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The SharePoint App Store and how business should consider how the impact of this within their organisation.
This is a non technical presentation and will also be available as a web cast from the SPSEMEA Online Event in Jan 2011

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  • Andrew
  • SharePoint is an enterprise platform on which people build business solutions.SharePoint is the Operating System for the Enterprise…
  • You WILL have to change the Platform and install solutionsWhat does your SharePoint deployment look like today?
  • How did it get to look like this?
  • Custom in house or consultant developed solutionsBespoke to business needOften difficult to upgradeSignificant barrier to platform migration/upgrade
  • Vendors have built a wealth of products on SharePointFrom – workflow, learning management systems, social extensionsAdvantage – less cost than custom solution- Vendor takes pain of upgrades (normally?)Disadvantage – you get what it does
  • The power of SharePoint is with the users
  • Extended capabilities provided by tools like SharePoint Designer
  • Anyone tell me all of the “apps” they have deployed in their organisation?Can we do a Poll?Include all types from custom developed, 3rd party installs to end user and power user?How do you know what’s there when you come to upgrade the platform?
  • Where do they come from?Are there any duplicates? People doing the same/similar thing in two locations?
  • Who owns the solutions?
  • And how did you get the installed?What’s the normal response from IT? “Play MC Hammer Can’t Touch this ”
  • What people have come too expect…
  • You may have seen this
  • Consider this for your own organisation…Next look at what this means – a new way of thinkingSharePoint Governance – a more friendly approachWhat should you consider for your SharePoint AppStore?
  • How to people findNew solutions What IT is looking at?What others have used?What is available?What is approved?
  • Is there a cost implication?Does IT still pay for everything?Do you need to provide business approval?Who is allowed to do what
  • Knowing who else is using it…What works wellRatingsReviewsLink to other sources of information?Support..
  • Tell people what you think – so others can see (Community)Talk to the developer < novel idea?Vote on new featuresGet involved
  • How do you get it installed?What rights and permission are needed?How easy is it?
  • Upgrades- Who does upgrades well?
  • What users expectNot traditionally what they have got!
  • How we approached with 21ScrumWe wanted it to be like it is on the iPhone
  • Peoples expectations No longer happy to wait for IT Everyone (ok a lot) understands the concept of an App and App Updates
  • Think of this like you would your phone.Hardware – provider core solutions == SharePoint Out of the BoxPhone Provider – add capabilities, features == Farm solutions from ITSandbox – end user installations == Apps from App Store
  • Client Object ModelMay be only a small thing, but the ripples will have far reaching effects
  • The cloudOffice365 and other providers
  • Same code base – multiple delivery approaches to work as the customer needsExample: 21Scrum is provided as SaaS in partnership with -
  • What will your SharePoint App Store look like?
  • Questions
  • Andrew
  • SharePoint App Store - itunes for you business

    1. 1. SharePoint App Store –iTunes for your business Andrew Woodward@AndrewWoody #spsemea
    2. 2. OS for the Enterprise
    3. 3. Custom solutions
    4. 4. 3rd Party
    5. 5. End Users
    6. 6. Power User
    7. 7. Today?
    8. 8. Where?
    9. 9. Who?
    10. 10. How?
    11. 11. SharePoint App Store
    12. 12. Findability
    13. 13. Money
    14. 14. Community
    15. 15. Feedback.
    16. 16. Installation
    17. 17. Updates
    18. 18. What we did: 21Scrum
    19. 19. What’s changed
    20. 20. Sandboxed Solutions
    21. 21. Client Object Model
    22. 22. What about?
    23. 23. Software as a Service
    24. 24. SharePoint App Store..iTunes for your business
    25. 25. Questions
    26. 26. Closing Slide@AndrewWoody #spsemea