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This is the presentation that was given at Click Z: Toronto.

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  • The Buying Power Index illustrates the likelihood of a particular group to make purchases as compared to the general population. A BPI value over 100 means that the group purchases, on average, more (in dollar terms) than the average Internet user during the reported time period.  BPI = ((site spend/site unique visitors) / (total internet spend/total internet unique visitors)) *100Percentage difference difference = [((BPY YBN) / (BPI Google)) – 1]*100  Site Spend: from comScore e-commerce dataSite UV: comScore’s Media Metrix UV’s for the site Total Internet Spend: TI Spend from comScores e-commerce data TI UV: comScore’s Media Metrix UV’s for the total internet
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  • We are creating a platform that embeds the advanced technologies behind as intelligent services in Microsoft devices, services, and third-party apps that consumers use every day. This platform also builds bridges between our devices and apps, so they work together to provide an experience that helps users get things done.This is happening today and will become more prevalent within Microsoft devices and services, including Windows, Office, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Many will be made available to third- party developers to integrate into their Windows and Windows Phone apps.We are the only search engine on the planet that searches across all your connected devices, whether it is your PC at work, your smartphone during your commute, or your Xbox at home.
  • Over the past year, we’ve completely evolved our offerings to be more compelling for both consumers and marketers alike. We know that brands need innovative ways to reach consumers in incredibly immersive digital environments, and that those methods need to bring you real results. That’s why every change in our platforms and our offerings puts the consumer first in ways no one else can.Windows has gone from a PC Operating System to a beautiful multi-platform interface that gives marketers the opportunity to reach consumers in native environments like apps.Xbox has evolved from a gaming console to a home media hub filled with immersive experiences.The acquisition of Skype has given advertisers more opportunities to connect with people through video chatMSN has a new look/feel and is deeply integrated with real time trends, content, and social feedsAnd finally Bing…the fastest growing search engine, consistently winning on better search results (bing it on)We believe that when you put people first, advertising will work better. The moment that a consumer and brand connect around experiences that they want can be useful, relevant, exciting, and valuable. We are committed to improving the advertising experience for everyone—consumer, marketer, and publisher—by putting people first. We have the canvas of properties and technology innovations to help you reimagine advertising and create truly unforgettable experiences with consumers – and to evolve your digital marketing from distraction to connection. We want to partner with you (agencies, advertisers) to bring this vision to life. 
  • With the new Bing, we know a consumer’s life doesn’t fit in a simple box, so neither should search or their experiences. Bing is becoming a reimagined platform that provides consumers insight and information, how and where they need it.And for us on the advertiser side of the business, know that when you put consumers first – great advertising opportunities follow.
  • When you put consumers first, place the experiences they are looking for in front of them: opportunities for advertisers followHere at Microsoft, we strive to do just that – create new, engaging experiences that surprise, delight and engage users.By doing so, we make ‘your next best customer’ more reachable for your business.
  • Microsoft is making substantial investments in Bing Ads – for the marketplace, for advertisers, and for users. In the last 12 months, we’ve delivered hundreds of feature enhancements addressing top requests, one being an expanded global footprint, combined with location-based results, for new advertiser opportunities
  • Development has become an ongoing process; planning is iterative and not linear. Prioritization is important and advertiser feedback is a critical component of determining future releases. Bing Ads offers a faster, more agile release cycle than ever, enabling: Even better accuracy of search resultsMoving from pilot to GA faster for international markets – and the gap between US features and these markets is much smallerImproved performance metricsOur release planning cycle spans the year. This has enabled the delivery of 1,000+ updates to the platform to bring you an easier-to-use and more effective platform.
  • More ad types and formats to drive richer consumer experiences – bringing new opportunities for advertisersWe have been making improvements to the way we edit ads to get them running for advertisers faster (to get more clicks). We have been improving our matching technologies to unlock more clicks in the auction.Long Ad Titles: This change can increase click by 5- 10%.Sitelink Extensions: Drive traffic to specific pages within the website and advertisers can see significant gains in their click through rates.Local Ad Extensions: A great way to layer in useful information on ads without a lot of work from advertisers –see more volume, get more customers.
