2014 02-06 Sharing YL


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2014 02-06 Sharing YL

  1. 1. 2014-02-06 SHARING YL Team Wild Fire
  2. 2. Topics for today         “TWF” = Team Wild Fire Health Facebook support group (nearly 500 members!) TWF Bookmarks Document Info Graphic Facebook Strategy/Video Promoting the Live Online Classes Event Info Graphic Library The Magic Sequence of Words Upcoming events
  3. 3. For those who are new to Sharing YL     We have a special Facebook group called “Team Wild Fire Australia”. If you are not a member of this group yet and would like to be, please email Sharon. YLU = “Young Living University”. Lots of training. http://ylu.litmos.com - if you have never logged in, choose the “I’ve forgotten my username/password” link. Your username is your email
  4. 4. Health Facebook Group      Terry Tillaart’s Private Community for YL Health Questions & Discussions. Nearly 500 members! Everyone should now be a part of this group! Brilliant forum for people to ask any of their health/YL questions to. (Note: this is NOT a business discussion group, it is health/product) To help empower people, where possible we point to the relevant info that can be found via YLSearch.com or in YLU. Every new YL Member who joins your team you should add into this group!
  5. 5. TWF “Bookmarks” Document     Document that contains links to all of the relevant sites for TWF Includes link to the TWF Calendar of Events Includes links to all of the Info Graphics libraries Access this document from the Team Wild Fire Australia facebook group. Click on the “Files” tab.
  6. 6. How to access the document
  7. 7. What the bookmark document looks like
  8. 8. Facebook Info Graphic Strategy    Make sure you have watched the 7 min video on the Facebook Info Graphic Strategy! The Video is listed on the TWF Facebook page – scroll down to see the link for it. This is such an easy thing to do every day to help share YL
  9. 9. Bookmark your favorite pages!  Suggestions:  Team Wild Fire Bookmarks Document  Calendar of Events  YLU  Dolf’s Info Graphic Libraries
  10. 10. What the TWF Calendar looks like
  11. 11. Click on the title and details appear
  12. 12. Change the text YourName to you! ?aff=YourName ?aff=Sharon Wild
  13. 13. Live online classes are open to everyone!     Use the info graphics to promote the live online classes to your leads/facebook Everyone must register via the registration link. Make sure you change the link ?aff=YourName so that the lead is tracked to YOU! Promote, Promote, Promote the online class using your registration link.
  14. 14. Upcoming Online Classes
  15. 15. Past Online Classes available in YLU
  16. 16. Event Info Graphic Library
  17. 17. How to Access Event Info Graphic Library
  18. 18. Increase your communication skills  Brisbane this Sunday 9th Feb. 6pm-9pm  Sydney Sat 15th Feb 9:30am12:30pm
  19. 19. Ipswich class 12th Feb.
  20. 20. Bris Sun 16th Deepening the Adventure  Must of first attended Nature’s Wisdom, or, watched it online before attending this class.
  21. 21. Hormone Health for Families  Bring as many people as possible to this event!
  22. 22. Finally, promote, promote, promote the online classes using YOUR registration link!     Promote the upcoming online classes. Post the info graphic and YOUR registration link to your personal Facebook status. This is MORE effective then a Facebook page posting! Yes, post to your Facebook page as well if you have one, but understand, you will get more response from a personal Facebook post then a Page facebook post. Expand your network: Start adding 5-10 new facebook friends a day!
  23. 23. Have you YLU’d today?