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On February 7th I sat down with Nathan Hirsch, the CEO of
We sat down to talk about the best ways to hire freelancers and how they can help automate your business.
We discussed how to hire them, what to hire them for, how to keep them around longer, and how to get them to help automate your business. Not to mention a few fun stories were shared.

Check out the slides attached here and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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Published in: Recruiting & HR
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  1. 1. Nathan Hirsch Andrew Maff SellersChoice.Agency
  2. 2. ● Director of Marketing & Operations at Seller’s Choice ● Over a decade in e-commerce marketing ● Helped many sellers scale to well over 8-figures ● Automation expert ● Married & loves a good glass of whiskey (no relation)
  3. 3. ABOUT NATHAN HIRSCH •Own a condo in Florida. Live with my girlfriend and our adorable dog. •Built 2 successful businesses completely run by freelancers. •Financial freedom •Have worked with 500+ freelancers #EcommVAwebinar
  4. 4. BUT IT WASN’T ALWAYS THAT WAY… • Hired first employee at 20 and had no idea what I was doing • A revelation: Introduced to outsourcing by a fellow entrepreneur • Made every good and bad hiring decision you can imagine • After years of hiring freelancers, I finally figured out what works and what doesn’t work #EcommVAwebinar
  5. 5. ONCE I LEARNED TO HIRE EFFECTIVELY, I WANTED TO HELP OTHERS DO THE SAME •Now, I’m determined to help others avoid the mistakes that I made in the past. •I now speak on stages and podcasts all about the secrets I’ve discovered to hiring effectively. #EcommVAwebinar
  6. 6. TODAY, I WANT TO TEACH YOU HOW TO AVOID 8 COMMON MISTAKES WHEN OUTSOURCING • Vague estimates and due dates • Giving new workers lots of work without testing • Hiring the cheapest worker you can find • Not setting clear expectations • Putting all of your eggs in one basket • Not encouraging and listening to feedback and ideas • Not sharing goals with workers • Avoiding difficult conversations with underperforming workers #EcommVAwebinar
  7. 7. WHEN WE’RE FINISHED, YOU’ll BE AN ONLINE HIRING WIZ • Confidence to hire freelancers for all aspects of your eCommerce business. • Knowledgeable of the mistakes to avoid. • A strong hiring philosophy that will support your eCommerce goals. • A platform where you can hire workers quickly without needing to spend hours interviewing. #EcommVAwebinar
  8. 8. ● Assistants ● Social Media ● PPC ● Listing Optimization for Marketplaces ● Graphic Design ● Web Design/Development ● Backlink Building ● Blogging/Content Writers ● Product Research
  9. 9. WHAT’S PREVENTING YOU FROM HIRING REMOTE ECOMMERCE WORKERS TODAY? •Can you not afford it? Or… •Are you scared to do it? •Have you made hiring mistakes in the past? •Are you afraid of the security of your eCommerce business? •Are you worried you’re not going to do it correctly? #EcommVAwebinar
  10. 10. Request Past Work Request References Get on Quick Call Vetting in the Job Description “
  11. 11. Mistake #1: Vague estimates and due dates •Freelancers set estimates…not clients. •You always want 2 numbers: •Estimated hours (cost) •Due date •Allow time for new ideas, delays, and revisions Project Starts Projected Completion Date: 1 Week Project Actually Ends: 2 Weeks #EcommVAwebinar
  12. 12. Give Them Small Projects Then Hire Hourly
  13. 13. Mistake #2: Giving new workers lots of work without testing •Just because someone interviewed well doesn’t mean they are perfect. •Hiring is an investment •Protect your investment •Avoid big projects with new workers…break it down into smaller tasks. Post Project Interview Hire Project #1 Evaluate #EcommVAwebinar
  14. 14. 30, 60, 90 Day Rule Slow And Steady Create SOPs
  15. 15. Mistake #3: Hiring the cheapest worker you can find •Hiring college students •If you are going to hire cheap, know the risks •You pay for what you get •Know what your perfect worker looks like •Avoid lowballing $1.00/hour #EcommVAwebinar
  16. 16. Mistake #4: Not setting clear expectations • Every client has different expectations • Keep everything as black and white as possible • Share your pet peeves • Show workers examples of successful work • Create a Client Expectations doc #EcommVAwebinar
  17. 17. Mistake #5: Putting all of your eggs in one basket •Why I’ll never go back to Myrtle Beach •Smart business owners diversify in every way…hiring is no different •Departmentalize •Is anyone you work with in-disposable? #EcommVAwebinar
  18. 18. Slack Skype Zoom Google Drive
  19. 19. Mistake #6: Not encouraging and listening to feedback and ideas •Best ideas that made me money or cut costs came from other people •Create an environment where feedback is not only encouraged, but mandatory •Avoid hiring robots #EcommVAwebinar
  20. 20. Mistake #7: Not sharing goals with workers •Workers want to know WHY they’re doing what they’re doing •By explaining goals, details that you wouldn’t think of come up that help the worker do the task better •Sharing goals reduces turnover #EcommVAwebinar
  21. 21. Mistake #8: Avoiding difficult conversations with underperforming workers •If you haven’t invested a lot into a worker, cut ties quickly •Give people opportunities to improve and fix mistakes, but have a short leash after multiple corrections •Make sure you examine why they’re not performing… •Could you do anything better? •Don’t avoid conflict #EcommVAwebinar
  22. 22. NO ONE HAS A PERFECT HIRING RECORD •Learn from mistakes while hiring for your eCommerce business •Improve your hiring process •Become consistent with your hiring strategies #EcommVAwebinar
  23. 23. HOW THE FREEEUP MARKETPLACE CAN HELP IN THE PROCESS •A marketplace full of pre-vetted freelancers •We’re there to assist you along the way •Protects you as a business owner •Free to sign up and no monthly fee •$25 credit to anyone that signs up from the webinar •Just mention SellersChoice25 as your referrer #EcommVAwebinar
  24. 24. Download 10 Most Common Mistakes eBook Or set up a meeting with me here Contact me with your questions Download Top E-Commerce Sellers Tech Stacks 30-Minute Marketing Consultation (Password: thevagame) *SLIDES AND REPLAY TO BE SENT OUT SOON* @AndrewMaff