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FPBP Brochure - Get Care Get Covered


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FPBP Brochure - Get Care Get Covered

  1. 1. Get Care. Get Covered. Family Planning Benefit Program & More
  2. 2. FPBP
  3. 3. Contents What is the Family Planning Benefit Program?.................. What are the benefits?......................................................... Who is eligible? .................................................................... How do I apply for FPBP?...................................................... Where do I go to apply for FPBP and receive services that the program covers?.................. Does coverage last forever? ................................................ How can I learn more about FPBP? .................................... And More Health Insurance Options ................................... Public Health Insurance Options ................................... How do I apply for public health insurance? ............... What other options to get medical care do I have if I am not eligible for Public Health Insurance?........... What about Private Health Insurance? ........................
  4. 4. The Family Planning Benefit Program (FPBP) is a free, 100% confidential New York State health insurance program that exclusively provides sexual and reproductive health services to teens, women, and men who meet certain eligibility requirements. The program is available to you if you are uninsured, privately insured or covered by Child Health Plus and want to keep your sexual and reproductive health needs and services confidential. What is the Family Planning Benefit Program? 2
  5. 5. Note: You cannot get FPBP if you are covered by Medicaid or Family Health Plus because you can already obtain confidential sexual and reproductive health services through these programs. 3
  6. 6. Free Services Covered by FPBP:  All forms of birth control: (the pill, condoms, diaphragms, the patch, IUD (intrauterine device), Depo-Provera, NuvaRing and more) and help choosing the birth control method that fits your needs  Emergency contraceptive services (Plan B) and follow-up  Preventive screenings  Other Services directly related to family planning like:  STI (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) counseling and testing  Pregnancy counseling and testing Services not covered by FPBP:  Pregnancy and Pre-Natal services  Abortions  HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccinations  Fertility Treatments  Services not related to a family planning visit * If you are seeking to keep your services confidential, you can apply on your own Who is eligible? What are the benefits? You can obtain coverage through FPBP if:  You are a teen, young adult, woman or man of childbearing age  You are a New York State resident  You are a U.S. citizen or immigrant with satisfactory status  Your income is equal to or less than program income requirements* 4
  7. 7. Applying for FPBP requires you to complete a one page application and submit the following documents with your application: How do I apply for FPBP? Photo ID (bring one): such as School ID, driver’s license, passport, or other official photo ID Proof of age (bring one): such as Birth certificate, adoption or foster care records, official hospital or school records Proof of citizenship (bring original of one document): such as Birth certificate, passport, naturalization certificate, “green” card Proof of address (dated within the last 6 months - bring one): such as Photo ID with address, postmarked envelope, utility bill, magazine, letter or lease agreement Social Security Card, or be prepared to verbally provide number Proof of income (bring all that apply): such as pay stubs; letter from employer stating income; unemployment, child support, alimony award letter or pay stubs; if no income, letter written by you stating that you receive financial support from a family member Documentation of any childcare expenses (bring only if this applies) 35
  8. 8. 6 You can apply for FPBP at select providers. To receive sexual and reproductive health services, visit any provider who accepts Medicaid. This includes pharmacies, primary care doctors, community and school-based health centers, family planning clinics and hospitals. Where do I go to apply for FPBP and receive services that the program covers?
  9. 9. Below is a partial listing of FPBP providers and enrollment sites that serve the 5 boroughs: *Please call to confirm whether provider has on-site FPBP assistance Provider For a complete list of providers and enroll- ment sites, visit: healthstat/famplan Telephone Number & Website Borough Site Locations for Providers Community Health Care Network 866-246-8259 Bk, Bx, M, Q Institute for Family Health 212-206-5200 Bx, M MIC-Women’s Health Services 866-642-5589 Bk, Bx, Q Montefiore Medical Center 800-MD-MONTE Bx Morris Heights Health Center 718-716-4400 Bx Mount Sinai Adoles- cent Health Center 212-423-3000 M NYC Health and Hospi- tals Corporation Multiple sites-check website for a complete listing Bk, Bx, M, Q Planned Parenthood of NYC 800-230-PLAN Bk, Bx, M, SI Staten Island Univer- sity Hospital 718-226-9000 SI The Door Adolescent Health Center 212-941-9090 ext. 3222 M 7
  10. 10. 8 Every year, you must renew your FPBP coverage. If you do not renew, you can lose your coverage, so make sure you renew every year. You will receive a renewal package in the mail. Fill it out. Mail it back. It’s that easy. For more information regarding FPBP or other health insurance programs, please contact: HRA: Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access at or call 212-331-4205 Access NYC at Planned Parenthood of NYC at or call 212-965-7000 The New York State Department of Health at or call 800-541-2831 Does coverage last forever? How can I learn more about FPBP?