  • Bing Ads understands that an advertiser’s search campaign can be optimized across devices and through various targeting methods depending on marketing goals as well as products and services offered.  That is why we are committed to providing our advertisers the transparency and control to customize campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.Our goal is not to create more disruption for our customers, but to minimize it with consistency, expectancy and trust – while driving the best results possible.
  • And for our partners and advertisers, as Bing continues to evolve beyond the PC browser to device-integrated search – enabling enriched experiences and new ways to find customersStreamlining the consumer experience is bringing your customers one-click closer to your business. Bing Smart Search for Advertisers – Next generation, visually rich search experience helps both consumers & advertisers get more done, faster. Visually Rich Search ExperienceThe perfect blend of branding and task completionSearch at Your Fingertips (it’s information when, where and how you need it) With Bing Smart Search, it’s easier to get more done in less time.
  • Drive highly qualified leads with Bing Ads integrated in Windows 8.1 Smart Search:Drive results with advanced ad features from Bing Ads. Bing Ads in Windows 8.1 Smart Search support all of Bing Ads’ advanced features like site links, location and call extensions - designed to drive results for your business.High relevance ad placement. Your ads will show only when they are highly relevant to the information the consumers are looking for, ensuring they are useful for the consumers you want to reach.Web previews drive efficient clicks. Bing Ads in Windows 8.1 Smart Search previews of your landing page so that consumers know what to expect when they click – ensuring a better experience for them and more qualified leads.As always, advertisers pay only when consumers choose to engage with their ads.
  • Bing is focusing on the consumer experience, and delivering delightful experiences across devices, products and properties As advertisers, all of these changes have created new demands that we have to meet. That means:Creating completely new ad models and experiences that leverage the unique and native capabilities of the platforms they are on.  Experiences that respect the consumer and enhance their user experience. With more receptive consumers comes more effective advertising.Building brand experiences that flow seamlessly across people’s personal devices, enabling consumers to interact with your content and apps from whatever device they are on in a simple and engaging way.Leveraging our high quality data, insights and content environments to drive audience solutions that are relevant and valuable to your customers.  Ultimately, we have a new opportunity to create experiences for people that are truly relevant, useful, valuable, and fun – but we have to have the intelligence and capability to take advantage of it. By focusing on the consumer, and the consumer’s decision journey as they go from influence to purchase – opportunities for advertisers follow.
  • Bing Ads understands that an advertiser’s search campaign can be optimized across devices and through various targeting methods depending on marketing goals as well as products and services offered. That is why we are committed to providing our advertisers the transparency and control to customize campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.Bing Ads is dedicated to reducing friction when advertisers decide to import their AdWords campaigns, so some of the changes we are making include:Enhanced Mobile SupportBid Adjustments Improvements
  • In the digital age, consumers go through a five-stage decision-making journey before buying goods and services. What’s more, they may go back and forth from one stage to an earlier one. They may even get stuck on one stage.Digital channels—and the potential to use them to create simple paths through the clutter—play a critical role at each stage.  A deep understanding of each of these decision phases will help marketers end the confusion in their own minds about where the consumer is at any given time. It will help marketers invest their marketing dollars where they have the most impact. And it will help marketers help consumers move smoothly through the purchase stages.
  • While customers have made the transition to leveraging online search for offline task completion, businesses are still struggling to put their best foot forward and effectively promote their business online to all these potential local customers. The challenge is a combination of complexity of search advertising, lack of search engine marketing knowledge and the missing connection between online activity and offline commerce.Our goal is to make it easier for advertisers, with the results they need.
  • Bing Ads is making effective local search a priority, with a range of offerings aimed at making local search marketing easier, more cost-effective, and more likely to bring buyers to an advertiser’s door. Our strategy focuses on what’s needed to make you successful, by:Eliminating complexityEnabling consumers to complete tasksEnsuring advertisers are able to measure ROIWe have a range of products available today that help a business drive more engagement with local customers via store visits and phone calls while removing the complexity of search engine marketing.
  • Making Local Search Easier and More Effective for BusinessWe are making it easier for businesses and customers to connect. Advertisers who take advantage of Bing Places can easily design campaigns that reach customers in their neighborhood – and do so with just a few clicks.Combining Bing Ads Express with Bing Places is a perfect combination for small-to-medium businesses looking for local traffic; for advertisers who lack the time or expertise to manage their own ad campaigns; and those who spend $500 a month or less on Bing.
