OW PlaneStats.com Infosheet May 09


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Promotional material for Data and Analytical Tool used by OW Project Teams and Clients

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OW PlaneStats.com Infosheet May 09

  1. 1. Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Infosheet PlaneStats.com PlaneStats.com by Oliver Wyman brings together reliable cross-industry data and a powerful collection of analytical tools that facilitate the development of actionable insights. PlaneStats.com makes it possible to easily access and ana- lyze worldwide airline schedules and fleet composition. For the U.S. market, it is also possible to analyze aircraft- specific operating costs, route-level P&L reporting, the O&D composition of onboard passenger loads, and average fare comparisons across carriers and markets.
  2. 2. PlaneStats.com Overview Aircraft Scheduling with airport activity reports, PlaneStats.com is a broad collection of accurate, market pattern of service summaries, and easy to value-added data that has been paired with the understand identification of worldwide competitive appropriate analytical tools necessary to speed data schedule changes analysis. Oliver Wyman improves data accuracy Most of the 35 available reports within PlaneStats. by reconciling the data across various sources to com are paired with interactive graphical represen- ensure integrity and facilitate analysis that inte- tations of the data to facilitate an understanding grates multiple data sources to drive new insights. of the information and its inter-relationships. Data The value-added data and analytical tools are orga- is presented in a range of charts as well as maps to nized across six functional areas to facilitate use: help the user visualize the spatial relationships asso- ciated with traffic flows and network composition. Airport Financial Statements in aggregate, and on a unit-cost, unit-revenue, basis User parameters are “sticky,” allowing the user to Airline Operating Costs with stage-length adjustment continue an analytical exercise through multiple features to facilitate the comparison of costs across reports and functional areas. carriers Uses and applications Pro-forma Route-Level P&L Reporting at the carrier PlaneStats.com was developed based on the col- level lective expertise of our aviation consulting pro- Air Traffic & Revenue in terms of Onboard, Enplaned, fessionals to facilitate, simplify, and improve the and Origin & Destination analytical speed of a wide range of commercial Airline Operations & Productivity highlighting on- aviation issues. The tool allows users to intuitively time performance and the reasons for delays, and a and easily explore competitive strategies through distribution of aircraft age reliable quantitative data analysis. The information PlaneStats.com is organized into six functional areas Airport Financial Statements By carrier, by airport, flight & traffic data Aircraft Airline Airport financials Scheduling allocated to flights Operating Costs & passengers Airport activity reports CASM analysis Segment pattern of Expense line item service Maintenance cost Schedule change PlaneStats.com Breakeven load factor Broad collection of accurate, value-added data Airline Pro-forma Operations Analytical tools to Route-Level & Productivity speed data analysis P&L Reporting On-time performance by airport & carrier By carrier By nonstop segment Cumulative delay Air Traffic distribution & Revenue Aircraft age Identify competitive segments Market share Itinerary flow Flow over hub 2
  3. 3. has applications across airports, airline strategy PlaneStats.com combines aircraft operating costs and operations, aircraft lessors, MRO organizations, with prorated passenger revenue to create route- government regulators, investors, aircraft financ- level P&L reports by carrier. The route-level P&L ers, and educational institutions. Also, suppliers of reporting facilitates the identification of competitive services to airports, airlines, and air travelers will strengths and weaknesses and provides clear insight find PlaneStats.com analysis invaluable in spotting into areas of cross-subsidization. trends and forecasting future demand. PlaneStats.com provides detailed information about Using PlaneStats.com, it is possible to explore a wide O&D market size, as well as passenger itinerary flows range of commercial aviation issues. The analytical across networks to illustrate competitive differences tool facilitates the development of benchmark levels of and pinpoint reasons for differences in passenger CASM against current and potential competitors. The loads and revenue generation. Using PlaneStats.com’s benchmark CASM can be easily adjusted to isolate the Fare and Yield Analysis feature, it is possible to exam- impact of fuel, regional airline operations, or labor cost ine the distribution of fares by price level between differences. PlaneStats.com facilitates the comparison carriers in the market, further illuminating the of route-level traffic and capacity across carriers, pro- impact of different distribution and pricing strategies. viding easy analysis of the relationship between mar- ket share and capacity and load factors by equipment PlaneStats.com is your source for reliable cross-indus- type, making it possible to identify trends in market try data and analytical tools that will bring quantita- development and spot ripening opportunities. tive rigor to your organization’s strategy setting pro- cess, as well as every day operational decision making. PlaneStats.com rapidly manipulates data into easily digestible representations 3
  4. 4. About Oliver Wyman With more than 2,900 professionals in over 40 cities around the globe, Oliver Wyman is an international management consulting firm that combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, organizational transformation, and leadership development. The firm helps clients optimize their businesses, improve their operations and risk profile, and accelerate their organizational performance to seize the most attractive opportunities. Oliver Wyman is part of Marsh & McLennan Companies [NYSE: MMC]. The Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Practice Oliver Wyman has deep, international experience in all segments of aviation, including airports, airlines, service providers, MROs, OEMs, and investors. The Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Practice has consulted to nearly three-quarters of the Fortune 500 firms in these sec- tors, as well as to major airports around the world. For more information on PlaneStats.com, contact Peter Otradovec by phone at +1 214.758.1876 or email peter.otradovec@oliverwyman.com. www.oliverwyman.com Copyright © Oliver Wyman. All rights reserved.