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Bottl mvp ux result

EECS 441

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Bottl mvp ux result

  1. 1. Andrew Ku ・Charlotte Wei ・ Dustin Bui ・ Rodney Lyons
  2. 2. What We Do A location-based social message discovery: Share in context of physical environments.
  3. 3. User Testing Chart Importance Satisfaction Feature 1: Map View 5.0 3.2 Feature 2: Bottle Drop/View 5.0 3.4 Feature 3: Social Commenting 3.3 2 Overall 3.5
  4. 4. What We Confirmed Users expect assistances on map view exploration. social comment mechanism maybe discouraging.. People would drop location related info. (but not always)
  5. 5. These Surprise Us Users confused about the voting system. Our app could encourage trolling. Users seeks for (story) curation
  6. 6. What’s Next Add Account My Activity Near By: North Quad 0.2 miles away 30 Explore Bottle Around Bottle Activity My Bottle My Colletion My List Setting 12:30 9/20/2014 Near By: Hatcher Library 42.2751525,-83.7416091 Leave Trace: 12:30 Drop Here, Bottle Your Story Still remeber our first date here, Feel like she’s still around. Near By: Hatcher Library Thoughts on the bottle? 9/20/2014 31 Such a sad but precious memory. 2 days ago 1 Such a sad but precious memory. 2 days ago 0