Sempo key note-05.14.2013


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Sempo key note-05.14.2013

  1. 1. |
  2. 2. Bing the PlatformYahoo! Bing NetworkAd Copy Research StudyBing Ads Platform EvolutionDEMO – Excel Tools
  3. 3. REACH ASIGNIFICANT &LUCRATIVEAUDIENCE30% OF THEU.S. ONLINESEARCH MARKET159 million users in the USAn audience likely to spend20% MORE ONLINE1. comScore qSearch, March 2013.2. comScore qSearch (custom), March 2013.
  4. 4. DISTINCTCUSTOMERSYOU WON’T FINDON ANY OTHERSEARCH ENGINE51 million users NOT on Google1. comScore qSearch, March 2013.2. comScore qSearch (custom), March 2013.
  5. 5. Slide 5Connect With Searchers You Can’t Reach Elsewhere• 20% of the unique searchersusing Yahoo! Bing Network(including Microsoft and Yahoo!sites) do not use Google inCanada.1• That’s 2.8 million uniquesearchers in Canada that you canonly reach with search adsthrough BingAds.1• 6.2% query share in Canada114MillionYahoo! Bing Networkunique Searchers1Yahoo! BingNetwork searchersthat don’t useGoogle11. comScore qSearch (custom), March 20133Million
  6. 6. Slide 6• Our audience is significant inonline purchase activity. Theunique searchers on Bing andYahoo! Search (includingMicrosoft and Yahoo! sites) are:• likely to spend 34% more thanthe average searcher,• and likely to spend 26% morethan Google searchers inCanada.134106 10004080120160Yahoo! andBingGoogle AverageInternet1. comScore qSearch (custom), Dec 2013.Likely to Spend More
  7. 7. Slide 7Bing & Yahoo! Search Audience Demographics7%16%24%26%17%9%0%10%20%30%18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+Bing & Yahoo! Search Canadian Audience: Age Composition• Bing & Yahoo! Searcher is 7% more likely to be female than Google• Age composition is more older with the average Bing & Yahoo! Searcherleading the following demographics:• 35 to 44: +2%• 45 to 54: +4%• 55 to 64: +5%1. comScore qSearch (custom), July 2012.
  8. 8. Slide 8Bing & Yahoo! Search Household Demographics5%12%22%19% 19%23%0%10%20%Bing & Yahoo! Search Canadian Household Income9%31%24% 23%13%0%10%20%30%HH Size:1HH Size:2HH Size:3HH Size:4HH Size:5+Average HH Size7%19%42%18%15%0%10%20%30%40%50%Atlantic QC ON Prairie BCHH Location1. comScore qSearch (custom), July 2012.
  9. 9. Bing Powers the Future
  10. 10. |While bringing reality to new levels
  11. 11. |
  12. 12. |Internet ExplorerBetter search resultsSearch ButtonEasy accessHomepageEnjoy iconic imageryand contentBing VisionScan and searchclickBing MusicQuickly find a songLocal ScoutGet localrecommendationsBe on the go with Windows Phone 8
  13. 13. |Optimized for Windows 8
  14. 14. Microsoft vertical integration of assets1 BillionUse Office700 Millionregisteredusers30 Millionsubscribers60 Millionconsole sales5.6 Billionsearches amonth60 Millioncopies sold
  15. 15. |
  16. 16. |What words in ad copy drive betterperformance? Better quality.
  17. 17. |Ad Copy Variables: Travel Edition5.6 Billionsearches /month250k Ads300M Impressions
  18. 18. |Identified 23 Common Variables
  19. 19. |KW Rates FaresBooknow ComparePricePoints Offers Discount % OffCoupon CheapLowcost AffordableLowPriceGuar.SatisGuar.OfficialSite Dest. Reserv.SaveNow Saving param TM sNoVariableKeywordRatesFaresBook nowComparePrice PointsOffersDiscounts% OffCouponCheapLow costAffordableOfficial SiteDestinationReservationSave NowSavingparamTM symbolsNo VariableAd TitlesAdDescriptionGreat Bad No DataGoodPerformance Heatmap by Ad Combination
  20. 20. |{KW} Rates FaresBooknowComparePricePoints OffersDiscount % OffCoupon CheapLowcostAffordableLowPriceSatisGuar.Official Site Dest. Reserv.SaveNow Saving {Param}TMs None{Keyword}RatesFaresBook nowComparePrice PointsOffersDiscounts% OffCouponCheapLow costAffordableOfficial SiteDestinationReservationSave NowSaving{Param}TM symbolsNo VariableAd TitlesAdDescriptionWhich Combinations Work?Great Good
  21. 21. |Ad Quality: Ads with Variables in Ad Title or AdDescription have higher quality on average
  22. 22. |Increased rate of platform releasesFrom annual to semi-annual to quarterly to monthly releases
  23. 23. |Import CampaignOpportunities tabBid estimation technologyNew reporting and billing UXImproved location targetingadCenter is now Bing AdsLong Ad TitlesSitelink extensionsDevice OS targetingEditorial exceptions / appealsQuality Score impact metricsShare of voice reportingBing Ads Intelligence (Excel)IP exclusionsBing Ads EditorAd rotation controls
  24. 24. |EnableDemandInnovativeAd ProductsGlobalReadinessMarketplaceHorsepowerImproveInfrastructure
  25. 25. |Rich visualization and toolsStreamlined campaign management saves timeMore inline management− Search query report in campaign management− Appeal editorial rejections in bulk and inlineBing Ads UXAnalytics andtransparency
  26. 26. |Quality Impact ReportingPrioritize Optimization Efforts by Impact3Your ads could gain more than 500 additionalimpressions/day2Your ads could gain 100 - 500 additionalimpressions/day1Your ads could gain up to 100 additionalimpressions/dayBing Ads UXAnalytics andtransparency“Quality impact is a big step toward helpingadvertisers quantify the importance of improvingquality score. And it’s a measure that Googlecurrently lacks.”- Melissa Mackey, Search Engine Watch
  27. 27. |Share of Voice ReportingEasily identify impressions and clicks lostBUDGET RANK BIDLANDINGPAGEKEYWORDRELEVANCEBing Ads UXAnalytics andtransparency
  28. 28. |Top versus other reportingUnderstand your sidebar vs. mainline performanceBing Ads UXAnalytics andtransparency
  29. 29. |Segmentation + Device Strategy@C0rkSegment/Target to the extent that the improvements inperformance are worth the complexities of management
  30. 30. DEMO: Excel