How to Write A Kick Ass Executive Summary


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How to Write A Kick Ass Executive Summary

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How to Write A Kick Ass Executive Summary

  2. 2. TODAY’S BIG PROMISES Nothing Held Back The Critical Stuff to Get Your First Meeting One Time Opportunity at The End
  3. 3. Are you in the right place?
  4. 4. If you’re... Starting or grow your own business Pursuing your passion for a new business Creating or growing a real business Building a world class business Finding business funding ...then you are in the right place!
  5. 5. WHO?
  6. 6. It all started with this magic ingredient!
  7. 7. Beginning: Before the key discoveries - Two parts of the puzzle Great idea Passion to start my own business I was working a 18 hour a day job whole I was putting it together
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Beginning: Before the key discoveries - Two parts of the puzzle Great idea Passion to start my own business I was working a 18 hour a day job whole I was putting it together
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. So what did I do?
  15. 15. Created an email survey Went to the stores to check out the competitors products Created a prototype Wrote a business plan Sent emails to everyone who I thought could help Made calls Then I waited....
  16. 16. ...then sent more emails... and more.... and.... Well, you get it...
  17. 17. ...made more calls....
  18. 18. ...and waited some more...
  19. 19. ...then the months of coffee shop meetings started ...then
  20. 20. emails emails emails Business Plan 1 Business Plan 2 Business Plan 3 Business Plan 4 Calls Calls Executive Summary 1 Executive Summary 16 Calls Calls Pitch Deck 1 Pitch Deck 47
  21. 21. Spent More than 14 months lost in the wilderness, looking for investors....
  22. 22. Waiting for even one investor to see the light...
  23. 23. I was ready to QUIT!
  24. 24. After a critical Mind shift... ....and some good advice
  25. 25. I went from no investors To raising $250K in a few months ...then another $250K ...then $6M ....then Ms more
  26. 26. WHY AREYOU DOING IT? Why theTwo Jobs? WhyThe Sacrifice? Why take the Hard Way? WhyTake the Risk?
  27. 27. SOME OFTHE REASONS OTHER FOUNDERS HAVE GIVEN ME You have aVision ForYour Future To Create Wealth forYou,Your Family andYour Community To Have Freedom to Live LifeYour Way To Have a Fantastic, Exciting, Contributing Life To Create Jobs BecauseYou Have a Burning Passion to Do Something
  28. 28. WHY AREYOU HERE? Get Your First Investor Meeting... You Want Investors To: ‘Get’WhatYou Do Understand How GreatYour Opportunity is Are Compelled to MeetYou
  29. 29. SO LETS DO ITTOGETHER How? You Need A Kick Ass Executive Summary To Make Sure Investors Are Desperate to MeetYou
  30. 30. #1 GOAL A Kick Ass Executive Summary Should: Cover the Key Elements ofYour Opportunity (And No More) Help Qualify the Investors (In & Out) MoveYou Quickly to the First Meeting with Qualified Investors #1 Goal: Get You Your First Meeting
  31. 31. WHAT IT IS A Kick Ass Executive Summary Is: The ‘Essence’ ofYour business in 1-2 pages The Most Compelling Elements ofYour Business A succinct way to communicate the info investors most often want to read to qualify initial opportunities
  32. 32. WHAT IT ISN’T A Kick Ass Executive Summary Is NOT: Your One Chance to ‘Sell’ an Investor The Opportunity to tell them EVERYTHING about your business A license to bore them (every word needs to count...)
  33. 33. WHY LEARNTHIS? Why bother? Executive Summaries are relatively ‘standard’ - learn it once and use it forever Its a recognized way to get your foot in the door - know the formula and you can engage any investors Its a No BS doc to help you connect with the Right Investors forYou - and securing a life long business partner
  34. 34. NEXT Executive Summary - Winning Best Practices Format Key Elements - Broken Down Best Practices
  35. 35. CRITICAL There’s a format that works... Executive Summaries cover JUST the key elements Investors want to know before they’ll take the next step We’ll cover the key elements of a what a Kick Ass Executive Summary should include Get It Right - and the Right Investors forYou will WANT to meet for your First Meeting Get it Right - and the Wrong Investors WON’T WANT to meet so you won’t waste your time pursuing them - NB: its better this way...because you either can’t or shouldn’t ‘close’ the wrong investor - its just bad news...
  36. 36. TEST What’s Your #1 Goal?
  37. 37. #1 GOAL Get Your First Meeting
  38. 38. KEY ELEMENTS Company Overview The Opportunity The Solution The Market The Competitors You Business Model TheTeam Current Progress Capital Requirements Call to Action For a Kick Ass Executive Summary
  39. 39. COMPANY OVERVIEW This is Your Introduction Outlines WhatYour Business Does with Impact HowYou Address a Key Demand or Need Hook the Investor by addressing how Big an idea or Market this could be for the right Company andTeam ...with as little hyperbole as possible ....avoid a gazillion dollar market estimates
  40. 40. THE OPPORTUNITY This Tells Them What and How Big Your Opportunity Is Key Elements to Communicate: This is a Huge Opportunity (Size / Gap / Problem / Need) You Really Understand the Space (Interactions / Experience) You’ve DoneYour Homework (Ref. Customer feedback) Don’t Get Caught up in the Data or showing your expertise (Entice the Investor) Don’t BoreThe Investors Succinct but Impactful
