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Curriculum Vitae


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Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Andrew Lancaster PROFESIONAL STATEMENT Safety focused full cycle miner, with extensive experience in all facets of development and production mining. Competent, efficient operation and preventative maintenance of all related machinery and equipment. CORE COMPETENCIES Job safety analysis - Hazard recognition and reporting - Practice training - Procedure writing - Regulation and legislation - Logistic systems - Work scope planning and machineinteraction - Innovation and implementation - Leadership and decision making skills - Team tasking - Collaborative work cycling - Plant and equipment operation KEY SKILLS Driving safety and reporting as a culture,with the view to total visibility,accountability and the premise that zero injuries,incidents or damageis achievable.Creating an awareness of the importance of a sustainabletotal logistic systemand its essential supportrole. Recognise, rectify and report hazards as they arise,creatinga progressively safer work place. Skill sharing,supportingand mentoring to ensure a sound working knowledge of machinery operation, equipment usage,task requirements, workmanship standards,safepractices,emulation and sustainabledepth of work force knowledge. Revisit procedures, reassess and rewriteas they become out dated by work scopeor the general evolution of the work place. Systematically updating the knowledge of legislation to remain compliantatall levels atall times. Accurate control of a logistic system,includingspecialised transportand storage requirements. Plan work scopes, timing,tools, materials and availableskill sets to achieveeffective results without interruption to the normal work cycles of priority tasks and key equipment, linking total task scopeto coincidewith either the presence or absence of specific machinery or equipment in the work area. Innovative approach to all tasks,nurturenew ideas, research,develop and implement more efficient work practices. Decisions derived from knowledge and experience to gain an accurately defined approach,acquiringthemost efficient and effective results.Team member taskingbased on personal skill sets and the specific rolerequirements to ensure safe efficientwork flows and end states,with a clear focus on learningand development. Collaboration with other teams and team members to ensure all tasks areachieved in a timely manner whilstrespectingthe priority tasks thattake precedence. Cyclingtasks as per priority demand, with partial tasking to allowpriorities to remain on track and secondary tasks arecompleted as time and spacebecomes available. Conciseaccuratecommunication of intent to create a clear expectation, minimising the dangers of misunderstandingand confusion.Confident, competent plant operation coupled with meticulous pre-starts and preventative maintenance, to extend machine life, sustainability of workloads,whileminimising risk,down time and repair costs. This is derived fromthe utilisation of twelve years of knowledge gained from a vastrange of highly experienced co-workers combined with an uncompromising military stylework ethic to attain the best possibleoutcome and standard of workmanship.
  2. 2. Work Experience Mini Works - NSW - plant operator, skilled construction worker - 2015 - Small businessowner, operate a small construction loader in a multiuserole,Loader, slashing,hole boring,trenching, ripping,gradingand general earth works. Form and finish concrete, retainer walls,general property construction,maintenance and repair work. CBH Endeavour mine - NSW - Jumbo operator - 2014 - Safely navigatethe underground drillingjumbo through the working areas of the mine. Position and set up for both the purpose of ground support work or face drilling. Conductthorough work placeinspections atall work areas, complete with reporting documentation as required. Demarcation and signingof the work area. Select and utilisethe correct task specific tooling. Assessment of ground conditions,scalelooserock,accurately apply to plan,screening,ground supportbolts and rehabilitation. Measureand mark up face plan in preparation for drilling.Assess thespecific plan and pattern requirement for the rock face prior to drilling. Accurately translatedrill design into drilled blastholes. Leighton - M2 motorway tunnel - NSW - Jumbo operator - 2013 - Operate the Tamrock ground supportjumbo in a civil construction role. Apply ground support by means of 5 meter grouted bolts.Issues faced in this role were limited work spacein comparison to the rail length and angles required. A meticulous approach and consultation with ground supportengineers granted operators the ability to vary boltangles slightly gaining competent, quality assured ground support without excessivetime loss or damage. Redpath - Potosi - NSW - Jumbo and loader operator - 2011/2012 - Operate the Axera jumbo in a bolt - bore role. Safely navigatethe Cat2900 underground loader through activemine workings. Conduct thorough work placeinspections atall work areas,complete with reporting documentation as required. Demarcation and signingof work areas. Wash down the walls, backs and muck pile. Reassess work area prior to loader operation. Issues faced duringthis load outprocess were, organisation of truckingfleet to move material, congested work areas and the time loss consequences of misunderstandings duringthe load out operation. Clear,concisecommunication of requirement and intent facilitated time efficient material handling to trucks and or stockpiles.The effective movement of material also creates thetime required to build and maintain roads. Cadia valley - NSW - Jumbo, scale-tech, loader operator - 2011 - Operate the Axera jumbo, Toro 0011 loader and Atlas scale-tech.Safe and effective operation of the scale-tech machineas per mine procedures and requirements. Tram to and set up in location.Access ground competence and work scope, scalebacks and walls until theground is competent. Pack up the scale-tech and tram to the next location to be