is pangendered.God is pansexual. 32
  33. 33. Aspects 4 & 5 - RelevanceSexuality is relevant to Conscious Evolution in a number of crucial ways:1. It is energy practice – here one learns to either cultivate or dissipate precious life force energy (Taoism andShivaic Tantra are renown).2. Ontologically – how we construct our most basic identities of ‘man’ or ‘woman’ are deeply informed byorientation, gender expression, energetic-biological systems, culture, relationship structures, shadow,anima/animus work, sexual acts etc. Here we have a ripe field for the exploration into the nature of self – this ishand-to-hand warfare – not action-at-a-distance. The intensity of witness practice is that much more than if I wassitting in a ‘safe’ environment ‘gazing at my navel’ or reading a book about conscious evolution. It’s Bushido ofanother form.3. Desire is a path unto itself – God is desire as much as desirelessness, desire is another door to the kingdomwithin.4. Shadow work – and the breaking down of barriers provides psychic-integration and a route to wholenesswherein God casts no shadow. The ‘gap’ between the intervidual and the transjective becomes more translucent –bioluminescent5. Pleasure in my opinion should be maximized in a mindful way – we are here to experience the fullness ofbeing human. Often ‘spirituality’ is defined as from the heart center up (chakra system) – this is full spectrumintegration.Aspects 4 & 5 - Pangenderism & Pansexuality.Gender expression is different from biological expression.Masculine women. Feminine men.Masculine heterosexual women. Feminine heterosexual men.There are masculine energetics and feminine energetics = 2 poles of energy.There are denser, earthier, darker energetics AND more ethereal, lighter energetics = 2 more poles of energy.2 x 2 = 4 basic poles of energy = Pangenderism. th th‘Light’ is synonymous with the upper three chakras – 5 through 7 , and the Energy of Consciousness. st rd‘Dark’ is synonymous with the lower three chakras – 1 through 3 , and Dark Energy.Put these 4 polarities into the spectrum of two basic orientations (hetero-, homo) - and you have now 8 polarities.Take these 8 polarities and add active & passive; top/bottom etc and now you have 16 polarities.These 16 polarities form the plasticity of expression - that can be plugged-and-played into infinite contexts -celibacy or not; monogamy or not; vanilla or not - everything is open for exploration, or not.Pansexuality: 33
  34. 34. x2 Exchanges of • Dominant, Top Power (2x8 = 16 • Submissive, Bottom baseline positions)Plays with x2 Primary • HeterosexualOrientations (2x4 = 8) • Homosexual • Light Masculine 4 Energetic • Light Feminine Quadrants (4) • Dark Feminine • Dark Masculine 34
  35. 35.,29307,2062056_2260320,00.html 35
  36. 36. Beyond PanBeyond any gender energetic, any orientation - indeed - any cultural, religious, racial, biological - evenanimate/inanimate or individual form:Awareness itself as itself.And this is the cusp of my knowing: Non-abiding nondual awareness.In October 2008 I was in upstate NY - away for the weekend in the most amazing three story wood cabin. That wasa magical month.I remember getting off the train and meeting a friend from Conscious Evolution - he had told me about Ayahuasca- the tea made from two vines - that was used by South American Shamans for spiritual reasons - a Plant Teacher.A spiritual teacher in the form of a plant.Ayahuasca is a psycho-integrative - that is a healing plant.I met two really amazing shamans - one of whom I adore still - and scares me! LOL.So much gratitude for you - ripening until I return.The atmosphere was one of prayer, mindfulness, singing, music - togetherness - of not getting lost on individualtrips.I remember - sitting at the table - drinking the tea - singing hymns.I remember sitting with whatever came into awareness - admitting everything - sitting refusing to move.I remember the presence of the Shaman - holding us, watching us, nudging us.I remember laying on the rug by the fire in the group - they were signing - like cooing noises to a birthing - wooingme - gently - so gently.I remember twisting like a snake - writhing and rising like fire.I remember the energy entwining itself to a peak - to a climax and a pop.And then there - in that moment:No-self.Only awareness - no separation - one being looking at itself within itself.The shock was like being thrown into an iced lake.And then laughter - the getting of a joke.The release.Remembrance. 36
