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Paid Media Tactic: Bing Ads Intelligence


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This slide will go over Bing Ads Intelligence.

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Paid Media Tactic: Bing Ads Intelligence

  1. 1. @yang_ers | @bingads Click Z Toronto: Bing Ads Intelligence Andrew Yang (@yang_ers)
  2. 2. @yang_ers | @bingads What is this?
  3. 3. @yang_ers | @bingads
  4. 4. @yang_ers | @bingads
  5. 5. @yang_ers | @bingads Take care of your people and they will take care of your customers. - J. Willard Marriott
  6. 6. @yang_ers | @bingads A different perspective can change EVERYTHING
  7. 7. @yang_ers | @bingads
  8. 8. @yang_ers | @bingads More volume with less effort
  9. 9. @yang_ers | @bingads More volume with less effort
  10. 10. @yang_ers | @bingads Bing Ads Intelligence 30 Different Regions to provide analysis and insights
  11. 11. @yang_ers | @bingads Bing Ads Intelligence Extracting keywords and negative keywords in a click of a button Keyword Generated Keyword socks Women's Socks socks Cheap Socks socks NBA Socks socks Mismatched Socks socks Nike Elite Basketball Socks Related Searches Input URL Keyword Score men's socks 0.8684 women's socks 0.6996 diabetic socks 0.6520 warm socks 0.6290 alpaca socks 0.6272 Webpage Keywords Keyword Generated Keyword socks t shirts socks pants socks jeans socks shirts socks shorts Associated Keywords Keyword Search Query socks socks and sandals socks thigh high socks socks tube socks socks diabetic socks socks knee socks Searches With Your Keyword Extract KWs from Your Landing Pages Uncover Phrases – New Keywords – Negatives What keywords are others bidding on? Own the Search Funnel
  12. 12. @yang_ers | @bingads Bing Ads Intelligence Analysis on the Bing the Network Analysis Keyword Device Time Period Searches socks Desktops and laptops May-13 38,880 socks Smart phones May-13 3,897 socks Tablets May-13 2,378 compression socks Desktops and laptops May-13 11,376 compression socks Smart phones May-13 1,671 compression socks Tablets May-13 1,432 toe socks Desktops and laptops May-13 2,934 toe socks Smart phones May-13 370 toe socks Tablets May-13 277 Traffic
  13. 13. @yang_ers | @bingads DEMO
  14. 14. @yang_ers | @bingads Wrap Up 1. Bing Ads Intelligence allows for keywords research that is platform agnostic 2. Provide insights into your customer’s multi-screen strategy 3. Market Research, mindshare and demographic information at your finger tips
  15. 15. @yang_ers | @bingads