scaled. Inherent risks to the operator arecollisions in transitand falling rocks in thework area.These are alleviated by clear communication of intent to travel and diligentobservation of safe ground procedures. These all lead to the time efficient turnover of the work area in preparation for shot-creating and bolting. Mt Garnet - QLD - Jumbo operator - 2010 - Operate an Atlas jumbo in both the development and rehabilitation roles.Carry outground supportrehabilitation.This task is automatically complicated by the presence of normal mine services and infrastructure.To alleviatethis the jumbo and servicecrews combine collaboratively to minimizework area waittimes by clear communication of intended works and commencement time frames, this planningallowsthe jumbo crew a clean task area with unimpeded access and minimal losttime. Augusta - Costerfield VIC - Development and production driller - 2009 - Operate the Atlas M2D, 104 jumbo, longhole stope mate and shot fire. The considerableissueof over break and waste dilution was clearly evident. This issuewas rectified by multipledrill plan changes coupled with custom shotby shotcharging changes until the optimum pattern and powder factor was obtained. Fosterville - VIC - Development and production driller - 2008 - Operate Tamrock Axera in the cableboltrole, Tamrock solo,development and production shot firer.The production chargerole was both challengingand rewarding. Major challenges commonly presented as complicated rework due to a sub culture of poor preparation and or charge practices. Drivinga culturebased on experience and knowledge sharing,charging
  3. 3. technique and practicetraining,alongwith closeconsultation with supervisorsand drillersallowed for massive improvements comparativeto what was once seen as acceptable.This proved to be exceptionally rewarding from the practicetrainers perspective. Challenger - SA - Leading hand service and construction 2006 - 2007 - As the serviceand construction leading hand there is distinctneed to gain and maintain a broad and in depth knowledge of all facets of both mining cycles and infrastructurerequirements. The ability to fit all work seamlessly into the cycleof other priority tasks is tantamount to the priority task itself.Initially older methods seemed viable,innovativeideas, implementation and development proved this to be far from true, cycleorientated practices showed vast improvements and dramatically reduced the down time of priority equipment due to serviceworks. In many cases the implementation of new innovativepractices completely removed the interruption of the priority cycle.For example when the servicecrew and electrician fully understood each other’s task specifics,working in conjunction then meant a cablerun across a declineand down a servicehole could now be achieved without interruption to haul trucks.Similar timegains were made when all mono pumps on sitewere uniformed, a pump failurecould berectified in a third of the time previously taken. The simpleyet effective practiceof holdinga sparedeclinesecondary fan meant a fan move, install and reinstateventilation no longer required the evacuation of priority operators,a totally regainingthe normal down time. These are but a few of the innovativepractices implemented duringthis period. Cadia Valley – NSW - Jumbo offsider - service crew - 2005 - Operate lightvehicles and integrated tool carriers. Set up headings and assistwith the day to day operation of the Tamrock Axera. Heat posed the biggestrisk in this work environment, heat related illnesswas common. Managingheat stress and low quality ventilation was work rest cyclingmade tasks achievableand safe. Cannington - QLD - Logistician, surface and underground 2002 - 2004 - Primary logistical control of all required underground stores. As the only underground logistical supplier this roledemanded not only time efficient practices butalso a need to streamlinethe way stores were delivered, stored and supplied. Revamping the totally ineffective surfacestores mind set to become an end users driven system required a step by step change to almostall the current practices.After in depth consultation with both supervisors and end users the path to the solution was clearly defined and plotted. Close,consistentcommunication with the surfacelogistics staff coupled with their ongoing supportsaw a total underground supply systemcome to fruition.Simply supplingstores directto the underground crews was far more efficient, but not the end state, once the facility was in placeand the cultureof uniformity and accuracy was instilled, an easier more user friendly system was still thedrivingforce. The theory that we could supply stores faster and with less man hours became the new focus. The practiceof supplingcomplete items or items ready to utilisegained the end users both time and easeof work flow. For example air and water headers were now builtin the store and delivered as a singleitem, as apposed seven pieces,a one hundred metre length of poly was now rolled out, stretched and ready to use, vent bags were now availableas a kit.All these time savings for the servicecrews meant there was now time for impromptu work whilstin location,reducing wasted time on call backs for minor tasks. Australian regular army -1997 - 2002 Fleet manager, Communication systems specialist, Operator supply, Driver and Trade assist. There are many things learntthrough military training such as teamwork, leadership skills,discipline, punctuality, attention to detail and a proactive work ethic. These become corner stone habits that are of great benefit to both the employee and the employer. Plant and machinery – These roles required competent pre-start and safe operation of the following. Surface and underground frontend loaders – surface and underground trucks - forklifts and tele-handlers Charge-mech - Tamrock solo - Tamrock and Atlas jumbos - Scale tech - Grout mixer and pump – Light vehicles
  4. 4. Referees Lachlan Dunn - Engineer at Fosterville Vic Tony Cooper - Shift supervisor at Cannington Qld Mick Helac - Superintendent Cannington Qld Tristan Symonds - Jumbo operator Challenger SA