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An introduction to IBM MessagSight, IBM's gateway to the Internet of Things and Mobile Messaging. As the Internet of Things and M2M become more pervasive are you ready to engage and get the benefits? Do you want to get the benefits of rapid, reliable messaging in the mobile world? This session will cover an introduction to MessageSight, latest updates and an introduction to MQTT.

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Introduction to IBM MessageSight

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Introduction to IBM MessageSight Gateway to the Internet of Things and Mobile messaging IOT-1899
  2. 2. Please Note IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user’s job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.
  3. 3. IBM Messaging – Market segments Deliver Messaging Backbone for Enterprise Focus on traditional MQ values, rock-solid enterprise-class service, ease-of-operation, breadth of platform coverage, availability, z/OS exploitation Capture Big Data from Mobile and Internet of Things Focus on Internet-scale events, m2m device enablement, zero-admin, security and privacy, feed into real-time analytics, location-based notifications Enable Developers to build more scalable, responsive applications Focus on new app dev use cases, breadth of languages, ease-of- deployment, lightweight services, integration with developer frameworks
  4. 4. 50Bn Connected Devices by 2020 4Q 2013, Dept store drives 32% of sales online1.8Bn New Smartphones in 2013 Tablets outnumbered PC sales in 4Q 2013 The world is changing…
  5. 5. Devices & Mobiles will be the touch points that drive new revenue streams New Customer Interaction Points for the 21st Century
  6. 6. Smart Scales: Track health in outpatients Connected car: Tracks location, status of car parts Mobile: Mobile payments Heating and Air Conditioning: Maximum efficiency using weather predictions and remote control Building Security: Facial recognition, remote notification Smart Deliveries: Track parcel Monitor and open garage door remotely on arrival Smart Meter: Track and control usage Vending Machine: Stock reporting, temperature, shelf life HealthCare: Monitor patients at home Container Tracking: End to end tracking, prevent tampering The Internet of Things is everywhere…
  7. 7. Mobile Is Changing Interactions Across Industries Mobile banking transactions grew at 138% CAGR from 0.3B in 2008 to 9.4B in 2012 25% of all online search for travel comes from a mobile device 1/3of citizens access the U.S. federal government website by logging in from phones or tablets
  8. 8. And Ultimately Changing How Individuals Are Getting Things Done 62% use devices for work related email 47% use devices to read and write docs 41% use devices to access work related apps
  9. 9. Connecting the Enterprise to the Internet of Things and Mobile • Purpose-built messaging appliance • Secure, Easy to deploy, Simple to manage • Developer-friendly support for JavaScript APIs, WebSockets, Android, and iOS • Optimized for wireless communications and massive scale Internet of Things and Mobile at edge of enterprise Introducing IBM MessageSight
  10. 10. Use cases
  11. 11. Business Challenge: Optimize utilization of service resources and and reduce mean-time-to-repair though real-time predictive failure analysis and service logistics pre-staging Data Sources Engine Control Module In-dash Head Unit via Wireless Networks Real-time Logistics Optimization (Parts & Skilled Labor) Real-time Analytics Operational Decision Management IBM MessageSight gives you the ability to securely and reliably integrate millions of vehicles into a centralized large-scale monitoring and control infrastructure while minimizing data and operational costs as well as server build out. Automotive Use Case Service Revenue Optimization
  12. 12. Business Challenge: Tap new revenue streams of value-add vehicle services based on secure and reliable mobile integration with the vehicle Data Sources/Destinations Mobile Users & Vehicles Decision Management System “I forgot to lock my car!” “It’s starting to rain, roll up my car windows!” “Start my car a/c before I leave work” IBM MessageSight provides secure and reliable connectivity between mobile apps with vehicles on a large scale in a cost effective manner. Reliability is critical in consumer-centric applications where trust, safety and value-add protection are keys to customer satisfaction and revenue opportunity. Automotive Use Case Value-add Mobile Services
