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Kamaxeurope Newsletter - Jan. 2013


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We are delighted to present our January '13 newsletter which gives you the latest product and business news from Kamaxeurope and Kamaxoptics Communication. In this issue you'll find:
FTTH Plastic Box Solutions. Indoor/outdoor and subscriber boxes
PLC Splitter
FIC for hard cable. Terminating at the subscriber side
Tools. Our new tool case for FO cable preparation
Distributors. See you we can help you.
Factory news. Chinese new year coming so get your orders in now.
Meeting points. Where to meet us this year. Get in touch if you'd like to arrange a meeting.
Please take a look and don't hesitate to get in touch for any other information you need.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Kamaxeurope Newsletter - Jan. 2013

  1. 1. KAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Your partner for quality comms components, assemblies and accessories NEWSLETTER January 2013 What else can we do for you? This issue • FTTH Plastic Box Solutions • PLC Splitter • FIC for hard cable • Tools • Distributors • Factory news • Meeting points1 Pictured is a Kamaxoptic operator-grade FWDM module for a major mediterranean operator
  2. 2. FTTH BOXESKAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Newsletter January 2013 Just supplying cable assemblies is big business. Especially for a company the size of Kamaxoptic Communication. But FTTx is all about housing you connectivity solutions too. It’s all about boxes would you do it? How do you You can never have to many cable diameters. Versions with or terminate and get boxes. Seems everyone needs without adapter. FCS-02 for 2x SC Sx adapter or drops into the residence? something different. So what are Kamaxoptic we doing about it? Kamaxoptic Subcriber boxes are also Communication Communication is always on the available (see right). Our 2-way offers you a wide look out for new solutions. box can accept 2x SC Sx footprint selection of adapters and is also available with unobtrusive plastic Our range of wall and pole a cable clamp fitted in one of the montable boxes (see bottom right adapter slots to hold incoming box solutions. this page) boasts some of the cable. Our 4-way model has fiber most innovative solutions available management and splice holders today. Available for cut or uncut for up to 4 splices. Both boxes cable with P-Glands or grommets. would look great on the FCS-04 for 4x SC Sx Suitable for a large number of subscriber’s living room wall. Would you like to know more? 224B Indoor/outdoor distribution box 2
  3. 3. PLCS, FIC & TOOLSKAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Newsletter January 2013 PLC splitter A network essential Main Entry: split We all know what it does and why and Part of Speech: verb where we need it but we know that you need affordable product at reliable, fully Telcordia compliant quality and as fast as Definition: divide into parts possible. Kamaxoptics offers PLCS in 1:n and 2:n in a Synonyms: great variety of formats to suit all your allocate, allot, apportion, needs: carve up, distribute, divide, Bare fibre for splicing straight into divvy, divvy up, dole, go the network even-steven, go fifty-fifty, Fanout ribbon cable with or halve, mete out, parcel out, without terminations partition, share, slice, slice Blockless small format 900um input and output legs the pie, slice up ABS module (opposite) for 2.0 or 3.0mm cable Rackmounted in 19” panels or LGX units Already placed in major operators worldwide. Contact us now! FIC for flat hard cable Saving costs on fusion splicing Our easy to use Field Installable Connector for hard cable uses a U-groove alignment system which has two man advantages over Sx hard cable traditional V-groove alignment: 1. ensures that fiber core alignment deviates less than 0.5um which reduces insertion loss. 2. reduces core offset when different fiber diameter are married for example when there are slight variations between customer fiber and the Did you know? connector fiber stub Although in this case we only need Sx cable, The ceramic U-groove also boasts excellent thermal stability and FTTH hard cable is available in up to 12FO. has high rigidity which translates into a wide working temperature range and It’s also available in white so it won’t look bad running up the subcriber’s living room wall. extended life time. Contact now for more details. A Tool Case for just about everything Getting down to the fibre for fusion of mechanical splicing This tool kits is ideal for optical fiber fusion splicing. It includes all the most frequently need tools and supplies required for cable sheath removal and fusion splicing. Durable 430 × 330 × 135mm carry case. 1. Strippers 12. Adjustable wrench 2. KEVLAR Scissors 13. 