  37. 37. Flavors.I have explored Pangenderism throughout my life.Over time four characters emerged - each in response to a evolutionary crisis at the time - a koan.Andrew - the light masculine.Joy - the light feminine.Pan - the dark feminine.Monk - the dark masculine.These are four energetic regions that are now relatively integrated - now I am not really any of them - and all ofthem simultaneously.Flavors.Each can play in all scenarios, in all moments.They have their limits, their edges.And other moments - non relevance.Aspect 6 – Pantribalism.Pantribalism is a sensibility that grows from you outwards.It is the recognition of the essential and underlying unity of all things - of the interconnectedness of all things.It is more important that we simply intend and grow towards greater unitive states of being than arrive.This simple intention is enough to radically reorientate your life and that of all life.Diversity doesnt disappear. Competition doesnt disappear. Production doesnt dissolve. Conflict is a part of life.What is important is to infuse life with mindfulness and kindness.This is empowering. If all you can do is change your own life - then you are succeeding.If you have a family and/or a house - then there is more opportunity.If you can influence your work place or your local community - even street - there is opportunity.When you shop, vote, consume - there is opportunity.Simply focusing on what you can change - drop by drop adds water to the poisoned well - and overtime there ishealing. There is a recognition that this is working.The field begins to ripen and shift - and the summation of all those small ripenings can be tectonic. 37
  38. 38. We recognise each other as family. We recognise other sentient beings as family. We recognise plant life as family.We recognise rocks as family.We recognize the Earth as home - at home in the cosmos - seamlessly interdependent - one unitfied Reality.We intend to expand our senses of selves to include more and more - and therein lies the route to transcendencethrough inclusion.Aspect 7 - Panarchy.Panarchy – a form of emergent global governance that encompasses all others, thereby allowing heterogeniccooperation between all sub-systems.So we see it – the crisis whether it be through personal revelation, an awareness of 2012 or by using the gifts ofthe scientist or philosopher and looking at our general situation from a rational perspective.We see the mystery of Divinity and the nature of self; we have expanded our range of ways of knowing and cometo understand love as the basis for all things.We have reclaimed our sense of play and sexual expression.And now we need to learn how to live together – as the family of being that we are. Healing needs to happenwithin humanity, between humanity and non-humanity, and between humanity and Gaia. This is the way. Whatever the structures look like - we need to move away from the tragedy of the private – frompossession (‘I have’) to synergy (‘we are’) as a way of being - translated through pantribal webbing and panarchiccooperation. Governance, not only of government, but of our own selves needs to be transformed in light of this newawareness, and it will be a continuous globally creative and surprising process that lasts for eternity – (there will beno rest) - stimulated by our growing ‘network consciousness’ as increasingly experienced and co-created by theinformation revolution:“The new communication tools soften and diffuse the boundaries of the ego. Increasingly, with our networkedlifestyles, we experience our identity as contextual, fluid and relational, rather than a separate entity that is fixedand permanent.” (Braden, G. et. al. 2007. p. 332). I don’t know how we make this – we just dream, intend and move ever through. 38
  39. 39. A New Pangaea?.Imagine a new way of making decisions - a holarchy of nested councils:Level 1 - 50 person council (who then send 1 person to level 2 council and so forth)(50 people representing 50 councils/2500 people):Level 2 - 50 people representing 2,500Level 3 - 50 people representing 125,000Level 4 - 50 people representing 6,250,000Level 5 - 50 people representing 312 Million 500,500Level 6 - 50 people representing 15,625,025,000See: more thoughts… 39
  40. 40. Panarchist Flag: 40