  13. 13. Business Challenges: Improve energy awareness and use in the home. Improve ability of the grid to respond without more infrastructure and powerlines Smart Meters Solar Panels Appliances Electric Car Decision Management Business Process Management Data Integration Homeowner Energy and Utilities Use Cases Smarter Home, Smart Grid Power Grid Monitor Utilization Data Usage Data Change demand
  14. 14. Business Challenge: Allow at-risk patients to continue to live at home in familiar surroundings, decreasing care costs while maintaining situational responsiveness of caregivers Heating System Sensors IBM MessageSight provides secure and reliable connectivity between, sensors, mobile apps with vehicles on a large scale. Security and reliability are critical in healthcare applications where trust, safety and piece of mind are keys to customer satisfaction and revenue. Heart/Vital Signs Monitors Basement Water Sensors At-Risk Patient Community Homes Monitored by Sensors Patient Management Application Emergency Services Relatives/Caregivers HealthCare Use Case In-home Patient Monitoring
  15. 15. Business Challenge: Provide secure and reliable “Push” delivery of confidential data in real time directly to the handset without having to send that data through insecure and/or costly 3rd-party services IBM MessageSight provides secure and reliable bi-directional interactivity for mobile apps on a large scale. Backend applications no longer have to wait be “polled” by clients and can proactively engage customers for smarter results in real time. Mobile Banking Customer Handsets Mobile Banking Application Server 1) Banking Server triggered to notify customer with confidential data 2) If handset is online and app is running, data is delivered immediately, reliably, and securely 3) If app not online, send wake up to WorkLight (containing no confidential data) 3rd-party Native Notification Service (eg APNS) 5) Wake up app 6) App wakes and gets data direct from MessageSight 4) WorkLight sends to native notification WorkLight Financial Services Use Case Mobile Banking
  16. 16. Business Challenge: Allow your customer to engage with your company securely, and seamlessly through private Instant Messaging across different platforms IBM MessageSight provides secure and reliable bi-directional interactivity for mobile apps and for HTML5 web applications on a large scale. Mobile Customer Using Branded App Messaging Application Controller Secure Customer Instant Messaging Cross Industry Customer On Web site
  17. 17. The Appliance in detail…
  18. 18. • Extends IBM Messaging family with secure, easy to deploy appliance-based messaging gateway • Optimized for massive scale Internet of Things and Mobile use cases at edge of enterprise • Exploits hardware acceleration for high performance • Can extend existing messaging infrastructure or be used standalone Designed for Things Developer Friendly Scale For the Internet Of Things And Mobile Easy to Integrate Secure And Easy to Deploy IBM MessageSight V1.1 IBM MessageSight
  19. 19. Open Royalty Free Specifications being standardized by OASIS under Paho • Sponsors: Cisco, Blackberry, Kaazing, Red Hat, VMware, IBM, etc. Efficient two-way messaging protocol designed for constrained devices, low-bandwidth, unreliable networks Three qualities of service: 0 – at most once delivery 1 – assured delivery but may be duplicated 2 – once and once only delivery Built-in constructs to support loss of contact between client and server. “Last will and testament” to publish a message if the client goes offline “durable” subscriptions Retain messages for fast access to last data Designed for Things M2M and Mobile IBM MessageSight Optimized for Wireless with MQTT
  20. 20. Action HTTP MQTT Get single piece of data 302 bytes 69 bytes (<4 times) Send single piece of data 320 bytes 47 bytes (<6 times) Get 100 pieces of data 12600 bytes 2445 bytes (<5 times) Send 100 pieces of data 14100 bytes 2126 bytes (<6 times) Characteristics HTTP MQTT Style Document-centric, request/response Data-centric, publish/subscribe Verbs GET/POST/POST/DELETE, complex spec Pub/Sub/Unsub, simple protocol, easy to learn Message size Large message, lots of data in headers 2 bytes in minimum header Quality of Service None, requires custom coding in application 3 levels – best-effort, at-least-once, exactly once Data distribution No distribution mechanism (1-to-1 only) Fully supported. 1-to-none, 1-to-1, 1-to-n. MQTT: Optimized for Wireless Optimizing network with event-driven notification