  41. 41. THE SOLUTION This Tells Them How You and Your Team will Address the Huge Opportunity Key Elements to Communicate: Summary ofYour Solution (Sound Bite / Big Idea) Your Key Elements Addressing Need/Problem/Opportunity Strong Close andTransition to Market Size Don’t Get Carried Away with the “HOW”, emphasize the “WHY” Good to reference Initial Customer or Consumer Feedback / Market Insights
  42. 42. THE MARKET This Tells Them What Space You Will be Competing in and Reinforces the Opportunity Key Elements to Communicate: How BIGYour Market Is; HowYou Calculate it Market trends - Hyper Growth? Growth? Decline? The Channel Composition:Where’s the Power? Market Size - Big enough to show upside, not too big to be unrealistic Overview key Competitors as part of landscape discussion - go into depth on competitors in the next Section
  43. 43. THE COMPETITORS This Tells Them If The Market Is Worthwhile and The Difficulty of Penetration Key Elements to Communicate: Top 3- 5 Competitors (Size / Longevity / Offerings) Competitor Weaknesses (Ideally from Customer Feedback) Barriers to EntryYou Can Create After Launch / Growth Common Mistakes: Telling the Investors there are no real competitors.There are always competitors, even if its just for mind share or share of wallet Competitors are good - they validate a market.
  44. 44. YOUR BUSINESS MODEL This Tells Them How You Create Value and Extract it from Your Market Key Elements to Communicate: Business Model Overview (Value Proposition Sound Bite) HowYou Make Money (Focus on 1, mention others) Who Will BuyYour Product or Service (Target Consumers / Customers / Partners) The More Real ProofThat People are Prepared to Pay - the better yourValuation (Risk MitigatorsVs. RiskTakers)
  45. 45. THETEAM This Tells Them Who Is Going to Achieve Your Vision, Goals and Milestones Key Elements to Communicate: WhoThey Are (Name, Function, Snapshot of Experience) Why the Investor Should have Confidence / WhyThisTeam? Track Record (Esp. in the Space/Market) Note: Negatives can be positives Gaps: ShowYou Are Aware and Have a Plan to Fill
  46. 46. CURRENT PROGRESS This Tells Them How Far You Have Taken This Business So Far Key Elements to Communicate: Progress Overview Customer Progress: Contract? Commitment?Test? First Meet Consumer Progress: Paying? BetaTesting? Letters of Intent? Product Progress: Concept, Prototype, Beta,V1, Finished Team Building: Key Hires, Outstanding Hires
  47. 47. CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS This Tells Them How Much You Will Raise and Key Milestones to be Achieved with Funds Key Elements to Communicate: Capital Funding Required Key Milestones to be achieved with Funds: Customer / Consumer / Product /Team / Infrastructure Common Mistakes: IncludingYour ExpectedValuation Common Mistakes:Allocating a significant amount to marketing in an effort to ‘create the market’
  48. 48. CLOSE This Tells Them You Will Follow Up to Schedule The First Meeting Key Elements to Communicate: WhenYou Will ContactThem (Within the next 7 Days) How (Call / Email) If they would like to follow up -Your Contact Details
  49. 49. 3 COMMON MISTAKES Why Some Executive Summaries Aren’t Kick Ass Try to Cram InToo MuchText Create your Draft (using our Software if you have it), make sure you meet the format guidelines PayYourself $5 for every word you can cut out without changing the meaning The Pay Someone Else $5 to do the same :) Every word is an excuse to stop reading - cut out BS. If its 8 pt font, this isYOUR problem! Not Enough ‘Proof’ i.e. too theoretical Focus on proof e.g Paying customers, beta testers, experienced team, market expertise Without these (Ideas): Customer surveys, strong advisory board, letters of intent, customer verbatim / meetings You Forget the Goal Your #1 Goal is to Get a Meeting Scheduled! NotTo Close!
  51. 51. WHATTODAY GAVEYOU The Critical Elements to Create Your Own Kick Ass Executive Summary: This is a MUST HAVE! Once You Know How to Create a Kick Ass Executive Summary: You can Now get a Face-To-Face meeting with Any Investors - if they’re potentially the ‘Right’ Investors You Now Can Successfully Start the Fund Raising Process for the Rest of Your Entrepreneurial Career You Can realize your entrepreneurial Ambitions andVision forYour Future
  52. 52. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve Done It! You Have Covered all the Key Elements: You know what’s included in a Kick Ass Executive Summary The Winning Best Practices and Format 3 of the Common Challenges to Avoid If you have Questions or Follow Up Requirements, we’ll outline a couple of additional options next...
  53. 53. REMEMBER WHYYOU’RE DOING IT... You have aVision ForYour Future To Create Wealth forYou,Your Family andYour Community To Have Freedom to Live LifeYour Way To Have a Fantastic, Exciting, Contributing Life To Create Jobs
  54. 54. TODAY Focused on: Helping Passionate Founders Start, Grow and Get Ideal Investors for their Businesses through: Coaching &Training Workshops Products (Funding Academy)
  55. 55. ADVICE This Kick Ass Executive Summary Information is the Core of What You Need Additional Help is Available Kick Ass Executive Summary Software “Done ForYou” Choices: Choice 1: We’ll Work withYou to CreateYour Executive Summary Choice 2: I’ll Work withYou to CreateYour Executive Summary
  56. 56. I WANTTO WORK WITHYOU CreateYour Kick Ass Executive Summary Together Kick Ass Executive Summary Software
  57. 57. THANKS Funding Academy