Linked In 5 Steps To Success


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This short presentation gives you 5 steps for successfully implementing LinkedIn for Business2Business marketing, complete with 7+ case studies of companies that have created business on LinkedIn.

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Linked In 5 Steps To Success

  1. 1. “A Masterclass 5 Stepsto Guarantee Success, in less than an hour a week” Andrew Wilks
  2. 2. LinkedIn• Business, not ‘social’• Online networking• 3m+ users in the UK...100m+ in 200 countries• Growing fast...95K NEW users per month• Average user = 41yrs old, with 15 years experience
  3. 3. Why use LinkedIn?• Research your prospects• Find additional networking opportunities (Groups/Events)• Raise your profile (Branding works)
  4. 4. Why use LinkedIn?• Demonstrate your capabilities• Reassure potential clients• Identify and make contact with new prospects
  5. 5. 5 Steps to Generate LeadsStep 1 …Build your profile • Picture – Make sure people can see your face clearly • Headline (both lines – what you do/how people benefit) • Use all three website links (replace them with meaningful phrases) • Change your public profile • Link with Twitter • Use the Apps to add PowerPoint and Video (plus Wordpress for blogs, Amazon book list etc.) • Include keywords that people might use to search for what you do
  6. 6. Content is informal,personal, identifiesthe triggers, & thebenefits, plus a ‘Callto Action’
  7. 7. Examples of how to use videoJames Potter – The LinkedIn Man - Just video of James talking to camera Williams – Mr LinkedIn - PowerPoint presentation style , with some photos
  8. 8. Case StudyBryony Thomas, of Clear ThoughtContacted by someone who had searched for‘marketing strategy’ within 20 miles of Bath. Theyclicked on the website link in their profile, viewedtheir website and then called her. They pitchedand won a 12-month contract.
  9. 9. 5 Steps to Generate LeadsStep 2 … Get connected • As many as possible vs those you know, like and trust • Use the tools to start with your existing contacts • Add as you go along (eg after networking) • Use Outlook tool (Look in Tools at the bottom) • Fellow Group members
  10. 10. Connecting etiquette Start with their first name, then add a personal comment, referring to any connection you have in common and if there is a specific reason, why they should link with you.
  11. 11. Case StudyAdam Blackie, Interim IT ManagerBy connecting with many agency people andcontributing to discussions in IT related groups hesecured a full year’s worth of work and now he hasagencies ringing him, rather than him doing thechasing.(Peaks of activity on Mon am, Wed and Fri pm)
  12. 12. Case StudyAndrew Fielding – UK Ground WorksJust connected with previous contacts, who sawwhat he was doing and two contacted himimmediately with offers of work, one of which wassubstantial.
  13. 13. 5 Steps to Generate LeadsStep 3… Recommendations – Ask your past colleagues – Ask previous clients – Current clients – Event delegates – Networking contacts
  14. 14. 5 Steps to Generate LeadsStep 4 … Join Groups • Find groups where your customers are • Send & respond to discussion topics • NB. Golden Rule: NEVER sell overtly • Set up a group(s) for the people you want to mix with and then invite people to join (work at this, and encourage members to invite others, until you get 100+ members)
  15. 15. Case StudyJohn Stevens, Fleet Risk Profiler.comCreated a Group for his target customers“Fleet Risk Management”, which now has 200Members. Through this group he has establisheddistribution for his software in South America andbeen invited to speak at events in America.
  16. 16. Case StudyLawson Noble,“I was paying £800 per 3D model of certainvehicles for our vehicle recognition s/w project. Ijoined some 3D design & animation groups &found several very helpful people. I ended upfinding a really good company (Spline Motion) whosupplied my test models at $200 - saving methousands!
  17. 17. Case StudyPatrick Nash, ConnectAssistAccording to Bryony Thomas, Patrick created apaper and then by taking part in Group discussionsand doing updates got 80 people to download hispaper. He then set up an event for Charity ChiefExecs and had 10 CEOs from major charitiesattending.
  18. 18. Case Study • Needed credible names in her industry to attract funding. • Joined 6 groups, posted in discussions • 40 replies • 8 excellent contacts • Ex Giorgio Armani MD & current Kelkoo Marketing Director are now on her board! • Now using LinkedIn to find VC partners.
  19. 19. 5 Steps to Generate LeadsStep 5 ... Search for individuals & companies • Upgrade to Business Account (< £16/month) • See who’s viewed your profile, See 300 profiles, See full profiles, go Open Linked, Get Profile Stats • By name • By company • By Job Title • By keywords (eg trade association members)
  20. 20. Case StudiesJim Rathbone, Rathbone Results• They first identified the target market e.g. Managing Directors, Security Market, £1m – 10m t/o, 11-200 employees, private companies. They also targeted specific keywords – Electronic Security, CCTV, Access Control etc. Geography – 25 miles around WD postcode.• This yielded 14 contacts.• Then they researched them further via companies house, with the following results: – 2 eliminated as too profitable – 2 Dormant – 2 poor balance sheet – 1 liquidation
  21. 21. This left them with 5 contacts that Jim Rathbone followed up with a phone call• 4 connected• 2 are now good clients of Rathbone• 2 opportunities are still openThe timescale from campaign to customer was approx. 3 months
  22. 22. Business Development Case Study • $2 million + turnover International Trading company • Uses LinkedIn as primary source of new business • 75% of business comes through LinkedIn
  23. 23. Case StudyDecember 2010 LinkedIn helped us to £1bn in sales says DCSDistribution service DCS Europe, which recently announced it hadbroken the £1bn sales barrier, has revealed to Insider that £1m of itsbusiness was made through social networking site LinkedIn. DenysShort, chief executive of the Stratford-upon-Avon-based company, said“I would say we had made around £1m from customers we have lookedfor on LinkedIn.Many businesses have no idea how profitable it can be. We had a listof 300 or so potential customers which we wanted to target, andsearching for them on LinkedIn proved to be hugely successful.”
  24. 24. More Tips• Set up and attend Events• Contribute to Questions & Answers• Don’t have a rigid policy• If it’s not working, but people are visiting your profile …revamp your profile.
  25. 25. Case StudyCarl French, ReplicoCarl posted an event he was running at the IoD in Pall Mall, onfranchising and he had such a good response that he didn’t need topromote the event anywhere else! He made a point of informing peoplenot only through updates, but also through many of the 50 groups thathe belongs to.
  26. 26. How to fit it all in• Try doing a little each day• Try allocating an hour once a week at a fixed time• How do people here do it?
  27. 27. Summary5 Steps to Success1. Make your profile work2. Get connected3. Get recommendations4. Participate in Groups5. Don’t be passive –Take ACTION! a. Search b. Events c. Q&A
  28. 28. Need help taking your business to another level?• Buy one of my Lead Generation Seminar CDs (Available at the back, normally £19.99, today just £10)• For 1:1 support, get in touch via or 01727 370077
  29. 29. Other Resources• Help with creating the perfect profile• LinkedIn Training for groups – Mark Williams – Mr LinkedIn – James Potter – The LinkedIn Man• Talks on the power of LinkedIn – Andrew Wilks - 07870155137
  30. 30. Thank you!For support with your marketingOr for someone inspiring to talk to a groupContact Andrew Wilks0845 330 644807870