  21. 21. 2U form factor rack-optimized appliance • Hardened appliance; DMZ ready – No user accessible Operating System – Signed and encrypted firmware – No user installed software Multiple network interfaces: • 8 x 1GbE ports • 4 x 40GbE ports Deploy in less than 30 minutes! Authentication via LDAP servers SSL and TLS support: SSL v3 and TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 FIPS 140-2 Level (1-certified cryptographic module) Fine-grained messaging authorization policies which restrict access based on combinations of: • User or group, Client identifier, Protocol, Network interface, Listening address and/or port, Client IP address or range, Destination (topic and queue) name Secure And Easy to Deploy IBM MessageSight Secure and Easy to Deploy
  22. 22.  Built-in dashboard with common metrics on the Web UI  Various built-in queries available through Web UI and CLI  Ability to publish Monitoring/Metrics data to an administrative topic  Topic subtree: “$SYS/ResourceStatistics”  This enables simplified and more flexible integration with existing monitoring tools / applications as well as the ability to build custom monitoring apps / dashboards Secure And Easy to Deploy IBM MessageSight Simple to Manage
  23. 23. Developer-friendly APIs and libraries  MQTT 3.1 clients and libraries for a variety of platforms (C and Java- Based APIs)  Clients for Google Android and Apple iOS  JavaScript API for HTML5-based applications using Websockets  PhoneGap MQTT plug-ins with JavaScript API for use with IBM Worklight, Apache Cordova, and Adobe PhoneGap  JMS 1.1 client libraries  JEE/JCA Support  Extended to support Shared Subscriptions  “MessageSight for developers” Virtual machine  Makes it easy to develop applications Developer Friendly IBM MessageSight Developer Friendly
  24. 24. function connect(form) { try { client = new Messaging.Client(hostName, port, clientId); } catch (exception) { alert("Exception:"+exception); } client.onMessageArrived = onMessageArrived; client.onConnectionLost = connectionLostCallback; client.connect({onSuccess: onSuccessCallback}); } Connect to the server Create client Set callbacks function doSend(form) { if (form.textMessage.value == "") { message = new Messaging.Message(""); } else { message = new Messaging.Message(form.textMessage.value); } message.destinationName = form.topicName.value; client.send(message); } Send the message Create Message object Set Topic function onMessageArrived(message) { var form = document.getElementById("basic"); form.receivedMessage.value = message.payloadString; } Show the payload in a field Connect Publish function subscribe(form) { client.subscribe(form.subscribeTopicName.value); } Subscribe to A topic Subscribe Receive 25 IBM MessageSight JavaScript API example
  25. 25. Integration with application servers using Java Connector Architecture (JCA) • Integration with Message Driven Beans (MDBS) • Shared Subscription for scalability • Support for TLS/SSL security • Local and XA transaction support • HA-aware Built-in Connectivity with WebSphere MQ • One appliance can connect to multiple WebSphere MQ queue managers IBM Integration Bus support • Through the JMS nodes/out of box patterns IBM InfoSphere Streams • MQTT Operator to consume data from MessageSight Single Sign-on support with LTPA Ability to get notified when subscribers are disconnected • Allows to use alternate communications mechanism to reach them Easy to Integrate IBM MessageSight Easy to Integrate
  26. 26. IBM MessageSight Appliance Connectivity Summary MessageSight [Primary] MessageSight [Standby] Mobile Andriod Mobile iOS Mobile Tablet MQTT MQTT MQTT over websockets MQTT over websockets MQTT MQTT MQTT DMZ Sensor (Embedded C) Sensor Sensor JEE Server (WAS) JEE Server (WAS) Resource Adapter JMS Java Application MQTT MQ C Application IBM MQ System Admin Browser Internet Intranet
  27. 27. Exploits hardware acceleration for high performance One appliance can handle • 1M Concurrent Connections – For instance, one appliance can handle all the cars circulating in Manhattan in a day • 15M non-persistent msg/sec – For fan-out streaming of data • 400K persistent msg/sec – When assured delivery matters • Predictable latency in the microseconds under load – Quick response time for end user High availability pairs through RDMA interconnections These numbers refer to specific scenarios. For more details, please read our detailed performance report Scale For the Internet Of Things And Mobile IBM MessageSight IBM MessageSight: Scale for the Internet of Things and Mobile