  41. 41. Again, my plays:1. Emergency Preparedness: st· Personal: evacuation kits; shelter-in-place set ups; communication plans/networks; 1 Aid/CPR training; self-defense considerations; food preparedness; self-power and food options; community emergency response teams(CERT); understanding how disaster agencies work in a crisis; all organizations/governments preparing.2. Decentralize, ground and localize as many community systems as possible:· Complementary economies; decentralization of power-sources, communication, water, food and anythingelse to mitigate against the storms of systemic globalization: very Schumacharian/Gandian in philosophy.3. Shift the mass systems to decrease the angle of incident based on Third-Way Principles (the triple bottomline of: people, planet and profit principles combined with Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) design rules):· Active citizenry – voting, protesting, participatory.- Restructuring relationships of power and accumulation on all levels to create holarchies of actualization andwell-being.· Combining market efficiencies with government/legal interventions/regulations in the context of applyingthe triple bottom line principles of social, environmental and economic well-being, gain and infinite play. Andexplicitly – get the money out of politics.· C2C – a biomimetic design philosophy that can be used on products, production processes, systems andsociety that redesigns design on the basic premises of: waste = food; life is an infinite game; love as the foundationof all etc.4. Transformation of self and culture:· Transforming being and becoming structures intervidually and promoting transformation as the primarypurpose of existence.5. Pray:· Ask for and to become channels of Grace. 41
  42. 42. Recap - The Seven Aspects of PanPanenmysteria – opening to the Divine Mystery that is.Pandimensionality – opening to the fullness of one’s being.Panamory – opening to love.Pangenderism – opening to the full expression of self.Pansexuality – opening to the joy of the life force.Pantribalism – opening to the family of being.Panarchy – opening to global community.The Five Principles of Being1. Existence is a Mystery2. The Absolute is Love & Bliss3. The Absolute is Ever Present4. The Relative is Impermanent5. The Relative is Transformational 42
  43. 43. The Fifth Principle - TransformationPrinciples one, two and three are pretty much captured by panenmysteria, pandimensionality, panamory and thenature of the transjective self. Here we learn to become ever more open to the mystery of what is; to become evermore loving, kind and compassionate; to become more blissful as we unite our masculine-feminine aspects andvibrate with tumescence; and we learn to live more and more with present awareness.The fourth principle is about seeing more clearly; about seeing the absolute transitory nature of all things in therelative realms; about developing the ability to distinguish consciousness from energy and thereby witness and sitin the fire of transformation through mindful nonattachment. This fourth principle is the crucible of the fifth –transformation:“While detachment implies glacial remove and lack of emotion, a nonattached person still experiences the fullrange of their feelings, their pain, and their joy, but they do not identify with these emotional states. The changerequired of us is not an unfelt, intellectual shift to some ‘spiritual’ or psychic perspective, but a fully embodied andintimately personal process. We are being called upon to open our hearts, as well as our minds, to the radiantflame of transformation. For those who are willing to take up the challenge, the rewards will be far greater thanthe sacrifices.” (Braden, G. et. al. 2007. p. 337).From the outset it must be stated that transformation, “…demands a great deal of self-confidence, willpower,courage and, above all, the intent to change and grow,” (Feuerstein, G. 2003, p.19), as often it is an extremelyuncomfortable, painful, disconcerting and disorientating process. It also begins with the awareness that transformation is not only possible – but that it is the central aspectto being human. Humans are intrinsically transformational beings – yet this awareness is buried under conditioning– either incomplete ideas of evolution (Darwinian, Biblical etc.); consumer teleology; and layers of other socialdelusions. Transformation is the infinite game of God and we are the players upon the stage of existence. What wehave here is a marketing problem – people as a mass are simply unaware of the majesty of existence and thepossibilities of being and becoming.The White RabbitConsciousness This is the realm of Shiva.Here transformation begins with the sincere commitment to sit in the fire and not move. Here one accepts andcommits to one’s own death - as transformation is death first and perhaps rebirth. That is the existential risk –gambling one’s own being. Here one has to feel it to heal it. It is in understanding and accepting that this process is endless and that there is no respite – one finds apeace of sorts. It is noticing the story and the sensations as they wash through you, often breaking you down tobreak through. It is being aware that there is no gain without pain. It is feeling the resistance within you andfinding the courage and way through to the other side. 43
