Solving Problems Before They Happen


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Putting personalized Tech Docs on the front line of Customer Support to increase revenue while lowering costs

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Solving Problems Before They Happen

  1. 1. SDL Proprietary and ConfidentialSDL Proprietary and ConfidentialSolving Problems BeforeThey HappenAndrew Thomas, Dir. Product MarketingContent Management Technologies05/07/2013Putting Personalized Tech Docs onthe Front Line of Customer Support
  2. 2. • Introductions• The Content Problem• Why Retention and Support Matters• Making the Case for Personalized Tech Docs• Solution RequirementsAgenda
  3. 3. Introductions3
  4. 4. • Father of two teenage boys• Recently adopted a rescue dog• Consume all forms of media• Write bad poetry in my spare time• Implemented DITA at Adobe forall product documentation• Product Manager forSDL WorldServer TMS• Product Marketer forSDL LiveContent• HUGE NERDWho Am I?Email: | Twitter: @work_ajt | LinkedIn: andrewjthomas
  5. 5. • Delivering printed materials?• Single sourcing?• Translating into multiple languages?• Index and/or glossary?• Creating content in XML? DITA?• Using a CCMS / XML CMS?• Using personas?• Cross-departmental?• Mobile delivery?• Voice of the customer / feedback model / social presence?• Customer experience and/or customer satisfaction initiative?Who Are You?
  6. 6. The Content Problem6
  7. 7. Channel ExplosionTechdocsFAQSalesEngineeringSupportMarketingSpecsPrice7
  8. 8. Now Add Language and LocaleYourMessage
  9. 9. The Customer Journey
  10. 10. The Customer JourneyKeeping Customers SatisfiedInitialProblemSearchingResourcesResolutionDeterminingSolutionInitialEndorsementConsistentPraiseRecognizedFanBrandAdvocate
  11. 11. Battle for Content CreatorsSales &MarketingCustomerSupportResearch &DevelopmentTraining &LearningPRODUCT CONTENT
  12. 12. Why Retention and SupportMatters12
  13. 13. Customer Retention drives revenue, lowers costSource: Frederick Reichheld – “Business marketing strategies”VALUE OF ANEXISTING CUSTOMERIMPORTANCE OFCUSTOMER RETENTION“Retention is a lot more costeffective than acquisition”Carrie Johnson – ForresterResearch
  14. 14. Self-Service is CheapSource: “From the November 2011 issue of Inc. magazine.”Call center technicalsupportWeb self-serviceCustomer service channel(Approximate cost per contact)Customer Satisfaction“It is not the strongest ofthe species that survive,nor the most intelligent,but the one mostresponsive to change.”Charles Darwin
  15. 15. Bad Experiences are ExpensiveSource: “From the November 2011 issue of Inc. magazine.”Number ofpositivecustomerinteractionsrequired toovercome abad one“After a poor customerexperience, more thanone-quarter ofconsumers (26 percent)posted negativecomplaints on a socialnetworking site such asFacebook or Twitter”Harris Interactive, 2011Customer ExperienceImpact Report
  16. 16. Bad News Travels FastSource: “From the November 2011 issue of Inc. magazine.”Average number ofpeople a customerwill tell about abad experience“If you do build a greatexperience, customerstell each other aboutthat. Word of mouth isvery powerful.”Jeff Bezos, CEOAmazon.comCustomer Satisfaction
  17. 17. Satisfaction is the keySource: “From the November 2011 issue of Inc. magazine.”Customer Satisfaction70%Share of customers whosay they are willing tospend more atcompanies that providesuperior customerservice
  18. 18. Making the Case forPersonalized Tech Docs18
  19. 19. Preferred channel to Access Product Information19Reasons for UsingProduct InformationSpeak to a customerservice agentChat online with a customerservice agentLook at productmanualSearch enginesSearch on companywebsiteSource: “SDL Survey 2012.”
  20. 20. Preferred channel to Access Product Information204Reasons for UsingProduct InformationHuman InteractionOnline InteractionSource: “SDL Survey 2012.”
  21. 21. 4Reasons for Using Product Information21Learning about aproduct before useTroubleshootingDiscovering new functionsand featuresReasons for UsingProduct InformationSource: “SDL Survey 2012.”
  22. 22. 22My Son, Age 14A Quick Overview• Has never known a world without the internet• Got his first cellphone when he was 11• Texts more than he talks• Uses a Samsung Galaxy 3, an iPod Touch, a Mac laptop,and has access to several other screensHow does he find product information?• Searches YouTube first• Goes directly to the manufacturer’s website• Searches Google• Asks me
  23. 23. 23My Mom, Age 62A Quick Overview• Prefers paper and real world objects to digital• Still uses a dumb phone• Only texts occasionally (since it’s often the only way toreach her grandkids)• Got an iPad for her 60th birthday, owns an old PCHow does she find product information?• Asks someone at the store• Reads the printed manual• Goes directly to the manufacturer’s website• Asks friends and family
  24. 24. Good Content = Better Support“Media rich targetedinformation”“makes it easier to solve aproblem on my own.”Source: Golan Harris -SDL Structured Content Product Information Survey87.3%
  25. 25. Companies that use Good ContentBusiness Benefits• 6x the number of positive mentions insocial media• Significantly increased profit margins• Customer satisfaction almost doubles• Support escalations fractions ofothersCommon SolutionFeatures ImplementedComponent-based contentLinked across languagesDynamic, “live” filteringUnique product configurationsLocalized for language and cultureVaried user role and function offerings“ a perfect worldit’s both andeverything inbetween..” CarrieJohnson – ForresterResearch
  26. 26. Solution Requirements26
  27. 27. Multichannel
  28. 28. Multilingual
  29. 29. MultimediaCombine text and video for a better experience
  30. 30. Reuse Content for Efficiency, Consistency, & QualitySales and MarketingProduct DevelopmentCustomer SupportTraining and Learning
  31. 31. Separate Content from FormatAUTHORCONTENTCHANNEL
  32. 32. Separate Content from FormatCONTENTCHANNELAUTHOR
  33. 33. Create Findability not Searchability“My camera won’t work”<quote>My<b> camera </b>won’t work </quote>Mycamerawon’t work
  34. 34. Document Personas, not ProductsMac UserPC UserAdvancedUserBeginningUserDynamic Content
  35. 35. Personalize ResultsPC User Advanced UserRESULTSSEARCHRESULTSSEARCH
  36. 36. Empower Content OwnersEasy Editing and Incremental Publishingenables rapid response
  37. 37. How can you know your customer if you don’tknow how they use your content?Gather Publication Analytics
  38. 38. Upcoming Events38SDL Innovate 2013June 13-14The Fairmont San 8 – San DiegoMay 9 – San FranciscoMay 21 – Washington DCMay 22 - AtlantaBridging the Gap Between DITA and CXMA series of complimentary half-day events featuringindustry experts and market leading more about SDL LiveContentVideos, solution papers and more at
  39. 39. Copyright © 2008-2013 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.