  28. 28. Smarter Decisions Powerful analytics High speed processing of big data IBM MessageSight IBM InfoSphere Streams Smarter actionsReal-time data Internet Scale device connectivity Use Case: Enabling Real-time analytics
  29. 29. Enabling Real-time analytics Demo Applying models to predict, detect, optimize and anticipate Sensors tracking real-time location of cars Primary Event zone Secondary perimeter Overview of car status Real-time alerts personalized to each car Car that had entered and now left danger zone
  30. 30. MessageSight 1.1 Updates
  31. 31. Problem: Back-end system cannot handle the load IBM MessageSight Internet Scale device connectivity Traditional back-end systems
  32. 32. Shared subscriptions: workload-balancing IBM MessageSight Internet Scale device connectivity Traditional back-end systems
  33. 33. Disconnected client notification Provides a way to notify disconnected clients that messages have arrived Often, mobile apps running in the background may not be able to maintain a persistent TCP connection With durable subscriptions, when the app reconnects messages will be delivered • This requires the user to bring the app back into the foreground When a message arrives for a disconnected client, MessageSight can publish an event on a special topic A service can consume these events and use a notification mechanism to notify the mobile app
  34. 34. Client certificate identity Tighten the control of clients connecting to MessageSight • Ensure they cannot impersonate each other Use identity from a certificate for authentication and authorization • Gives a cryptographically strong way of controlling access to messaging resources
  35. 35. Customer examples
  36. 36. The Australian Open required a scoring solution to provide live scores to millions of fans using different devices. Live Grand Slam Tennis Scores  During this years event the team updated their scoring solution to use MessageSight:  Pilot was so successful that it was ramped up to take 100% of websockets traffic rather than the planned 10% during the tournament  30,000 concurrent clients connected to MessageSight  Scoreboard loaded 60% faster than flash based original solution  Gave sub-second response time compared with 3-5s previous  5 Power7 LPARs to 1 MessageSight Appliance footprint reduction ratio.
  37. 37. 3. Unlock command sent to car, door unlocks 1. Owner pushes start button on app 2. Sprint authenticates user SPRINT VELOCITY℠ “Key-fob “ response time & Driver preferences in the cloud Connected car “Now, Sprint's newly announced partnership with IBM will allow connected vehicles to communicate with other connected devices while using far less bandwidth and power.” says Bob Johnson, director of connected vehicle development at Sprint “Based on IBM MessageSight, the Sprint Velocity Service Bus is a new communications architecture that lets smartphones, tablets and other devices communicate through the cloud.” 1 Press Release: 1 M2M Evolution Magazine: video Automotive
  38. 38. European Bank finds new opportunities with MessageSight • Using MQTT Push technology to drive personalised loans and savings tailored for the consumer direct to their mobile • Used MessageSight to scale to meet customer demand as usage exceeds 50,000 users, now testing for 500,000 users • Pushes exclusive offers at frequently used stores –innovatively driven from banking transaction data • Uses MQTT –To ensure security, confidentiality and assured delivery –For lightweight responsiveness • Technical solution: – Message originates in CICS – Uses MQ for transport to MessageSight – MessageSight then securely pushes notification to client device using MQTT
  39. 39. Automotive: Trucks with group chat Uses MessageSight to enable Instant Messaging between cabs Topics enable group chat Saves cost, enables community • Built into the vehicle • Also available from mobile devices • More advanced telematics use cases to follow
  40. 40. Demo 41
  41. 41. Dynamic Demos
  42. 42. Dynamic Demos Demo: “Whiteboard”  “Latency demo”, optimized for mobile browsers  A shared drawing canvas: all drawing actions are published on a MQTT topic, all whiteboard clients are subscribed to this topic.
