Soccer 2


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Soccer 2

  1. 1. Soccer by:Andrew Scheidemantel
  2. 2. The Beginning - BTBSA Me Luke My little brother Luke, mydad and me!
  3. 3. First Cup Team –Northern Steel- Me Coach GeordieJosh from Newcastle, Engl and, best friend Josh, and me.
  4. 4. 3 vs. 3 indoor pick up team6 players…4 towns… Me1 bestfriend, Josh Josh1championship! …teamwork!
  5. 5. Me The Barbarians Futsal Team State Champs!Players from Penn Hills, Trafford, Greensburg, Churchill, and me
  6. 6. Team mascot for Chelsea.Chelsea v. A.S. Roma Professional Soccer MatchI was 1 of 22 players chosen from the PittsburghArea . Notice the blue mohawk matching theChelsea Blue shirt!
  7. 7. Celebrating a middle school goal with teammates! Me
  8. 8. My mom, me and Damian Duff, aChelsea player.My mom took me to London for Christmas soI could see my favorite team play. We toured London and stood on the International Time Line in Greenwich. Cool!! Soccer lets me travel!
  9. 9. Summersoccercampwith 2professional players.There isNO OFFSEASON!
  10. 10. 2nd Cup Team: Penns Forest … State Cup Champions ... new team… new friends… Me
  11. 11. PA WestOlympicDevelopmentTeam…Playerschosen fromall soccerteams locatedwest ofHarrisburg. ME
  12. 12. One of my firstcoaches atNorthernSteel, Sunny.Sunny was fromAustralia! Eventhough wewere no longerwith the sameteam, we weremates just thesame.
  13. 13. Playing for the Baltimore Bays! Long commute but a great opportunity. Another team…more friends…more travel!Me
  14. 14. Friends on the field and off!Celebrating the Penguin’sStanley Troy Zach Dom MeCup Winat the paradewith myCentury Unitedteammates!
  15. 15. MECurrent Cup Team: Century United State Cup Champions!
  16. 16. Josh MeFreshman year…varsity team…game on! Best friends, on and off the pitch.
  17. 17. Century United…StateChampions…again! Friends, on and off the field! Mitch is from Erie and travels to Pittsburgh to play with us! Me Mitch
  18. 18. joshMe Century United…Regional Champions…off to Nationals!
  19. 19. Me Preparing for senior year soccer Josh season… team captains, team mates, and friends.
  20. 20. Beaver High School Soccer…SeniorYear… Me I LOVE this game!
  21. 21. Senior Night. 4 years over already! Thank you Mom and Dadfor your love and support.
  22. 22. All-Sectionhonoree andAll WPIALplayer forthe secondstraightyear. What
  23. 23. Jerseysrepresentingall theteams Ihaveplayedfor…
  24. 24. Western Pennsylvania Soccer Coaches Association All-Star Game. I was voted M.V.P.A great way to end the high school season!
  25. 25. RAM UP Futsal Team:•6 Friends from Century United team•4 towns represented•1 championship…priceless! Max Me Zack Josh Dom Troy
  26. 26. The end of an era… Community teammates, Indoor 3 v 3 teammates, Cup team teammates, Middle school teammates, High School teammates, Futsal teammates. We may be going toMe Josh different universities but we will always be teammates and friends!