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Using Data to Revolutionise Your Digital Strategy - Linkdex Think Tank 2014


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We have made massive steps forward in the way we manage onsite customer data over the last few years, which means the way we use it needs to change dramatically.

From my talk at the Linkdex Think Tank "Predictions in 2014" here are my slides where I talk about how we are going to use onsite data next year to better understand our marketing channels

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Using Data to Revolutionise Your Digital Strategy - Linkdex Think Tank 2014

  1. 1. Using Data to Revolutionise Your Digital Strategy ANDY MILLER BLUEGLASS.CO.UK @ANDYJM101 @ANDYJM101
  2. 2. Meet Elaine & Ted Elaine & Ted are customers from your site…
  3. 3. This is how you might recognise Elaine & Ted Audience Overview Elaine & Ted Historically, we have seen users as several single visitors
  4. 4. But actually they love your brand!
  5. 5. So we use channels to target them… DISPLAY Oh wait… • Geographical • Device • Interest • contextual • Interest • Personal • Owned data • Keyword???
  6. 6. But that just turns them into this: Traffic Sources Elaine & Ted Historically, we have treated traffic by their source / keyword
  7. 7. Our challenge in 2014: User Data Visitor Data
  8. 8. It’s not all about the source! We need to find intent by looking at how users interact.
  9. 9. Use event tracking to measure every interaction.
  10. 10. Segment users by how they move through your site
  11. 11. It’s not about how many times they’ve been to the site… Or even how they got there…
  12. 12. It’s about their intent! What stage are they in the buying cycle?
  13. 13. /category /category /home /category /category/product Informational content, videos, blogs Multiple products, reviews Product purchase Awareness of needs Referral/long tail searches Assessment of Alternatives Short/medium tail searches Decision Exact product searches
  14. 14. By accurately inferring the user’s intent…
  15. 15. We can start to accurately target Content and SEO DISPLAY
  16. 16. Understand where channels fit in
  17. 17. Use intent specific CRO to direct users
  18. 18. Ultimately integrate all channels to target the user DISPLAY
  19. 19. Which means: Lifetime value Becomes the new Basket value!
  20. 20. So…
  21. 21. It’s not about the data - it’s about what you infer The data analysts of next year 1 part data nerd 1 part empathic marketer