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Launch campaign proposal for Gintas Combat; a new mixed martial arts gym who tasked Firstwave to drive company awareness and membership through a use of local media activity.

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New Business: Launch Campaign Proposal

  1. 1. April 2011
  2. 2. So, what are you going to see...• A breakdown of our recommended campaign activities• Which together, provides a well structured, varied & impactful campaign• Strong focus on immediacy but also considerations for future activity• There will be choices to be made and critiquing will inevitable• We will also provide a recommendation for a promotional mechanic to tie the campaign together with an engaging call to action• Presented in pragmatic, clear and concise way• Prices given are ex VAT and un-negotiated or circa amounts, therefore further savings of 10% to 15% can be reasonably assumed• Some of the content shouldn’t be too much of a surprise 2
  3. 3. Contents• Brief Reappraisal & Key Tasks• Competitor Mapping• Neighbourhood Profiling• Campaign Phasing Summary• Campaign Activity Details (1st Phase)• Promotional Mechanic• Costings Summary• Best of Other Ideas (2nd Phase)• Time Plan / Calendar 3
  4. 4. Brief ReappraisalTo provide a fully costed proposal that focuses solely on developing a fullyintegrated consumer awareness campaign to support the launch of GintasCombat, that will ultimately significantly contribute to achieving the membershipobjective (minimum c300 to 500 members) 4
  5. 5. These are the key tasks we carried out• Internal brainstorm session (4 hours x 2 people)• Screening session; eliminating the weak, building on the strong (3 hours x 2 people)• Scoped out the local media landscape via desk research (2 hours)• Review competitors – costs, product offering, facilities via online (2 hours)• Contacted all relevant media agencies (40+ calls & copious emails, 5 hours)• Liaised with event venues, promotional agencies (10+calls, 1 hour)• Spoke with Push digital agency (1 call + emails, 30 mins)• Visit to Watford Town Centre (3 hours x 2 people)• Spoke to target consumers to gain valuable insights (6 targets, 1 hour)• Refined, improve / ’sweat’ each element of the plan (3 hours)• Compiled the comprehensive plan document (12 hours)•, other unrecorded conversations, emails and correspondence 5
  6. 6. Martial Art Competitor Mapping (within 7 mile radius) Lifestyle Friendly Modern Area of Opportunity Territory of GC Single Multi discipline disciplines (named) (mixed) Hard Core Aggressive Traditional 6
  7. 7. There are 3 main consumer types in the local catchment area CRASH PAD PROFESSIONALS (Central Watford) • 26 – 40 Year olds • £50k + gross household income • Living as Married • Less likely to have children in their household • Over index in the ABC1 Social grade • With houses and flats owned worth between £180k - £600k • Commute by Train, Dinner parties, Theatre, Gyms, Starbucks FOOTLOOSE MANAGERS (Hemel Hempstead/Oxhey/North Watford) • 31 – 50 Year olds • £40k + gross household income • Living as Married with a high proportion being divorced • Less likely to have children in their household • Over index in the ABC1 Social grade • With houses and flats owned worth between £150k - £300k • Commute by train, Cinema, Socialising, Internet, Football GARDEN SURBURBIA (Bushey/Harrow) • 31 – 50 Year olds • £60k + gross household income • Living as Married, well established in the community • Likely to have two children in their household • Over index in the ABC1 Social grade • With houses and flats owned worth between £250k - £500k • Commute by Car, Eating out, Shopping, Internet, Cinema, Gardening Information from MOSAIC post code analysis 7
  8. 8. Proposed campaign utilises a wide variety of media types Outdoor Press Advertising Cinema Website Search Engine Promotional Offer PPC Experiential Digital Social Networks Leaflet Drop 8
  9. 9. Awareness Campaign Phasing 1st PHASE 2nd PHASE 3rd PHASE First 3 months of launch 3 to 9 months of launch 2012 onwards • Selected Leaflet Drops • Selected Leaflet Drops • Local Event Sponsorship • Outdoor Poster Media • Watford FC Partner Package • Working with Schools • Outdoor Gateway Media • West Herts College Fair • Community Projects • Local Press Advertising • Local Press Advertising • Charity Events • Cinema Advertising • Local Press Inserts • Local Press Advertising • Experiential Event • Local Directories • Digital Media (via Push) • Digital Media (via Push) • Reciprocal Business Opps. • Social Media • Social Media • Digital Media (via Push) • Opportunistic PR • Social Media 9