60mm splice protection sleeves 3. Fiber Jacket Stripper 14. Fiber Cleaning Wipes 4. VFL (Optional) 15. 250ml Bottle of Alcohol with Lock 5. High Precision Cleaver (Optional) 16. Foam tipped swab 6. 1x Ideal 45-162 Buffer tube stripper 17. Pre-Moistened Alcohol Wipes 7. Screwdrivers 18. 3M Electrical Tape Does you operator have a preference? 8. Pliers 19. Blow Brush Let us know if you’re operator opts for fusion 9. Cable Cutter 20. Penknife or mechanical splicing. 10. Set of allen keys 21. 3.5M Tape Measure 11. Torch 3
  4. 4. DISTRIBUTORSKAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Newsletter January 2013 The sky’s the limit with Kamaxoptic Communication as your partner Increase fiber business? You can with Kamaxoptic Fiber ? Traditional We are looking for partners in EU territories Contact us now for details We are now actively looking for or long-term breakdown of your current revenue by activity and partners in strategic areas all across Europe. client base (operators, government, military, etc). Give us an idea of how do you see this progressing, This is an ideal opportunity to access one of how we fit into your future, and what impact you Asia’s top manufacturers and really boost your expect Kamaxoptic Communication to have on your market share with the guarantee of fully-compliant company and we’ll take it from there. solutions and a range of products aimed at the FTTH sector. All backed up by dedicated support The range or ranges of products that are of from our office here in Europe. specific interest to you. For the most up to date information on this point please check out the KOC If you think this is you then don’t hesistate to Group websites by starting here. get in touch now at the email or phone at the bottom of this page. Just let us know the geographic area you normally and regularly sell in plus a 4
  5. 5. FACTORY NEWSKAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Newsletter January 2013 Kamaxoptic Communication is a progressive employer respected throughout China for the way it looks after its workforce. 2013 Holiday info Chinese New Year The Chinese new year is coming which means that you should be planning you purchases with us now. The factory will be closed from 7 - 17 February inclusive so we recommend that you get your orders in before 29 January to make sure you miss the last minute rush. Invoicing Going greener Important note All current customers. As of January 2013 we are stopping posting physical invoices in our ongoing efforts to help the environment. 5
  6. 6. FACTORY NEWSKAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Newsletter January 2013 Kamaxoptic Communication is a progressive employer respected throughout China for the way it looks after its workforce. January Sports Day Team building and an investment in people Kamaxoptic Communication employs One of the ways we try to do this is more productive staff and in turn some 500 full time workers. Their to organise team-building events and better service to you our client! average age is 26 and they have trips. Above you can see the sports worked on average almost 5 years in day held this month. Events included the company. Many are working their a ping-pong tournament, tug-o-war, way up into positions of greater fire-drill race and basket ball. responsibility. Kamaxoptic Communication and This represents a heavy investment in especially its CEO Mr. David Wang initial training and ongoing are renowed in China for the care improvement so we have a very and attention to detail shown to the specific approach to managing our workers. Many benefits and rewards human resources to keep these are given and a spirit of competitive valuable people contributing to our teamwork is encouraged at all levels success. which leads to a more motivated and 6
  7. 7. MEETING POINTSKAMAXOPTIC COMMUNICATION Newsletter January 2013 Meeting points Where to find us 2013. Get in touch to arrange a meeting • FTTH Conference February 20-21, 2013 London, UK • Cebit Hannover March 6-8, 2013, Hannover, Germany • OFC, March 19-21, 2013 , Anaheim, California • Intertelecom, April 11-13, 2013, Lodz, Poland e-mail: 7