  11. 11. 9 No matter how old you are, health insurance helps to pay for things that you need, like: Doctor Visits Dental Care Mental Health Services X-Rays & Lab Tests Immunizations Eye Exams & Glasses Prescription Drugs Hospital Care Sexual and Reproductive Health Why do I need health insurance? I’m still young and I feel fine. “ “ And More Health Insurance Options
  12. 12. Medicaid provides free health insurance for children, teens and adults who qualify. Child Health Plus provides free or low-cost health insurance for individuals under the age of 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid. New York State residents under 19 years of age are eligible for Child Health plus regardless of immigration status, or that of their parents, if they meet the other program requirements. Family Health Plus provides free health insurance for uninsured individuals, age 19-64, who are not eligible for Medicaid and who meet other program requirements. Prenatal Care Services through Medicaid provides complete pregnancy care and other health services to women and teens that live in New York State and meet income guidelines. All pregnant women are eligible for this program regardless of their immigration status as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements. In addition to FPBP, there are a number of other public health insurance options available: Public Health Insurance Options 10
  13. 13. The next page contains a list of organizations that you can go to for assistance with enrollment into public health insurance. Facilitated enrollment organizations are authorized by the New York State Department of Health to enroll New Yorkers into coverage in nontraditional settings, including your home, office, or other location. For the documents required to apply, please see the “How do I Apply for FPBP” section of this brochure. For Medicaid and Family Health Plus, if you are under 21 years old and residing with your parents, they must submit the application on your behalf and their income will be used to see if you qualify. How Do I Apply for Public Health Insurance? 11
  14. 14. Facilitated Enroller Telephone Number & Website Boroughs Served Affinity Health Plan (718) 794-5794 All Alianza Dominicana, Inc. (917) 258-3708; 3636 Upper Manhattan Brooklyn Perinatal Network (718) 643-8258 *819 Northern Brooklyn The Children’s Aid Society (212)503-6804 All Manhattan NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (212) 788-5788 All Fidelis Care New York (888) 343-3547 All Healthfirst, PHSP (917) 331-4926 All Health Plus Amerigroup (347) 834-6843 All Health Insurance Plan of New York (HIP) (800) 542-2412 All Hispanic Federation (212) 233.8955 Ext. 127 Lower Manhattan and the South Bronx Jewish Community Center of Staten Island (718) 981-1400 Staten Island If you would like more information or enrollment assistance with these public health insurance options, please visit A list of facilitated enrollers is below: 12
  15. 15. Facilitated Enroller Telephone Number & Website Boroughs Served MetroPlus Health Plan (212) 908-3619 Bk, Bx, M, Q Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (212) 453-9532 Southern Brooklyn Morris Heights Health Center (718) 483-1260 Bronx Neighborhood Health Providers (917) 542-8086 All Public Health Solutions (646) 619-6400 All Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (718) 366-1830 Bushwick and Lower Ridgewood Safe Space (718) 785-9050 ext. 39 Northern and South- ern Queens Structured Employment Economic Develop- ment Corporation, DBA SEEDCO (212) 204-1384 Bronx and Manhattan UnitedHealthcare Com- munity Plan (888) 565-8170 All WellCare of New York, Inc (347) 221-4585 Bk, Bx, M, Q Yeled v’ Yalda (718) 686-2188, 2189 Brooklyn and Staten Island 13
  16. 16. 14
  17. 17. There are a number of programs and resources available to you if you are not eligible for public health insurance, yet have limited resources. Some available health care resources are: NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation The NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation makes health care services affordable for all New Yorkers through a financial screening system called HHC Options, visit access/hhc_options.shtml Community Health Centers Community Health Care Centers provide comprehensive and cost effective primary care and supportive services that promote access to health care. For more information, go to DOHMH Clinics The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offers individuals and families free health services including immunizations, sexually transmitted disease testing, tuberculosis services, and flu shots. For a listing of sites throughout the city, visit html/doh/html/imm/immclin.shtml School-based Health Centers Some NYC public schools have school-based health centers (SBHC). A SBHC provides medical care for any child enrolled in that school at no cost to the child’s family. Many of the organizations that run SBHCs can also help children in public health insurance programs. Learn more at What other options to get medical care do I have if I am not eligible for Public Health Insurance? 15
  18. 18. What about Private Health Insurance? Healthy NY is available to individuals 18-64 years old who are not eligible for the public health insurance programs listed in this brochure. You can apply on your own even if you live with your parents. Please visit for more information or call 1-866-432-5849. You can also find out more about private health insurance options available in New York City that may fit your needs by visiting NYC Health Insurance Link at The site will also help you learn how health insurance works and the changes you can expect with federal health care reform. 16
  19. 19. For further information, training or workshops regarding the Family Planning Benefit Program or other health insurance programs, please contact HRA’s Office of Health Insurance Access at
  20. 20. © Copyright 2012, The City of New York Human Resources Administration/ Department of Social Services. For permission to reproduce all or part of this material contact the New York City Human Resources Administration Follow us on Twitter @NYCGetInsured Find us on Facebook NYC Health Insurance Link Watch us on YouTube HRANYC