  10. 10. 1st Phase: Selected Leaflet Drops 10
  11. 11. Selected Leaflet Drops ACTIVITYPlace branded A5 on car windscreens at selected targets• Gyms and leisure centres Private gyms are• Station car parks considered but there• Colleges and universities• Shopping centre car parks (not allowed in Harlequin) are concerns about executing this activity ADVS on their ‘private’Highly targeted | Low cost | High volume property. DISADVSTime consuming | Can be viewed as unprofessional | Unpredictable weather ADDED VALUELittle wastage, leftover flyers can be used during other activity COSTSArtwork origination = c£300 (£75ph x 4hrs)A5 5k 300gsm s/sheet = c£250Assumed distribution carried out by the Gintas team (if not then £350 to deliver at selected targets) LEAD TIMESApprox 1½ to 2 weeks REACHBtw 3k to 5k 11
  12. 12. 1st Phase: Press Advertising – Local Media ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- Paid For Free Issue Free Issue Free Issue Circulation: 17,243 Circulation: 38,118 Circulation: 37,754 Circulation: 11,000 Readership: 49,266 Readership: 80,577 Readership: 87,608 Readership: 17,500 12
  13. 13. Press Advertising – Local Media ACTIVITYTo create impact press adverts in targeted high volume local media ADVSLarge potential audience in specific geographical area | Gives the brand a local identityHighly read media | Ability to provide readers more detail about the gymFlexible (different sizes) | Readers can re-read the ad many times | Utilise last minute deals (great value) DISADVSPoor paper quantity limits creativity | Must stand out against the clutter ADDED VALUEIn conversations with the newspapers, they have shown interest in the business and as aresult we have begun to build up warm relations. This has lead to discussions about potentialPR opportunities. Suggestions have included;Features by Gintas on... New way to get fit for the Summer! Top Tips on fitness by Gintas Kids try something different for Summer FunAlso there is a possibly of journalist attendance at a Launch Event and Harlequin 13
  14. 14. Press Advertising – Local MediaCOSTS ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------¼ page sports = £276 ¼ page sports = £266 ¼ page sports = £255 ¼ page sports = £175 ½ page = £693 ½ page = £630 ½ page = £610 ½ page = £300 Full page = £1,115 Full page = £1,050 Full page = £1,000 Full page = £500 Wrap = n/a Wrap = £4,000 Wrap = £3,000 Wrap = £1,600Recommend not to advertise in Watford Observer, lower circulation but same price asothers (this is simply because paid publications are deemed higher value as people payfor it, therefore more probably of reading it), in this case the cost doesn’t warrant the highpremium 14
  15. 15. Press Advertising – Local Media COSTS½ page ad x 1 week in Watford Free & Harrow Observer = £1,2401 page ad x 1week in Elstree & Borehamwood Times = £500Artwork 8 hours @ £75 = £600Total = £2,550 LEAD TIMES1 week (excluding artwork) AUDIENCEc88k circulationc185k readership CONTACTThe Watford Free & The Harrow Times (& Watford Observer): Aled Evans 01923 206 567Borehamwood & Elstree Times: Steve Saunders 020 8359 5959 15
  16. 16. 1st Phase: Outdoor Media – Posters 6 sheet poster 48 sheet poster 16
  17. 17. Outdoor Media – Posters ACTIVITYCreate poster adverts, on platforms and walkways at Watford Junction Station• Having visited the station and reviewed the media pack, we recommend the use of 6 and 48 sheet poster sites ADVSHigh volume of traffic, 130k+ per wk | Commuters have higher levels of disposal incomeAbility to create impact | Lengthy dwell time | Positioned on platforms viewed by London bound passengers DISADVSMust keep the message simple ADDED VALUEPoster has potential to be viewed twice per day COSTS48 Sheet (x1) for 2wks = £6356 Sheet (x4) for 2wks = £1,340 (£335 each)Artwork requirement = c£450 (£75 ph x 6hrs) LEAD TIMESApprox 2 weeks (excluding artwork) AUDIENCEc130k with multiple opportunities to see CONTACTYvonne McCusker @ Transport Media: 0845 120 2470 17
  18. 18. 1st Phase: Outdoor Media – Gateway Advertising 18
