Event details - ESCCO 2014


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Initial event details for the European Schools Cross Country Open. We will be updating and adding more information as the weeks and months progress. Visit www.escco.es for news feeds and updates.

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Event details - ESCCO 2014

  1. 1. This presentation will be updated throughout the coming months in the lead up to the event.
  2. 2. Start A - Finish L - Approx 200m (A >> B >> L) Small Lap (SL) - Approx 1,000m (A >> B >> C >> D >> F >> G >> H) Medium Lap (ML) - Approx 1,400m (A >> B >> C >> D >> E >> F >> G >> H) Large Lap (LL) - Approx 2,000m (A >> B >> I >> J >> K >> C >> D >> E >> F >> G >> H)
  3. 3. The course is over very fast and undulating compact earth. The small and medium sized loops have their first 200m, A - B - C rising slightly. The next 750m C - D - E - F - G is fast running as the course drops almost 20m in height over the 750m. Great underfoot terrain as the athletes pass through a lovely technical part of the course, F - G. This is a young palm tree reforestation area. From G you have what will prove to be the toughest part of the course with one short steep hill and drop before immediately rising again for well over 100m to the top end of the course. This hilly section of the course runs along side a cliff edge with stunning views into the mountains. The course turns back for the start again and H with a nice recovery 150m before heading into the next lap or last 200m of the race to the finish L. The large loop will veer off at B - I where the athletes will cross a short road covered with deep compact earth for the event. Here they will enter into a playing field and again fast running will be the order of play here as the next 600m, I - J - K is over flat and fast ground. They will then turn sharp exiting the playing field at K to bring them behind the finish line and onto the next lap.
  4. 4. Junior Girls - 3,000m (under 15) Junior Boys - 4,000m (under 15) Intermediate Girls - 3,600m (under 17) Intermediate Boys - 5,000m (under 17) Senior Girls - 4,000m (under 19) Senior Boys - 6,400m (under 19) Junior - 13,14 and under 15 years of age on 31st July 2014 Inter - 15,16 and under 17 years of age on 31st July 2014 Senior - 17,18 and under 19 years of age on 31st July 2014 Requirement of 5 - 6 athletes per team with 4 to score.
  5. 5. 8.30am Site open for inspection and race registration 9.30am Officials meeting 11.00am Junior Girls Open 11.30am Junior Boys Open 12.00am Intermediate Girls Open 12.30am Intermediate Boys Open 13.00pm Senior Girls Open 13.40pm Senior Boys Open 14.30pm Individual and Team Presentations 14.30pm - 21.00pm Food, Entertainment, Activities
  6. 6. M - Main arena. Environmental Sustainability Fair. Race registration and check in. Toilets and showers. N - Main sports centre and swimming pool. P - Live broadcasting, internet streaming and recording area. Viewing point for wheelchair users. R - Extra toilets on the course for athletes. S - Wheelchair toilets. T - Presentation, food and activities area. ↔↔↔↔↔ Course access. ↔↔↔↔↔ Wheelchair access to course.
  7. 7. There is full wheelchair access to the course and main arena M. Wheelchair users will have access to the live broadcasting area, P. Toilets in sports centre, S.
  8. 8. The following pages will show examples of the daily schedules for on-site days, excursion days and the competition day. Throughout the ESCCO Running Camp, we will have an incredible variety of guest coaches, athletes, speakers etc. that will be leading inspirational talks, training runs, classes and activities. We will be collaborating with local organisations to create some fantastic extracurricular games and activities from surfing to kayaking, environmental action classes to abseiling, archery to orienteering...all with a dimension to bring kids from different cultures together to share experiences, develop athletic potential and create lifelong friendships.
  9. 9. Saturday 15th February - Saturday 23rd February* €349 * For those who come for 5, 6 or 7 nights, the price will be the same, €349. A special offer of an 8 night free for those who need it due to travel arrangements.
  10. 10. Quality shared accommodation. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner each day. All race registration fees. All running camp activities - excursions, group runs, classes, talks, games, etc. All airport transfers and transport for ESCCO events and excursions. Food snacks on day's of race & excursions. A personal service that is testament of who we are. ...and much more...
  11. 11. Registration form can be found on official website www.escco.es For more information please contact us by phone or e-mail. andrew.pwwt@gmail.com maria.pwwt@gmail.com +34 928 644 350 +34 634 016 926 +34 607 992 006 andrew.walker.pwwtgc www.professionalwarmweathertraining.com