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BiS Henderson Academy Apprentice Brochure


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BiS Henderson and Apprentice Supermarket are working together to create opportunities through BiS Henderson Academy.

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BiS Henderson Academy Apprentice Brochure

  1. 1. Inspiring young talent into logistics < Contact us Find out more >
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  3. 3. BiS Henderson Academy What is the BiS Henderson Academy? The BiS Henderson Academy aims to inspire young people into considering a career in Logistics by positively promoting the exciting opportunities available within the Industry. Whether you operate in retail, manufacturing, third party logistics, freight forwarding or any other logistics or supply chain arena, the BiS Henderson Academy can deliver you students and graduates ready to begin their careers and become the Supply Chain Professionals of the future. The BiS Henderson Academy works together with the CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport), The Novus Trust (, and™ to provide the missing link between employers and young people, providing a conduit to employment opportunities within the industry not currently available. What does the BiS Henderson Academy do? We put prospective candidates through an agreed and tailored ‘Boot Camp’ that ensures the apprentices who join your organisation will become full and valuable team members from the day they start. The BiS Henderson Academy team use their unparalleled recruitment experience in logistics and transport and knowledge of operating a successful Apprenticeship programme, to provide clients like you with apprentices who have a desire to start a career in logistics and transport. We have established a process that takes the ‘hit and miss’ out of recruiting youngsters who may or may not be fully committed into a career in logistics. The BiS Henderson Academy will introduce school and university leavers to the opportunities that logistics and supply chain hold as an exciting, interesting and vibrant career < Previous Contact Next >
  4. 4. What are the benefits to you? As a client of the BiS Henderson Academy, you will receive: 1. Advice and guidance on running an effective apprenticeship programme 2. Expert first hand support that takes the guesswork out of who to hire 3. Experienced external mentors to your apprentices: improving their performance and your return on investment 4. Further development and training where needed to enhance your apprentices’ skills - creating a loyal and focused workforce 5. Apprentices who can add value from day one. BiS Henderson Academy provide expert first hand support that takes the guesswork out of who to hire What is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a job with an accompanying skills development programme, designed by the company itself. It is a ‘framework’ containing a number of separately certificated qualifications and courses, which cover the skills, competences and underpinning knowledge required for a job. A framework would generally consist of: 1. competence-based element A (e.g. NVQ/Diploma) 2. knowledge-based element or technical A certificate (e.g. BTEC) 3. Functional Skills in Communication, Application of Numbers, Information Technology, Working with Others Improving Own Learning and Performance 4. Employment Rights and Responsibilities There are levels of apprenticeships centred on NVQ levels 2, 3 and 4. The minimum duration of an apprenticeship is one year but it could be longer depending on the needs of the employer and the ability of the individual apprentice. (NAS June 2013) Previous Contact Next
  5. 5. How does BiS Henderson Academy identify the best potential apprentices? • U se experienced staff to understand your needs • Boot Camps tailored to Run identify apprentices with the potential to meet your needs • candidates using our Profile experience and appropriate psychometric techniques Getting the best return on your investment in any apprentice scheme starts by identifying candidates with the potential to make an impact in your organisation. At the BiS Henderson Academy, we: • Optionally, we can train the selected candidates in the techniques and processes you employ in basic day-to-day functions, so they can hit the ground running on day one. Our experienced staff run boot camps tailored to identify apprentices with the potential to meet your needs The value of our apprentices We maximise the benefits of our apprentices as we provide: • A n apprentice who has completed an Apprenticesupermarket Boot Camp tailored to your organisation’s requirements before joining • support of BiS Henderson Academy The throughout the apprenticeship programme and potentially longer, including mentoring • A n apprentice who is undergoing an agreed ‘on the job’ training programme that delivers an NVQ Level 2 (as a minimum) • A n apprentice who understands the choice they have made to start a career in logistics and transport. In addition to all of the benefits a properly selected, highly motivated apprentice can deliver, your organisation will also reduce costs, as BiS Henderson Academy will manage the process of finding and interviewing apprentices, and running the apprentice recruitment programme on behalf of your organisation. You can draw on the experience of the whole of the BiS Henderson Group and™ to provide logistics and transport apprentices that will add value to your organisation. Previous Contact Next
  6. 6. Your commitment At the BiS Henderson Academy, we work hard to find the right candidates for you. In return, we ask you to make a small onward commitment to them, in that you will: • Provide employment relevant to the apprentice’s ability • Allow the opportunity for the apprentices to study a relevant NVQ at Level 2 (as a minimum) • Allow time for them liaise with their tutors and mentors. Assistance available Subject to criteria both central government and regional bodies have funding subsidies available. The BiS Henderson Academy can help you identify and apply for suitable funding To assist you during the training period the government has published national apprentice wage rates Supply chain and logistics must move on As an industry sector we have to move away from simply accepting what ‘The Agency’ sends us, taking what we can from the local labour pool irrespective of its interest in logistics as a career. Giving your future employees a sense of purpose and a career, as opposed to leaving yourself open to high attrition rates and replacement costs, must become the norm. This is an initiative that (if entered into in the spirit of partnership between the employer, the mentor and apprentice) will reduce shrinkage, absenteeism and other negative practices and will set the scene to establish a culture of loyalty, interest in the business and an innate desire for continual improvement. Previous Contact Next
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  8. 8. Find Out More To find out more about how a BiS Henderson Academy apprentice could start delivering value to your organisation, contact us today on 01604 876345 or email us at for more information. Previous Back to top Visit our website