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Websites for donations and sponsorship

I gave this presentation at WordCamp Netherlands on the 14th of October. It went very well, and gave the pleasing outcome of Greenpeace loving it.

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Websites for donations and sponsorship

  1. 1. Websites for Sponsorships and Donations Andrew Killen
  2. 2. About me…
  3. 3. When I started with technology, computers looked like this
  4. 4. When I started with the Web, this was the only browser.
  5. 5. I work at RNWmedia (and NGO) as the Technical Lead - it was WereldOmroep I run a company focused on technology for NGO’s, Charities and Governmental Organizations I’m also the CTO of SpeckyBoy Design Magazine
  7. 7. Websites solutions for sponsorship and donations.
  8. 8. There are in general 2 types of website • Sites for institutional funding. • Sites for normal people to give money to.
  9. 9. What is intuitional funding?
  10. 10. Its where the big bucks come from! World wide they give out over $60 billion per year from foundations and governmental agencies.
  11. 11. Some well known foundations that give institutional funding • Foundations like • The Gates Foundation (Bill and Melisa Gates) • Gave out over $3.5billion so far for initiatives in education, world health and population, and community • The Ford Foundation • Gave out over $525million so far for a just, fair, and peaceful world • And many more • Most money come from governmental agencies • RNW gets a lot of money from BuZa • The Red Cross gets 83% of its $1.8 billion from Governments • Oxfam UK got £49 million from Department for International Development, and £26m from the European Commission.
  12. 12. There are roughly 3.7million NGO’s in the world asking for this money. Or $16126 each if it was shared evenly…. But of course it is not.
  13. 13. Asking for lots of money, means making a clear reason for it.
  14. 14. Key things needed on a site asking for institutional funding
  15. 15. Every page is a landing page, with calls to action. • Every page on the site should have more than one sort of call to action on it. • Every page has a contact area. • Follow the rules for making a landing page and you can’t go far wrong. • Funnel the visitor on a journey that ends with them making contact.
  16. 16. Donors love to be visually entertained • Interactive map of all projects • Infographics about success • Easy to select links, with thematic connection • Show off Partners and previous Donor Logos • *make sure it is easy to consume*
  17. 17. Talk about success, not achievements (Examples based on RNW) Success • We helped over 10million people across the world people to make the right choice about sex. • We offer open and anonymous forums to millions of people to discuss emotive subjects such as sex and good governance, offering response from experts. • We bring together polarized countries after civil wars or dictatorship collapse. • We provide VPN’s so that social media is still available to people when governments shut them down during elections and troubling times. • We successfully exploit social media to bring messages to our 5million followers. • We work in the most dangerous places in the world bringing about measurable change. Internal Achievement • We are in 17 countries • We use 7 languages • We have popular websites • We are in China, India, Africa, Cuba, Middle East • We are the experts on SHSR • We help people have free speech • Across all programs we have over 5million social media followers
  18. 18. Talk about the change your brought • Can you present facts and figures over the change you have brought to the world? • Can you show examples where your NGO made a difference in peoples lives? • What makes your expertise better than anyone else at providing this change?
  19. 19. Clear facts and figures Taken from Oxfam UK Taken for the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  20. 20. Transparency over Vision, Income and Spending. As PDF and on the site • Where your money comes from • Where it was spent, a full breakdown • What it is you do an why. What your story is.
  21. 21. Tell one user story. Only one! • Tell the story of 1 person and how your NGO helped bring about change for them per thematic sector. • Donors can identify with 1 person easily and love their story, show more than 1 story and it will blind them • Choose your story well. Spend time to select the best one.
  22. 22. If you have a successful program or project, create a website for its promotion. Most donors only want to sponsor items that relate to their field.
  23. 23. To finish this section, some examples • • • •
  24. 24. Websites for donations and sponsorships from people. Remember: this is e-commerce.
  25. 25. The different types of Donor • One off money Donor • Monthly reoccurring money donor • Sponsored event participant • Sponsored event supporter • Donation of goods or service for prizes • Donation of goods or service for the benefit of others
  26. 26. Different strategies for donations
  27. 27. The donate button…... • Does not matter if it is paypal or another method, it yields very low results. • Maybe 0.02% of visitors will use it. • Don’t do it! No, don’t. • It does not work because there is no compulsion to do it. Ask plugin makers that use this…
  28. 28. Crafting your story
  29. 29. All donations begin with a great story • Make sure you have a tag line why people should give you money • Compare the value of the donation with something real • Research the Science Of Persuasion to create a value proposition 1. Reciprocity – If you give to the visitor you will receive donations 2. Consistency – Prove it works and people will donate more 3. Social Proof - Show who else donates 4. Sympathy/Like-ability – Influenced by people we like into donating 5. Authority – Present a duty to donate by being the authority 6. Scarcity – Point out how few other are performing in this arean
  30. 30. The Donate Dropdown strategy • Provide relative products • Provide instant gratification from donation “A cuddly toy for an orphan, €5” • Relate the products to the author of the page “Get Brian internet access for a month €15” • Things to consider • A/B testing to see what is most popular • Reversing the list to put the most expensive first • Put most popular first • Create a middle product that offers better value for money
  31. 31. The cumulative total • Set a reasonable goal • Seed the pot • Give regular feedback to donators on progress • Make a video, show how human you are and why you need help • Set an end date so that people know they should do it now! • Color coding at stages can help highlight success • Consider stretch goals like on kickstarter
  32. 32. Sponsored events • A cross between a membership site and a donation site • • • People register (maybe as a group) and perform the task • Some options to consider • Personal goals • Group goals • Goal of event • End value raised • One off donations • Leader board • Business sponsorship (advertising)
  33. 33. The success formula
  34. 34. Donations should be seen as a pyramid The Organization as a total thing
  35. 35. Lets use the Catholic Church as an example You could give to the whole church
  36. 36. Or you could give just to the pope
  37. 37. Or to the Vatican
  38. 38. Or Catholic Church of the Netherlands
  39. 39. Or Wim Eijk the Dutch cardinal of the Catholic Church
  40. 40. Or to your local church
  41. 41. Or to Father Brian
  42. 42. Or the New Roof
  43. 43. Or to the Harvest Festival
  44. 44. Or to the Mission to Africa
  45. 45. Maybe you just want to put money on the collection plate
  46. 46. Different people want to give to different things…. Make it possible.
  47. 47. Me… I want to give to Father Brian, as....
  48. 48. Remember… Its E-commerce
  49. 49. Things you have to remember • Secure website (SSL) • Simple checkout process • Payments in a currency and system your visitors can use • Consider your target audience…. • In China, they use their mobile phones and NFC to donate to crowdfunding • In Africa, they often use SMS payments as banking is difficult • In the Netherlands, we love iDeal • Give a valid reciept • Try to get them to be a regular sponsor
  50. 50. Geo-Targeting your donation requests • For a website called This Is Africa we setup geo-targeted donation dropdown buttons that supported authors. • In Africa we asked for much lower sums of money than in America • All diaspora were asked for more, than people that stayed on the continent. • In Africa we asked for peoples time as volunteers.
  51. 51. Remember to do Analytics • Push an event every time that a dropdown is touched to see what is most popular (but not chosen) • Push an event every time a donation is made so you can see trending • A/B testing against different setups, stories, buttons, requests. PROVE YOU ARE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN.
  52. 52. Not everything is about money… you can also ask for products, time, liking, sharing, voting, signing ….. And many more
  53. 53. Thanks for listening.