When Is It Right To Fight


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When Is It Right To Fight

  1. 1. lorem ipsum issue #, date REVOLUTION COMPARING AND CONTRASTING THE FRENCH AND AMERICAN REVOLUTIONS The French Revolution was focused on establishing France Prior to the revolution social economic Nearly 20% of westernEurope’s populationinFrance, and 97% of that populationwas inthe 3rd estate. This meant that 97% of Frenchcitizens had almost no political power ormoney. Withsuchpoorcircumstances, he 3rd estate rightfully wanted a better place in society. For years the 3rd estate had lived under horrible conditions withrulers abusing their powers. However, with the ideas of the enlightenment and the lack of sympathy from the 1st and 2nd estates angered France's citizens, which lead to revolution. The 1780scontained many economic issues. Poorharvests resulted infood shortages throughout the nation. The guilds had a monopoly onthe productionof goods while the merchants had to pay tolls and custom duties. The Gov. was in large debt due to war. America was prosperous while England was distracted with domestic issues,however after 1763 whenthe Frenchand Indianwar beganAmerica needed protection. England was there to help but needed money to cover the cost. Through hostile events like the stamp act and the Intolerable acts England created anAmericandesire forindependence. political religious AmericaPriortothe revolution social economicThe Americancolonists felt thatthe British Parliament was attacking their civil liberties and destroying the moral and political similarities that had once united the colonies and England. The Americancolonies struggled with debts from past warsand unfair taxes imposed by England. Americansociety completely separated religionfrom government which resulted inone of the most free countries inthe world. political religious During the French revolution, the people beganto forget God, they didn’t think they needed him, causing the people to become servants of the government, instead of the people being in control of the government.
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  6. 6. lorem ipsum issue #, date Lorem Ipsum [Street Address] [City], [State][Postal Code] [Recipient] Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Address Line 4 Integer sit amet mi. Nulla lobortis viverra est. Sed vestibulum rutrum libero. Praesent ut quam. Fusce sagittis. Nunc tristique, erat et mollis tincidunt, est elit aliquet mi, eu luctus nulla elit eget justo. Suspendisse odio sem, tincidunt non, luctus nec, ultricies in, diam. Proin tincidunt. Proin sodales dictum purus. Nam ante. Suspendisse quis est. Aenean turpis dui, tincidunt in, rutrum et, laoreet luctus, augue. Mauris sem quam, iaculis nec, sodales sagittis, ullamcorper ut, massa. Donec mi velit, eleifend vel, iaculis ut, tristique id, mauris. Fusce odio felis, interdum at, elementum sed, mollis et, leo. Duis eu nulla in sapien consequat fermentum. In sit amet leo ac velit imperdiet viverra. Integer lobortis vulputate odio. Praesent a elit. Donec quis turpis ut ligula tincidunt placerat. Cras tellus nulla, convallis sed, volutpat id, pulvinar ut, metus. Duis tristique tortor vitae lectus. Duis mauris magna, auctor quis, euismod quis, pellentesque vel, leo. Suspendisse potenti. Proin ut lacus. Sed vitae metus nec lacus ornare tincidunt. Integer fermentum viverra ipsum. Suspendisse tincidunt neque commodo justo. Suspendisse: Donec fermentum lorem viverra mi. Etiam consectetuer porttitor metus. Etiam varius laoreet nulla.