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The coupon platform bargainez is opening their first round of venture capital raising.

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invest in bargainez

  1. 1. is making coupons cool
  2. 2. The current coupon distribution model is broken and outdated. Email Conversion rate was poor before. It’s abysmal now. Print People don’t clip coupons and no longer buy printers. Apps Expensive for businesses to develop multi-platform apps. Inconsistent UI. Consumers have to install an app for every business.
  3. 3. This is how we’re fixing it. iBeacons Hearts Sharing
  4. 4. iBeacons in-store Redeeming coupons using an iOS POS Pushing coupons to mobile devices
  5. 5. iBeacons in-store Businesses can use their existing iOS POS device running the bargainez app to push coupons to passers-by. They can also use strategically placed Estimote iBeacons to push coupons to even more mobile devices in the area.
  6. 6. iBeacons in-store We’re also using iBeacon technology for coupon redemption.
  7. 7. iBeacons in-store You just need to be at checkout. No check-in. No QR code to scan. No handing over your phone. No NFC device to bring your phone to.
  8. 8. Hearts When you heart a store or brand
  9. 9. Hearts you get exclusive offers businesses get anonymous data exclusive coupons exclusive low pricing all the offers in one stream age, gender, zip code and hearts your shopping habits no name or contact information
  10. 10. Sharing Sharing coupons for your business
  11. 11. Businesses sharing You first take control of your bargainez page.
  12. 12. Sharing You can then share coupons and products that are on sale. And it’s free.
  13. 13. Sharing It will show up on the user’s home stream if they hearted your store, and instantly on their phone if they chose to receive alerts. And that’s nice, but you know what’s great?
  14. 14. Promoted coupons end and track targeted coupons based on dem select by location, interests, income, shopping history 83,538 matches push the coupon to their bargainez stream see how the coupons are being used
  15. 15. All coupons get verified against the platform. online in-store business places a piece of code on its site for coupon verification business uses the bargainez iOS app to verify the coupon through iBeacon the customer never has to enter a coupon code again the customer never has to show their phone again
  16. 16. pay per action the business pays a small fee for each redeemed coupon A fair pricing model for promoted coupons: In-store businesses can purchase a starter package containing iBeacons.
  17. 17. Let’s compare.
  18. 18. The consumer experience. & others Customers have to search through many invalid and expired coupons. They must manually try every coupon code until they find a working one. When they find a coupon that works, they have to print it for in-store use, or copy & paste the code online. All coupons are valid and unique to the person redeeming it. There are no coupon codes nor any coupons to print. Tap on the coupon and it’s ready for you at checkout. Online or in-store.
  19. 19. The business experience. & others Businesses can’t manage their page or share coupons directly. They can’t gather metrics or control the coupon distribution. They must rely on the community and the site’s staff to share the discounts. Businesses claim their page and get access over its content and design. They view various metrics and the conversion rate of their coupons. They control coupon distribution by demographics, shopping history, etc.
  20. 20. The potential of coupons is untapped. $1.59 billion market cap $1.91 billion market cap $4.52 billion market cap The mobile coupon industry will be worth $46 billion by 2016. Report by Juniper Research.
  21. 21. We’re on the verge. platform consumer website consumer sharing business sharing mobile apps Q2 2014 Q4 2014 completed & live in development
  22. 22. Raising $1.2M through venture capitalists with experience in retail.
  23. 23. Andrew Pociu Lena Panasenkova founder of geekpedia co-founder co-founder design & development firm employing ~20 people since 2009 NYSE analyst project manager project manager designer, developer affiliate relations & monetization