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My Journey


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Highlights & achievements of my 25 years of international experience.

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My Journey

  1. 1. ANDREW LUEDDERS Highlights & Achievements
  2. 2. “ “Life itself 
 is learning.” 1986 If everyone plays their part, respects others and strives for the best, anything is possible.” 2016
  3. 3. MY JOURNEY 1988 20161991 1994 1999 2007 2011 2013 Learning Doing B.A. Liberal Arts Public Policy & Political Science Masters Degree International Relations & Economics Advanced Management Program for Executives “On the job training.” Public Affairs Digital Technology Digital Media Arts & Communication
  4. 4. CROSSING BORDERS In 1991 I took my first of many international assignments in Germany and learned the tradecraft of public policy & cross-cultural communications.
  5. 5. AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN GERMANY ➤ Managed trade & investment policy on behalf of members. ➤ Handled press releases & policy briefings. ➤ Organized international conferences & events. ➤ Coordinated meetings with business & political leaders. ➤ Introduced German-American “business barometer” competitiveness study.
  6. 6. BUILDING BRIDGES In 1997, as Director of Global Partnerships, I learned how to build alliances and managed key strategic projects.
  7. 7. DEUTSCHE TELEKOM ➤ Managed global partnership between Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Sprint. ➤ Coordinated international strategy & investments. ➤ Steered executive board meetings. ➤ Supervised business development pipeline.
  8. 8. INNOVATIVE THINKING In 1999 I joined Europe’s largest internet provider, launched new digital products and learned how to manage business operations.
  9. 9. T-ONLINE ➤ Launched Germany’s first IPTV platform. ➤ Implemented Video- and Games-on-Demand services. ➤ Introduced paid-content (video, music, games) to the German market. ➤ Developed a regional and city search application. ➤ Managed portal traffic and search optimization.
  10. 10. GOING FOR GOLD In 2007 I joined SPORT1 to manage Germany’s largest sports media network and created new video products.
  11. 11. CONSTANTIN MEDIA ➤ Designed and relaunched digital sports portfolio. ➤ Expanded video-on-demand and livestream offering. ➤ Introduced new social media features. ➤ Integrated top-rated mobile apps. ➤ Improved SEO and SEM activities. ➤ Managed post-merger integration.
  12. 12. MARKETING THE BRAND In 2011 I was recruited by one of Germany’s leading TV networks to manage and develop their digital brands.
  13. 13. PROSIEBENSAT.1 DIGITAL ➤ Managed multiple digital brand teams with full P&L responsibility. ➤ Delivered inventory to sales unit and maximized revenue streams. ➤ Relaunched and optimized products & workflows. ➤ Created innovative 2nd screen and mobile apps. ➤ Launched multi-screen social media and enhanced TV apps.
  14. 14. DISCOVERING OPPORTUNITY With the opportunity to join my partner on international assignment I left my corporate job in 2013 to pursue new opportunities in the digital & art worlds.
  15. 15. PROJECT ART LOUNGE ➤ Established digital media consultancy Project Lounge for media strategy and business development projects. ➤ Created blog to support and connect with artists. ➤ Organized and curated art exhibitions in Basel, Switzerland and Tokyo, Japan ➤ Managed english speaking art tours and events in Tokyo.
  16. 16. THE TAKE AWAY Returning to the United States with 25 of experience on international assignment I am confident that I have the - Communication skills - Ability to forge partnerships - Innovative thinking - Competitive energy and - Technical & Marketing experience to build on past success and create new opportunities. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.