  • By determining the customer’s location, Bing Ads limits the display of your ad to specific geographic locations.     Location targeting allows you to target countries, regions, states, provinces, designated market areas, metro areas, or even, in some cases, cities and towns within metro areas. You can also target potential customers who live within a 5 to 100 mile radius from your business or other specified locations.  With geo-targeting, advertisers have a way to improve ROI, connecting to the consumers you are looking for – and in the right places. 
  • Today’s mobile capabilities can be used to bring people to the door of a brick-and-mortar store. There are multiple new ad opportunities, an ever-improving customer experience, and more functionality. Consumer demands vary by device. Mobile phone searchers are on the go and want high-level, accurate information; tablet searchers perform more in-depth research. While the number of mobile phone and tablet searchers continues to skyrocket, PC searches have declined 6 percent in the past year.
  • With Bing Ads, we are invested in making enhancements to make it easier for local advertisers. Bing Ads Express, Bing Places for Business and our various targeting and reporting capabilities / offerings will simplify your efforts and help drive customers through your front door.We understand that driving leads and calls for your business is critical to your success – with consumers on-the-go and using mobile and tablets more than ever, we know that searches during the critical research and purchase phases will ensure you are connecting with the right people are the right time.
  • So what can you do today? As we gear up to deliver new ad opportunities in 2014, here are some simple, easy to implement features that you can do today to drive more calls, more leads and more people through your front door for local.Claim and enrich your local business in Bing Places for Business free – and show up to millions of users searching online for businesses like yoursPromote your business with Bing Ad Express and reach new customers with this simple and easy toolEnable location based features such as Location Extension in Bing Ads by targeting customers in local areas to increase conversionSetup call function such as Call Extensions in Bing Ads to increase customer conversion and leads
  • Bing, Bing Places and Bing Ads

    1. 1. @yang_ers | @bingads Click Z Toronto: Bing, Bing Places and Bing Ads Andrew Yang (@yang_ers)
    2. 2. @yang_ers | @bingads Today’s discussion Evolution of Bing Enabling advertisers with Bing Ads Enabling local advertisers with Bing Places
    3. 3. @yang_ers | @bingads Canada
    4. 4. @yang_ers | @bingads Canada 135
    5. 5. Has high household incomes; nearly one-third earn C$100k+ and nearly one-half earn C$75k+ Falls into mature age groups of persons, women and men, those 35 years and older Lives in eastern provinces, especially Ontario and Quebec Lives in smaller households, especially two- and three-person households Lives in households with no children Source: comScore Media Metrix, Canada, January 2014. Note: In comScore, Bing is defined as [C] Bing Web; Google is defined as [S] Google Web Search.
    6. 6. Source: comScore Media Metrix, Canada, January 2014. Note: In comScore, Bing is defined as [C] Bing Web; Google is defined as [S] Google Web Search. Bing audience is 35 years old and older compared to Google 16% 10% 16% 18% 18% 13% 9% 20% 12% 17% 16% 17% 12% 7% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Persons 2-17 Persons 18- 24 Persons 25- 34 Persons 35- 44 Persons 45- 54 Persons 55- 64 Persons 65+ % Composition Unique Visitors Bing Google
    7. 7. Source: comScore Media Metrix, Canada, January 2014. Note: In comScore, Bing is defined as [C] Bing Web; Google is defined as [S] Google Web Search. 8% 27% 22% 31% 13% 8% 24% 21% 33% 15% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% HH Size 1 HH Size 2 HH Size 3 HH Size 4 HH Size 5+ % Composition Unique Visitors Bing Google Bing audience lives in two- and three-person households compared to Google
    8. 8. Source: comScore Media Metrix, Canada, January 2014. Note: In comScore, Bing is defined as [C] Bing Web; Google is defined as [S] Google Web Search. 9% 11% 18% 15% 17% 30% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Under C$25K C$25,000 - C$39,999 C$40,000 - C$59,999 C$60,000 - C$74,999 C$75,000 - C$99,999 C$100,000 or more % Composition Unique Visitors Nearly one-third of the Bing audience has a household income of C$100k or more
    9. 9. Atlantic 7% Prairies 18% Ontario 40% Quebec 23% British Columbia 12% ManitobaAlberta Saskatchewan Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Prince Edward Island Four out of ten Bing users live in Ontario; nearly one out of four live in Quebec
    10. 10. @yang_ers | @bingads Delivering differentiated user experiences Powering Microsoft and 3rd party experiences Evolving advertising OfficeWindows PhoneWindows 8.1 Xbox Partnering in the ecosystem More impact pointsBest of BreedPopular platformsSkype Highly Quality Leads
    11. 11. @yang_ers | @bingads Delivering results with Bing Ads Improved insights Increased volume Increased efficiency The Yahoo! Bing Network has outperformed Google in return on ad spend, ending Q3 2012 with the largest gap of the 18-month period at 28%. “ ” “ Q2 2013 Report ” While CPCs increased 12%, most of Bing’s gains have been driven by click growth, which hit 41% in the second quarter.