  43. 43. Dynamic Demos Demo: “Chatter Box”  Sample of chat application
  44. 44. Connecting the Enterprise to the Internet of Things and Mobile • A low-latency, reliable and scalable messaging server – designed specifically for M2M and Mobile scenarios • The DMZ-ready appliance form factor provides strong security and easy deployment • Enables the next generation of applications with event-driven, near-real- time communications IBM MessageSight Summary
  45. 45. IBM MessageSight: What’s In It for IoT Developers Orders of Magnitude Improvements Extreme Efficiency Optimized for Wireless Networks Secure And Open • Secure communications with many options including client side certificates • MQTT protocol is open and being standardized. • Clients available on 40+ platforms • Lightweight: small headers means reduced data costs • Very power efficient: Ideal for battery powered sensors • Designed to handle unreliable networks * Source: Power Profiling: HTTPS Long Polling vs. MQTT with SSL, on Android - • Reduces server built out by connecting huge amount of sensors in a single chassis : >1.000.000 per chassis • Ideal to feed data to real-time analytics
  46. 46. IBM MessageSight: What’s In It for Mobile Developers Orders of Magnitude Improvements Extreme Efficiency Optimized for Wireless Networks Bi- directional, Secure, Cross Platform • Bi-directional Interactivity for Mobile: Engage customers directly without leaving your app • Enables Mobile Instant Messaging • Dramatically reduce reliance on costly SMS • Deliver confidential notifications directly to the handset • Use same technology on HTML5-based Web Sites • More bandwidth efficient *: reduce network consumption and cost needed to serve your customers; engage them more rapidly • More power efficient: Deliver value-add data services without excess drain on handset batteries * Source: Power Profiling: HTTPS Long Polling vs. MQTT with SSL, on Android - • Reduces server built out by optimizing mobile messaging in a single chassis • Dependable low latency: Response time consistent regardless of load • Supports up to 1.000.000 per chassis: More reach with less server build out
  47. 47. IBM MessageSight: Next Steps Development community on developerWorks • MessageSight for Developers virtual machine • Downloadable for free • For rapid prototyping or explore functionality Videos: • Try it Today!
  48. 48. IBM MessageSight: Next Steps IBM MessageSight Gaming zone The Connected Car Play with it Today!
  49. 49. IBM MessageSight: More Sessions!!! Tuesday 10:30-11:30 AM AMC-3134 Meet the Experts: IBM MessageSight San Polo 3501 B Tuesday 1:00-2:00 PM IOT-1295 Smart City: Growing Internet of Things Solutons for Utilities, Transport and Communications Marcello 4501B Tuesday 2:15-3:15 PM IOT-1900 Connecting IBM MessageSight to the Enterprise Palazzo F Wednesday 10:30-11:30 AM MMA-1921 Hands-on Lab Building an Event-driven Mobile Application with IBM Worklight & IBM MessageSight Murano 3301 B Wednesday 1:00-3:15 PM IOT-1920 Hands-on Lab IBM MessageSight & Internet of Things Cloud Murano 3305 Thursday 2:15-3:15 PM IOT-1912 Amaze Customers with Dynamic, Event-driven Mobile Applications using WebSockets and Other Protocols Marcello 4405
  50. 50. IBM Confidential 5/29/2014 Beta Program now open to sign up Come and participate in our MessageSight Beta program as we look at new developments in the exciting area of Internet of Things and high performance Mobile messaging • Get early drops of beta drivers • Feedback your input direct to the development team • Nomination link: • Beta Coordinator: John Samuel • Product Manager: Bernard Kufluk IBM MessageSight
  51. 51. Questions?
  52. 52. References Demo site: M2M Community fe84-4f63-873f-607d87787327/entry/mobile_messaging?lang=en Download free virtual image for Development: Eclipse Paho project: IBM Messaging community: IBM Messaging media: IBM MessageSight: IBM and Sprint Velocity Drive Connected Car Into The Future:
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