Look for best treated timbers


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Look for best treated timbers

  1. 1. Look for Best Treated Timbers<br />There is a major change coming about in the timber industry. This is a result of discussions of various professions within the timber industry. When looking at it objectively, there have been not many changes in the timber industry in the last few decades. However now, recently there are major developments with the incorporation of technology that is happening in the timber industry today. This is mostly to overcome the problem of the affect of timber to water or moisture. When timber is normally exposed to water or moisture, it generally swells up or looses it structure. Most of the times, such a structure will fall apart.<br /> The same can be said about the pre treated timbers that is available. These are mostly available from a DIY store which sells all types of DIY furniture. These claim to be moisture resistant and have a longer life. However, such timbers are treated with chemicals which can lead to arsenic poisoning. Therefore it is harming our environment. Also the worst part is that such timber don’t even live up to their purpose.<br />
  2. 2. There is a new fluid being developed for the treatment of timber today. This fluid is all natural with cedar oil base. This fluid has been described as the silver bullet that the timber industry has been waiting for. The fluid can penetrate the timber much better and upgrades the entire structure of timber. The fluid is being circulated throughout the timber industry and soon will be used in all timber treatment plants for the treatment of timber. Therefore today when you buy treated timber, you will know that you are defiantly going to get what you are paying for. <br /> Timber that is treated by this method does not rot or decay easily. For the first time in a long time, a major technological change has been applied to the timber industry that complies with environment standards and also at the same time does its job of protecting the timber.You can easily search for your treated timbers supplier on the internet, as most will have a better online presence complete with a brochure of the different types of timbers they enclose to offer. Ensure that the provider you are looking at offers good treated timber products.<br />
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