    12. 12. @yang_ers | @bingads PC Operating System Console + Service Windows Live Messenger MSN BingOver 60M licenses sold since November Entertainment Hub with more than 40M users & 2B hours per month Video & Voice for 280M Loyal Users Reach & inspire over 480M engaged fans Search that helps you “do” with more relevance and the help of friends Create experiences consumers want Quality engagement at scale
    13. 13. @yang_ers | @bingads Unlocking new experiences across devices & services Devices Services
    14. 14. @yang_ers | @bingads And opportunities for advertisers follow Bing makes your online customers more attainable Microsoft Confidential
    15. 15. @yang_ers | @bingads 2012 21 countries 2011 6 countries Our global audience and scale Microsoft is expanding reach and volume worldwide 2013 52 countries
    16. 16. @yang_ers | @bingads Increased rate of platform releases Moving from a steady cadence to one that is agile and scalable Rapid iteration for: Better accuracy of matching Scaling from concept to global distribution faster Consistent, improved metrics
    17. 17. @yang_ers | @bingads More clicks with expanded formats Long Ad Titles +7% Sitelink Extensions +15-25% Local Ad Extensions +30-35% *Based on internal data 2012
    18. 18. @yang_ers | @bingads And device targeting to enable results PC Delivered Mobile Delivered Tablet Delivered 1.99% 1.81% 0.74% 0.65% Mobile Mobile + PC Mobile + Tablet Mobile + PC+ Tablet 3.70% 1.31% 0.64% 0.62% Tablet PC + Tablet Mobile + Tablet Mobile + PC + Tablet 4.07% 3.38% 2.44% 1.59% PC PC + Tablet Mobile + PC + Tablet Mobile + PC
    19. 19. @yang_ers | @bingads Windows 8.1 Smart Search – powered by Bing With Windows 8.1, Bing powers a new search experience and delivers new and updated Bing apps
    20. 20. @yang_ers | @bingads Windows 8.1 Smart Search Integrated with Bing Ads Web previews provide useful information for consumers & branding benefits for advertisers o Web previews are auto-generated by Bing Ads from destination or display URL, and refreshed periodically o Plans for advertiser controls for web previews under discussion Same Ad Creative as Bing Ads o Same ad title and ad copy as the search ad campaigns running across Yahoo Bing Network Bing Ads extensions supported & highly recommended o Bing Ads extensions are supported for search charm including site links at launch, and location extensions & call extensions 1-2 months after launch o Use of ad extensions improves ad experience & probability for ad selection
    21. 21. @yang_ers | @bingads Bing is evolving beyond the PC browser to device integrated search
    22. 22. @yang_ers | @bingads
    23. 23. @yang_ers | @bingads
    24. 24. @yang_ers | @bingads
    25. 25. @yang_ers | @bingads Support features for Enhanced Campaigns Ensuring Google parity in key features and to support key features advertisers will expect Enhanced Mobile Support: Add mobile device preference as a property of ads. Support destination URL substitution parameters for keywords in text and product ads. BidAdjustments Improvements: Support granular and negative bid adjustments. Introduce bid adjustments for device and location radius targets. Upgraded Ad Extensions: Site links at ad group level.
    26. 26. @yang_ers | @bingads Today’s discussion Evolution of Bing Enabling advertisers with Bing Ads Enabling local advertisers with Bing Places
    27. 27. @yang_ers | @bingadsMicrosoft Confidential Google AdWords Import Tool Save time by directly importing campaigns from your Google AdWords account into Bing Ads Quickly and efficiently copy accounts and campaign structures over from GoogleAdWords. Import AdWords campaigns directly using the BingAds Editor which allows you to import directly from aAdWords export spreadsheet. Import directly from AdWords to BingAds using only your AdWords login and password credentials – no spreadsheets needed.
