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2020 armslist media kit v1.1


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2020 Armslist Media Kit

Published in: Marketing
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2020 armslist media kit v1.1

  1. 1. ARMSLIST.COM F I R E A R M S M A R K E T P L A C E CONTACT: ANDREW VARNEY | ANDREW@ARMSLIST.COM | 724-420-8111 FIGHTING, AND WINNING FOR 2A RIGHTS ARMSLIST is not simply a traditional digital fire- arms property. Because we so vigorously embrace both the First and Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, not just with words but with the very function of our website, we are constantly under attack from the gun grabbers. You may have heard of our attackers. To name a few: The Brady Campaign, Michael Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, The Verge, Vox Media, and more. We are most fre- quently acting on defense in these battles, and as of late, we are turning the Brady Campaigns and the left media outlets attacks around on them and defeating them in court. Most recently one of these lawsuits made it all the way to the US Su- preme Court, where the court decided to deny cer- tiorari, upholding our win in State court. Rest assured, your money is going much further than running a successful marketing campaign on ARMSLIST. It’s going toward fighting, and winning, for your Second Amendment rights. Learn more at https://www.armslistlegaldefense- WHY ARMSLIST? With over 6 Million sessions a month* and 66 Mil- lion + monthly pageviews*, ARMSLIST, always at the front line of the fight for our Second Amendment rights, is the premier website to advertise within the firearms industry. ARMSLIST efficiently and ef- fectively connect your brand with the American firearms enthusiast. ARMSLIST users are actively engaged in buying firearms, hunting, and gener- al outdoor products and accessories the minute they type ARMSLIST.COM into their browser. Your marketing campaign will grab the attention of outdoorsmen and firearms enthusiasts actively engaged in the marketplace. With no long-term contracts (unless you want to sign one of course... we won’t say no), a plethora of unique digital adver- tising options, and customized digital marketing solutions individualized to each client’s budgetary and strategic needs, ARMSLIST is the perfect place to advertise your brand.
  2. 2. ARMSLIST.COM F I R E A R M S M A R K E T P L A C E CONTACT: ANDREW VARNEY | ANDREW@ARMSLIST.COM | 724-420-8111 AUDIENCE OVERVIEW & RATES • 97% US TRAFFIC (GOOGLE ANALYTICS) • OVER 66 MILLION MONTHLY PA- GEVIEWS (GOOGLE ANALYTICS) • OVER 10.5 PAGES PER VISIT(GOOGLE ANALYTICS) • OVER 750,000 E-MAIL SUBSCRIBERS • TOP 1200 SITE RANK IN THE UNITED STATES ALL OPTIONS ARE A LA CARTE WITH A MINIMUM $1000 SPEND. •1,000,000 impressions per 30 days ($1 CPM ROS) $1000 •Homepage Sponsorship (Lead banner on the Armslist Homepage and $2500 a month •Dedicated E-mail Drop (100% your content sent to one of our lists) 285,000+ Opted-In Armslist users: $2250 per send 450,000+ Opted-In Armslist users: $3750 per send •Video Product Demo $2000