  19. 19. Outdoor Media – Gateway Advertising ACTIVITYCreate column and gate advert on the concourse side at Watford Junction Station ADVS Columns could showDominate impactful & create | Interactive as audience walks through your message the difference types ofHigh levels of recall | Complements the poster advertising | Eye level people in a ‘combat pose’, indicating the DISADVS universal appeal ofDuring busy times, a crowded exit may not allow the full impact to be experienced the gym.A challenging design task ADDED VALUEViewed in the same light as a national advertiser COSTS5 Gateways for 2wks = £1,500 Suggest running thisArtwork requirement = c£450 (£75 ph x 6hrs) activity after week 1 of the poster campaign. LEAD TIMES So week 1 postersApprox 2 weeks (excluding artwork) only, week 2 both, AUDIENCE week 3 gateway only.c130k with multiple opportunities to see CONTACTYvonne McCusker @ Transport Media: 0845 120 2470 19
  20. 20. 1st Phase: Cinema Advertising 20
  21. 21. Cinema Advertising ACTIVITYTo feature a show reel advertisement on cinema screens at the Vue Watford ADVS Blockbuster filmsCaptive audience | 100% of the viewers attention released in June inc;Uses sounds, vision and motion to bring the brand to life Transformers, Harry DISADVS Potter, CaptainRelatively high cost to produce show reel | Can’t target individual films America & GreenPre-book seats, therefore some people are arriving just as the film begins Lantern ADDED VALUEAble to utilise show reel across numerous mediums e.g. website, social media, blogs, presentations, events COSTS30 sec ad @ 3 times per week across 8 screens for 1wk is 168 airings = £4,000Recommendation of 2 weeks = £8,000 Show ReelsProduction of advert/film = c£5,000 to £6,000 The right way LEAD TIMESApprox 3 weeks (excluding filming) The wrong way AUDIENCE http://www.taekwondoc12.5k for the week CONTACTSophia Robinson @ Digital Cinema Marketing: 020 7534 6363 21
  22. 22. 1st Phase: Experiential – Live Brand Experience 22
  23. 23. Experiential – Live Brand Experience ACTIVITYTo showcase the brand at the Harlequin shopping centre in an engaging and interactive way• Create mini demonstrations sessions by the trainers & core members (inside boxing/MMA ring)• Provide materials about the new gym; including class types, timings & pricing information• Ability to sign-up new members and book classes via on-line• One day event, on a Saturday in June ADVSDelivers a great brand experience | Brings brand to live | Creates excitement & talkabilityEngage with potential clients face-to-face | Clients get to meet the trainers & ask questionsTargets the local community | Good mix of consumer age groups | Centre has large footfall (77k on a Sat)Prime location – key stores surrounding space are; M&S, HMV, Burton’s & Footlocker DISADVSMulti faceted activity requires meticulous planning | Relatively high cost but (high reward) ADDED VALUE• Participate in the Harlequin Watford Staff Card Scheme which is issued to all staff working at the mall entitling them to varies discounts• Able to leaflet drop directly in store to 146 individual retailers highlighting the staff offer• Free web presence www.• Potential to get local journalists down the cover the event and feature in their paper• Create further interest/engagement with free prize draw or ‘try on’ a real WWE belt• Provides visual collateral for social media content 23
  24. 24. The Site in Action – Space being used for a bi-annual fashion show Site # E4: 16m x 8.5m 24
  25. 25. Experiential – Live Brand Experience COSTSSpace & Facilities £3,175H&S and Fire Certification £500Public Liability (via Classico) £0Staff GC team2x promotional staff (+clapper boards) £500MMA ring + delivery + set up + breakdown £1,500PA system, microphone + engineer (via Classico) £750Stand hire £500 to £1,000Stand materials / artwork / apparel £750Total £7,500 to £8,500 LEAD TIMESBooking time is 3 weeks (currently 11th,18th & 25th of June available) AUDIENCEc77k for the day CONTACTSPriti Patel @ The Harlequin Watford: 01923 358 014Emily Codling @ Brandspace: 020 7227 3710Hillary @ 07749 690236 25
  26. 26. Experiential – Live Brand ExperienceALTERNATIVE TO THE MMA RING – GREEN SCREEN PHOTOGRAPHYGreen Screen is a quick and simple interaction and providesconsumers with a photo that creates a exciting brand interaction• A great way to attract traffic to our site• It’s fun, creative, interactive and has massive crowd pull• Provides critical dwell time to speak with potential clients• Participants receive branded photography keepsake• High branded presence (...taken into the home)How it works• Picture is taken against a green screen• Green background is then digitally replaced by an alternate pre designed background image• A foreground image representing the brand is also added• Picture then printed on-site• Picture placed into branded paper frame• Provides a memorable keepsakeCosts• Circa 300 to 400 photos produced per day• £2.5k (background, set up, printing, photos, frames, de-rig) 26
