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Best Toronto SEO Expert Company Canada


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Sharing valuable informations and educating you on search engine optimization for Toronto based businesses. Talking about the power of a good website structure, onpage optimization and backlink building.

The hows and whys of obtaining a good quality backlink and what's considered as a good or spammy link.

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Best Toronto SEO Expert Company Canada

  1. 1. How To Run A Successful SEO Campaign In Toronto Search engine marketing is becoming a crucial part for a good marketing strategy. The advantages of SEO are that it tends to have a high conversion rate as the traffic comes from targeted search terms and referring websites. There are still a lot of people asking how they can create a successfull toronto seo campaign. With SEO, each part needs to work perfectly together in order to see ranking increasements. Let us quickly point out some strategys that have worked great to rank our local clients website. More informations about our portfolio can be found at my – Toronto profile. #1. Website Structuring Before we start any toronto seo expert campaign we make sure that a website structure is usefull for the visitor and makes sense. There is nothing worser then coming up with changes afterwards. Ideally we want to create a planned silo architecture on our canada t.o. based website. This is not going to only be usefull to the visitor, making the website easier to navigate, but it also ensures our linkjuice is send through our whole websites pages. #2. Optimizing Titles, Descriptions The second thing that falls into a good toronto search engine optimization and google website marketing is the onpage optimization, also known as title and description optimization. This is where we slightly work in relevant keywords into our titles, description aswell as our content. Keep in mind that keyword stuffing is not going to take you anywhere. Onpage SEO plays a important role to let google know a particular topic of your website. Also relevancy should be kept into your back of your head. Read more about that particular topic at this document. #3. Backlink Building
  2. 2. After we made sure that everythings optimized to our quality standards we come along with some backlink building. Ideally those backlinks come from high quality news sites with a lot of trust. This can help to rank for more competitive terms like Toronto seo consultation. Getting the wrong kind of links can get you into serious trouble as they can cause a penalty for your website. This kind of backlinks are considered as low quality such as spammy links, websites that got spammy links, adult sites or similar sources. As a rule of thumb, contextual links are the way to go as they transfer the most linkpower. The worst case scenario would be a negative SEO attack. This is what I don’t like about the backlink building part. If a competitor in your niche wants to see your website triggering a penalty, he can simply send bad quality links to your page.