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Pollinators presentation to Social Innovation conference December 2012


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A presentation to the 2012 Social Innovation conference held in Perth, December 2012. This presentation summarises the key parts of our model, our social impact and how we've created so much with so little through innovation and collaboration.

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Pollinators presentation to Social Innovation conference December 2012

  1. 1. Would a better ‘community’ of entrepreneurs, as we are proposing, be attractive to you? ‘Yes’ 78%
  2. 2. Barriers Cells Activitie Outputs Outcomes Vision s Lack FacilitateContacts & UrbanConnections CityHive II Host regeneration Project Manage coworking Funded No. space Match Projects Coworking Lacking Mentors & Hours SoldCompetency Mentees Facilitate to Deliver Lunchtime CityHive I Facilitating Interview & Learning Increase in Learning Write Social Programs Member Profit Impact of Pilot Ventures profiles Catalyst Lack of Projects GraduatesConfidence Plan & Host Create Catalyst Quarterly Conditions Promote events Conducive community to events & Confident,Expensive, Participants Event Community projects Committed, Dull, Design, at Events, Competent Fulfilment of Isolated TrainingWorkspace Hosting & Promote Number of Leaders the Aspirations Mgmt. Achieve Members Swarm and Host Sales & Bus. of Our Friday Fika Social Media Dev. Targets CommunityLow Public, Funder Edit & Compile, People Diversified,Awareness Coordinate Edit & Implement Reached by Resilientof Ventures Marketing & Distribute Fundraising Comms. Economy Comms. Newsletter Strategy Buzz Stories, Evidence of Uncreative Staff & Document Venture Urban Coordinate Volunteer Policies & Increase in SuccessEnvironment Activities Mgmt. procedures Funding/Tur Community across Cells nover of Visions, Ventures Gov’t Plans Facilitate Manage Lack of Mgmt. Strategic Financial Delivered Peers, Manage Planning Accounts Mentors, Membership Gov’t, Coaches Records Partner, Grow Evaluation & Funder External Reporting Targets Lack Board Ensure Relations AchievedCommitmen Sound t to Vision, Governance Venture
  3. 3. Investment Impact $$
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