  27. 27. This proposal contains all crucial elements for success• Targets a selected range of audience groups• Good coverage within local catchment areas• The average OTS (opportunities to see) is over 2½ times• Employs a varied mix of media / communication platforms• Includes direct interaction with the brand• High impact short burst activity with a sprinkling of longevity• Expenditure works hard & aim to ‘sweat’ every £1 spent• ....and a strong promotional element (call to action) 27
  28. 28. Recommended Promotional Mechanic Free session with no obligation to join! Book now at• It’s crucial that we remove as many barriers to entry as possible• Therefore this mechanic offers consumers a risk free initiative• In affect, it’s a ‘try before you buy’ incentive• This mechanic is popular in this industry – see opposite• The word Free is impactful and leading the communication• Place offer on all media activity where appropriate• As drop-outs will occur, worth over-booking the session• Direct communication with attendees both pre & post free trial should be undertaken• Media RoI can be loosely measured by having a ‘where did you hear about us drop down box’ on the website as part of the booking process 28
  29. 29. Promotional Mechanics of other ‘gyms’ to drive trial 29
  30. 30. 1st Phase: Pricing Options ACTIVITY AUDIENCE HIGH PLAN MED PLAN LOW PLAN LEAFLET DROP 5,000 £600 £600 £600 OUTDOOR £2k £2k £2k POSTERS 130,000 OUTDOOR £1.5k £1.5k GATEWAY  LOCAL PRESS 185,000 £1.8k £1.8k £1.8k CINEMA 12,500 £8k   EXPERIENTIAL 77,000 £8.5k £8.5k £8.5k ARTWORK & n/a £5k £5k £4k IMAGES VIDEO n/a £5.5k £5.5k  SUB TOTAL 390,000 £33k £25k £17k Suggest still produce the video in Medium Plan despite removing the Cinema activity 30
  31. 31. How much should we spend on Marketing in Year 1? 500 MEMBER 400 MEMBER 300 MEMBER TARGET TARGET TARGET Average Monthly Rev per Member £50 £50 £50 Average Annual Rev per Member £600 £600 £600 Total Year 1 Revenue £300,000 £240,000 £180,000 Year 1 Marketing % 20% 20% 20% Year 1 Marketing Spend £60,000 £48,000 £36,000 Need to include the following into the marketing spend • 1st Phase Plan (c50% of budget) • Launch Night (c2.5% of budget) • 2nd Phase Plan (c20% of budget) • Digital / Social Media Monthly Support (c7.5% of budget) • Continuous Marketing Management Support (c15% of budget) • Contingency Funds (c 5% of budget) 31
  32. 32. The Best of the 2nd Phase: Watford FC PackageBy Official Appointment PackageWatford‘ FC aim is to build and develop a mutually beneficial partnership where theylook to develop GC’s client base through a host of promotional activities/marketingstrategies assisted foremost from the relationship/link with the football club• Official use of the Watford FC logo on stationary, websites etc• Feature at least 2 website stories throughout the season• Invited to join networking events (minimum 4)• As an official partner there will only be one Martial Arts business involved• GC will feature in all home match day programmes and on the official website with a hyperlink to our website• 2x ½ page programme ads – (3k sold per game)• 2x big screen messages• Leaflet drop 400 corporate clients on a match day• 4 people invited enjoy full corporate hospitality including a 2 course meal• Joint marketing meetings to discuss further opportunities every 6 / 8 weeks COSTSYear 1 special introductory price of £1,495Year 2 = £2,495 CONTACTSMartine Capitelli – 01923 496 371martinecapitelli@ 32
  33. 33. The Best of the Others WEST HERTS COLLEGE• Attend both Summer Fair & Freshers Week• Poster presence on site• Presence on LOCAL BUSINESS• Build relationships with other local businesses that target a similar consumer s e.g. local sport retailers, nightclubs, health bars, spas• Introduce contra deals to local businesses: leaflet / merchandise swaps and gift voucher offers DIRECTORY PRESENCE•• Thompson Local• Best of Watford SPONSORSHIP• Fun Runs (e.g. Bluebell Fun Run) / Fun Days• Cage Fighting Events at the Watford Coliseum• High Profile Charity Events 33
  34. 34. 1st Phase Time Plan weeks to launch -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 SOCIAL MEDIA SEO & PPC LEAFLET LEAFLET PARTY PRESS OUTDOOR CINEMA EVENT PR PR 34