Sum 2700 graceland st chvy chs md 20800


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Sum 2700 graceland st chvy chs md 20800

  1. 1. TOP HOME INSPECTIONS 5201 Blossom Hill Drive Haymarket, VA 20169 andyling@comcast.netOctober 30, 2010Mr. John Q. AdamsRe 2700 Graceland Street Chevy Chase, MD 20800Dear Mr. Adams:At your request, a visual inspection of the above referenced property was conducted on 10/30/2010. This inspection report reflectsthe visual conditions of the property at the time of the inspection only. Hidden or concealed defects cannot be included in thisreport. No warranty is either expressed or implied. This report is not an insurance policy, nor a warranty service.An earnest effort was made on your behalf to discover all visible defects, however, in the event of an oversight, maximum liabilitymust be limited to the fee paid. The following is an opinion report, expressed as a result of the inspection. Please take time toreview limitations contained in the inspection agreement. REPORT SUMMARYOverall, the home was constructed in a workmanlike manner, consistent with the local building trades and codes in effect at thetime of construction, and has average maintenance over the years. However in accordance with prevailing localreal estatepurchase agreements, the following items should be addressed:Structural Report STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS: ROOF STRUCTURE & GARAGE ATTIC: 1. Method of Inspection- Only the attic garage was visible. The upper attic was converted into loft living space. Truss web, OBSERVATIONS- The garage attic truss cords had termite damages at left front, warpage on the right cord. One cord was missing on the left (second from left). These are unsafe conditions. Suggest calling a licensed structural framing contractor/engineer for further evaluation and repairs.Exterior Report EXTERIOR SURFACES: WALL COVERINGS: 2. Type- Brick and painted wood. OBSERVATIONS- Components appear serviceable. Minor mortar wear at the edges of the front facing window lintels. Suggest sealing with matching mortar to keep lintels from rusting.Electrical Report ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: LIGHTING FIXTURES/SWITCHES/RECEPTACLES: 3. OBSERVATIONS- The older exterior outlet on the front wall, lower left of the service meter, had open ground wiring. Repair/replacement is recommended. GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS: 4. OBSERVATIONS- Several exterior GFCI outlets(where visible) were dead or in default mode and needs replacing for safety.Heating Report GENERAL COMMENTS: 5. The furnace and water room appears to be a bit small to provide adequate make-up air for the appliances combustion and exhaust dilution air needs. Both appliances were gas fired and are vented through the chimney. Recommend calling a licensed HVAC contractor for further evaluation and correction as needed.Air Conditioning Report INSTALLED CENTRAL COOLING EQUIPMENT: PRIMARY UNIT: 6. System Type- Split System, Energy Source- Electricity, OBSERVATIONS- The cooling system was older. Less than 10F degrees drop in cooling temperature was noted after more than 30 minutes of testing.Copy Right © Andy Ling 703-209-4917 All Rights Reserved 2010 1
  2. 2. TOP HOME INSPECTIONS 5201 Blossom Hill Drive Haymarket, VA 20169 Call a licensed HVAC contractor for further evaluation, servicing and repairs.Interior Report INTERIOR COMPONENTS: WINDOWS: 7. OBSERVATIONS- Windows were older. A few windows had broken or missing components(locks, counter balance, etc). Most of the double hung windows had stuck upper sashes. Suggest calling a competent window contractor for repairs.Each of these items will likely require further evaluation and repair by licensed tradespeople. Obtain competitive estimates forthese items. Other minor items are also noted in the following report and should receive eventual attention, but none of themaffect the habitability of the house and their correction is typically considered the responsibility of the purchaser. The majority arethe result of normal wear and tear.Thank you for selecting our firm to do your pre-purchase home inspection. If you have any questions regarding the inspectionreport or the home, please feel free to call us.Sincerely,TOP HOME INSPECTIONSAndy LingChief Inspectorenclosurec/c - Ms. Anne Taylor - NPR RealtorCopy Right © Andy Ling 703-209-4917 All Rights Reserved 2010 2