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My power point for online class i hope everyone enjoys the information and slides.

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  1. 1. Andrew Dyke Educ W200 Module 6 “How Homeschooling And Public Schools Is A Bad, And Good Thing”.
  2. 2. Table of Contents Slide 1- Title Slides 3-5-Article one Slides 6-8- Article two Slides 9-11 Article three Slide 12-Conclusion Slide 13- Reference page
  3. 3. Article One: Negative Ways of Home Schooling Parents must be able to have the time to teach properly Instructional skills are greatly needed, and could be hard to find Learning disability will need someone extra with the parent, creating confusing schedules Taking Huge responsibility for Child's future The Child may feel lack to learn because they see their parent as a parent, not a instructor to learn from
  4. 4. More Negative Ideas Books that are used in public school setting might be more on what to know before one goes into college Home school takes a lot of time, and sometimes not enough schooling comes to children when they are home schooled. A parent can show a child how to learn, yet they may not be ready to be a tutor, or step up to the role of being a teacher, not a parent.
  5. 5. Reflection One I feel that home school can be a problem because students may not get to learn true skills in socializing, and they might not be getting the proper learning tools to get though college. “If a parent choose to home school they will be accecepting full respnsibility for the outcome oftheir child education, which could be more of a burden to them.” I feel that home school will cause parents and their child to lose a bondin connection between a parent and their child Again in the article I felt that students will feel that they are not on the right track with other children, and home schooling could be a burden for a parent
  6. 6. Article Two: Positves of Home School This article mentions that home school can be a good thing because a child may get in more trouble in a public school, and may be more detraction from learning. Anotheir key factor that makes home schooling more efficent is that a parent can keep track of how their child’s education process. Home schooling allows a student to stay more focus on their school work.
  7. 7. More Positive Ideas Students that are home schooled can also avoid bullies, and a enviroment that may not be very pron to a child learning. A child can also stay focus more because they are not around students that don’t want to learn, so they are getting a positive, and well balance education. Plus children can learn at their own speed more because they are not on a dead line, lie when they are in public schools
  8. 8. Reflections Two The thing I found most interesting was that children can be more focus at home, when I always thought that home had a lot of personal distractions Keeping children away from corruptive behavior can make them feel more at ease to learn correctlyI never realized that students and parents would have a understanding to what they need to work on, and what they succeed in more, when they are together in the child learning process. “Home schooling keeps children focused on learning and not on avoidig social pressures.”
  9. 9. Article Three: Advantage and Disvantage of Public Education Advantage: An advantage side of public education is that a child learn social skills, and when having a career public skills are a key of success. Students can releate to other students, and can gain help from more then just one source, the teacher Sports, and clubs can allow students to express themselve, which allows a child to find who they are, and what they want in life
  10. 10. Disadvantage of Public schooling Disvantages: Students can be bullied and messed with, causing the child to focus more on social skills and worries, then education. A child might be shy, so they feel inferior to their surrounding, causing a lack of enjoyment for an education. Some schools don’t have the right amount of material for a successful education.
  11. 11. Reflections Three I learned that public schools can be a good thing, because students can find themselve. I learned that many children would rather lean at home because they feel out of place at school Children may feel that public schooling is bad because there are a lot of bullies, yet feel that they need a social life, and need to be around other students “ In public schools you will know what to expect in currislm and philosphy
  12. 12. Conclusion In both setting students have disadvantage and advantages for learning. In home school children can learn at their own pace, yet they may be missing out on social skills, and having fun with education. In public school a child can average social skills, have fun with education, and get more help from teachers in students, while public school children fear bullies, and can sometimes worry more about fitting in, and what will happen to me personally, then worry about their grades, and how well. So neither way of learning is completely successful, or unsuccessful.
  13. 13. Reference Koonar, Kris.(2006). Disadvantages of Home Schooling. Article Base. Retrieved schooling-advantages-vs-disadvantages-59115.html Koonar, Kris. (2006). Advantages of Home Schooling. Article Base. Retrieved from articles/home-schooling-advantages-vs-disadvantages- 59115.html Moore, Julie.(2007). The Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Schools. Educational Gateway. Retrieved public-school/