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ALMA Agency - Title Professionals and Social Media


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Presentation given to title agents at the ALMA Agency Conference on December 8th.

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ALMA Agency - Title Professionals and Social Media

  1. 1. Andrew Sims Director of Marketing | Birmingham Association of REALTORS®
  2. 2. Social Media levels the playing field for ALL businesses. Online. Everyone has a voice.
  3. 3. Attract Convert Close Delight (ROI)
  4. 4. >Who are you talking to? >What do they care about? >When do they care about it? >How do they fulfill those needs?
  5. 5. >Think that “sales” are secondary >Reviews and Testimonies (crucial to decision process) >Visual. Visual. Visual. (Facebook digs it) >Community Engagement (hyperlocal is hyperawesome) >You in action — Show that you’re not glued to desk >Closings. Sparingly. Find choice closings with good stories. (testimonies)
  6. 6. >Sales Spam >Your Page is Your Business Card - Personal and Business >Complaints about clients. >Copyright badness >Bragging. Give credit. Show love to the industry.
  7. 7. >Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. >Find your hashtags —Got to spend some time in it (#realtor #home #family) >Top Real Estate Accounts to Follow - >Share images directly to friends and even prospects on your friends list.
  8. 8. >All about images and videos. Top priority of social media. >Gives quick shares and glimpses into daily life. Different digestion. >Maintain that “60-40 Rule” — people want a real person to connect with. >Pick your style - Business or Personal. Stick with that mindset. >Automatically connected to the Facebook machine. >Short videos. Perfect for short attention spans. (Good start into video)
  9. 9. >Create Boards that Interest You >Curate hyperlocal boards (food, school news, holiday seasonal) >Maintain that “60-40 Rule” — people want a real person to connect with. >Only 1 -2 boards actually talking title >Find friend’s boards and start commenting and sharing, suggesting. >Consider partnering with “Joint Boards” - home builder, realtor, mortgage etc.
  10. 10. >Profile Name - no right or wrong. Go by full name, or add company name >Use your keywords for your description. (city, community, profession for SEO) >Learn to write. Your captions are what closes deals. >Cross promote. Post your website posts, to Pinterest and vice verse. FREE TIP: Do an email digest of “This Week’s Pins” to your clients or prospects.
  11. 11. > Find “Social Objects” — Things you can easily fit into your day. Don’t make work. > Show that you’re more than a title rockstar. You’re an advocate. An Advisor. > Start driving people to share and encourage your content. (contests, captions, jokes) > Include all your social channels in your emails, flyers, etc. Calls to Action to connect. > Be strategic. Be consistent. Remember how busy Facebook is (~80 pages per user) > “60-40 Rule” — 60% business, 40% your life. (You are an actual person.)
  12. 12. > 40% of your day should be devoted to marketing. Sorry. It should. > Focus on gathering reviews and testimonials. Easy, quick EVERGREEN content. > If you’re not working business development other people are. > Make it a part of your week. Use content curators (Feedly,, Bundlr) > Again, include all your social channels in your marketing outreach. > Set one new thing to do this month. Start with your LinkedIn list. Create sign up. > Use tools to help you follow up with people. Contactually is your best friend.