SEM 101 for VCU BrandCenter


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A high-level overview of Pay Per Click advertising on Google AdWords. Presented to VCU BrandCenter students on 10.12.11.

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  • Needed a visual analogy\nLike The Matrix, SEM requires knowing what to do with the data.\nOnce you can “read” it, you can spot trends, patterns & master it\n
  • Start with the boring detail, end with the practical application\n
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  • PPC vs. SEO\n
  • Actual CPCs are usually less than the Max CPC bid\n
  • A search query indicates an objective - research, buy\nSymptoms, specialists, treatments, providers, etc.\n
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  • Campaigns for each brand, product, or service\nAd Groups for groups of related keywords\n
  • match types\n
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  • Social media gets the spotlight, but so hard to do well\nSearch should get as much, if not more attention\n
  • Pays off other media\nConsumers go online to search\nMultiplies effectiveness\n
  • Legal to bid on trademark names\nIllegal to use trademarks in ad copy\n
  • Mobile devices\nRight message at the right time in the right place\n
  • Caution - last-click attribution\n
  • On/off in seconds\n
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  • You don’t have to get it right the first time\nRun a test, get significant results, optimize for better results\n
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  • SEM 101 for VCU BrandCenter

    1. 1. Search Engine Marketing October 12, 2011
    2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• SEM basics• Why should you care?• What do you need to know to be effective?
    3. 3. Introductions
    4. 4. About Me
    5. 5. SEM Basics
    6. 6. Paid vs. Organic Results
    7. 7. Pricing Model• Cost Per Click (CPC) • Advertisers bid the max amount they are willing to spend per click• Auction Model • Advertisers bidding against each other for top spots • Every search is a separate auction
    8. 8. Keyword Targeting• Advertisers bid on individual keywords related to their products and services• Goal is to match the offer with searcher’s intent• Penalties built into AdWords to discourage bidding on irrelevant keywords
    9. 9. Search vs. Content• Search Network:,, • More competitive, more expensive • Better response rates• Content Network: Contextually-targeted placements on 3rd party sites • Google AdSense: “Ads by Google” • Lower response rates • Less expensive clicks
    10. 10. Account Structure Account Campaign Campaign Ad Ad Ad Ad Group Group Group Group
    11. 11. Ad Groups Ads •Text •Images •Maps Ad •Deep Links •Product ListingsGroup •Phone Numbers Keywords •Matching options •Negative keywords •Cost Per Click Bids
    12. 12. Lower-Funnel Marketing • Search Marketing does not generate awareness • Best utilized for capturing awareness and funneling searchers to desired content • Complements and helps pay off awareness-building media Mass Marketing Awareness TV, Radio, Print Consideration Direct Marketing Mail, Email Purchase Conversion Marketing SEM, Websites
    13. 13. A Few Definitions• CPC - Cost Per Click• CTR - Click-Through Rate• Impressions - Number of times ad appears• Quality Score - A numeric representation of a keyword’s relevance, as measured by Google• Average Position - An ad or keyword’s average rank within the sponsored results
    14. 14. Why should you care?
    15. 15. Traffic Search engines drive more, better traffic than social mediaSource: Outbrain, April 2011
    16. 16. ComplementaryYou’re already spending moneyon mass media to raiseawareness. Don’t let people get away.
    17. 17. Competitors brand & productSteal competitor’s traffic from their• names• Coupons• Encourage Trial
    18. 18. Targeting• Networks• Devices• Dayparts • Geographic • Demographics • Remarketing
    19. 19. Measurable• Clicks• Cost• Conversion• Attribution• Overlay campaign flighting
    20. 20. Flexible• Instant visibility in search results• No budget requirements or commitments• Rapidly test creative messaging, calls to action,
    21. 21. Cost Effective • Set bids to achieve target CPA or ROI goals • Set max daily or monthly budgets
    22. 22. How to beeffective
    23. 23. Know Your Audience • Personas & Use Cases • Search behaviors • Don’t fear live testing
    24. 24. Plan Ahead• Budget based on traffic, conversion, or CPA goals• Research keyword usage statistics• Develop relevant landing pages with strong calls to
    25. 25. Metrics and Goals• Know what you are measuring in advance• Define success
    26. 26. Have a Test Plan• Creative• Bids/Budgets• Targeting
    27. 27. ActivelyManage• Constantly improve efficiency• Gain insights into consumer behavior• Test and re-test hypotheses
    28. 28. Q&A
    29. 29. Andrew