    28. 28. @yang_ers | @bingadsMicrosoft Confidential Bing Ads Excel Web App Increase your productivity by managing campaign data directly in excel Save time and effort by downloading campaign data and post any changes from Excel. Make your workflow more streamlined by managing your campaigns directly in Excel. Leverage your Excel knowledge and experience to manage BingAds campaigns.
    29. 29. @yang_ers | @bingads Device Targeting Target customers based on the devices and operating system they use Target by desktop and laptops, smartphones and tablet devices. Target by operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Show your ads exclusively to specific devices and operating systems and/or boost your bidding on specific devices with an incremental bidding strategy. Enhanced campaign compatibility.
    30. 30. @yang_ers | @bingads Performance Reports – Keyword Distribution Graph Take data filtering and slicing to a new and visual level Visualize and compare key performance indicators such as impressions, clicks, avg. CPC and CTR across thousands of keywords. Get a set of charts that display “big picture” performance measures for your keywords at a glance. Exclusive report to BingAds.
    31. 31. @yang_ers | @bingads Performance Reports – Zero Click Queries Build out stronger negative keyword lists in the Search Term Reports • Improve click-through rates and quality scores. • Understated impressions and overstated CTR for a search term has been completely solved. • Complete picture around the search terms to make more precise evaluations • Search term report now captures approx. 20 to 40 times more terms than in the past,
    32. 32. @yang_ers | @bingads Performance Reports – Bid Landscape Estimated cost, clicks, impressions and top impressions for keyword bids at a variety of price points simultaneously with bid landscape Select the bid that best meets your goals and then apply it directly to your campaign. In BingAds web interface, click Campaigns at the top of the screen, select a campaign and click the Keywords tab. Chart icon representing bid landscape to the right of the current CPC bid.
    33. 33. @yang_ers | @bingads Change History Reporting Visually connect your actions to impact See a list of changes that have been made to your campaigns, including when they were made and who made them. Track the changes to your campaigns and the impact it has made. Track changes such as bids, budgets, keywords, targeting and more.
    34. 34. @yang_ers | @bingads Today’s discussion Consumers are searching locally Enabling local advertisers with Bing Ads What to expect next
    35. 35. @yang_ers | @bingads Consumer decision journey has important opportunities for Local advertising 01 02 03 04 05 Open to possibility Decision to change Evaluating Shopping Experiencing
    36. 36. @yang_ers | @bingads Our goal is to make it very easy for advertisers, and deliver the results they need
    37. 37. @yang_ers | @bingads Our local strategy Eliminate complexity for businesses Efficient local task completion for consumers Enable measurement of local ROI
    38. 38. @yang_ers | @bingads Bing Places for Business gives you a rich online presence Easily promote your business in search
    39. 39. @yang_ers | @bingads Reaching the right local customers for your business Target by: • Countries • Regions • States • Provinces • DMAs • Metro areas • In some cases: cities and towns within metro areas
    40. 40. @yang_ers | @bingads Smartphones Tap phone number in the result Skype on PC or tablet Free Skype call initiates Offline See phone number on web Dial phone
    41. 41. @yang_ers | @bingads Bing Ads easily converts local searches to local leads Keep it simple with local Searches to leads
    42. 42. @yang_ers | @bingads Local advertising checklist  Claim and enrich your local business in Bing Places for Business free of cost Show up to millions of users searching online for businesses like yours  Enable Location Extension to drive store traffic Target customers in local areas & drive store discovery  Drive calls via Call Extensions in Bing Ads Increase customer conversion and leads
    43. 43. @yang_ers | @bingads The wrap up 1. Highly educated user base and innovative pipeline of products 2. Continuous improvement in the Bing Ads platform to allow advertisers to power charge their PPC campaigns 3. Local solutions available to help you drive traffic to your brick and motor stores
    44. 44. @yang_ers | @bingads Connect with a Search Specialist who can help you get started today 1-800-518-5689 or check out Getting started @bingads
    45. 45. @yang_ers | @bingads