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Accurate Vimeo Captioning Services


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Quick and easy way of captioning vimeo videos.TranscriptionStar integrates with vimeo to provide accurate captioning services for vimeo users

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Accurate Vimeo Captioning Services

  1. 1. Best way to transcribe Vimeo videos Transcribing yourself Professional Captioning Service Vimeo + TranscriptionStar
  2. 2. Some people like to read along Others might need a little assistance with the language Deaf and the hard of hearing can experience your videos People who are in a noisy location or in quiet places First-off, why caption & subtitle your videos?
  3. 3. Transcribe your videos yourself: It’s absolutely free. (Unless you want to use some kind of premium tools) Sky is the limit - when it comes to accuracy. If it’s a short video or rather you have enough leisure time, then transcribing the video yourself could be your best choice Time & labor intensive And, manual time-codes isn’t the most pleasurable job
  4. 4. Using Professional Captioning Service Precise captioning in shorter durations Can have multiple videos captioned within the same time-cap, unlike when manually transcribing them A regular Vimeo uploader can capitalize on time saved, and concentrate more on doing the pleasurable stuff – developing videos Of course - it comes at a cost! Managing your files and keeping a track of your transcripts can be a pain And, uploading/downloading your videos & captions back and forth between Vimeo and the transcription company can also get pretty repetitive & intense on the long run
  5. 5. Then…What is the best way for captioning Vimeo videos ??? Time Accuracy
  6. 6. A quick solution to your captioning needs….. Vimeo + TranscriptionStar !
  7. 7. iTranscript- The smarter way to transcribe TranscriptionStar introduces the all new iTranscript; handy platforms that will help you manage your video files and transcripts on-the-go. It also makes the uploading & downloading processes automated.
  8. 8. Hassle Free Upload Process Link your Vimeo’s and Transcription Star's accounts Whenever you upload a video to your Vimeo channel, it will be updated here as well. Now, simply select the videos that you need captions for and confirm.. viola you are done……
  9. 9. Experience it yourself, give it a try: And you will never ever again want to go back to the default. iTranscript- the next level to captioning your Vimeo videos. Read more @