  44. 44. It is in noticing and naming. It is also a process of increasing freedom, as consciousness becomes ever more distinct from energy – andhere there is an increased sense of peace as being becomes ever more distinct from mind as a depth that waspreviously unknown becomes ever more apparent and realized. Stillness. Energy – Gross-through-Subtle This is the realm of Shakti.This is the realm of the many bodies (see pandimensionality) – gross-through-subtle. This is also the realm of gross-through-subtle energetic cultivation practices (e.g. vortex, shamanism,kundalini, chiropractic, sexual energy work, gender expansion, yoga, chi kung, acupuncture, binaural sound waves,diet, plant teachers etc.). Here one is increasing the amount, the flow, the alignment, attunement and sophistication of energeticstructures. Here one is unblocking that which is blocked. Its juicy work and even juicer play ;) Movement. The Transjective Self This is the realm of Brahma. What can be said?Prayer, listening, acceptance, allowance, worship, awe, transfixation and the attempt to draw down Heaven toEarth in a loving and sexual embrace as we move to become ever more Graceful as a species and as intervidualchannels – to bridge the transcendent with the immanent.Follow the White Rabbit…Submission.The point seems an endless divine play of integration-dissipation toward ever increasing stages of wholeness,embodied in the here and now.We are constantly presented with evolutionary koans that we must transclude our way through – the dark night ofthe soul. We work the knots of our beings from as many different angles as possible, ripening our systems, tillingthe soul, until quite often miraculously and with amazing grace we shift and are transformed. 44
  45. 45. What next?We continue… Ultimately recognize: “[t]here are no books, schools, or traditions that will tell us exactly how to do this work. Onlyin the meeting of our consciousness within the awakening consciousness within life – our own awakenedconsciousness as we bring it to life in each moment – will we find the information we need. For at its core, lifeknows everything it needs to sustain itself; it knows how to evolve and how to recreate itself anew, and because itis a continual response to the divine moment, it knows precisely what is needed in each moment.”(Braden, G 2007 p. 261).However in conclusion:"After over 30 years of seeking, and pondering the depths of the spiritual quest, I am convinced it is moreimportant to have a loving heart than a resume of countless transcendental experiences.I firmly believe the quality of your heart is more telling and important in the here and the hereafter. A largenumber of people with near death experiences have come back from glimpsing the other side, and been told thiswhen they beheld the Being of Light at the end of the tunnel. "- From: 45
  46. 46. GlossaryInterviduality – Recognizing co-arising individuation within the ONE as Reality.Lila – Divine Love Play.Pan – All.Panamory – the Love of ALL – as there really is only the ONE that is Eternal Love.Panarchy – a form of emergent global governance that encompasses all others, thereby allowing heterogeniccooperation between all sub-systems (regional, national, financial, special interest systems etc.).Pandimensionality – recognizing the mulitpolar unity of one’s being that extends through gross and subtle space,time and dimensionality and that is transclusive of energy, consciousness and the ONE.Panenmysteria – the ontology of consciousness and gross-through-subtle energies being coextensive andcoeternal, whilst simultaneously being held in the Heart of the One Infinite Being that transcludes relative reality.Pangenderism – All gendered, not fixed in any one aspect of gender expression or identification.Pansexuality – Sexual attraction beyond categorization of binaries, attraction based on the fluidity of desire.Pantribalism – Learning to live as the family of interviduals that we (human and non-human, biotic and abiotic)are.Transjective – where knower and known are One (no subject and no object), the essence of the mysticalexperience of GOD as SELF as ALL.Transclusive – that which includes and thereby transcends the current ‘level’ of being and moves to the next‘level.’ 46
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