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One teacher can make all the difference


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Great honour for doing the closing keynote speech at Dyslexia Scotland Glasgow. The key theme was - the world is changing and emerging economy will require more people that have creative thinking skills, collaboration and emotional intelligence skills. Interestingly people with Dyslexia fit these requirements perfectly. To make that transition into the workplace we need to believe in our young people. Thank you for such a warm welcome from University of Strathclyde hashtag#mywiderworld hashtag#leadership hashtag#business hashtag#change hashtag#dyslexia.

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One teacher can make all the difference

  1. 1. Education Conference 27 October 2018 Andrew Jenkins The Dyslexic advantage in the new emerging economy How a teacher can make ALL the difference
  2. 2. Dyslexia isn’t a learning disorder! It’s a kind of super power My daughter Lottie’s ambition… Millions of dyslexic people are outstanding at what they do - eventually NOT in spite of their dyslexic processing differences BUT, because of them! Kate Griggs Founder of Made By Dyslexia
  3. 3. Dr. Robina Chatham – IT leaders
  4. 4. My school experience in 60’s/70’s… It took a while to get going Key Stage 1-2 • Different, didn’t fit in • Self doubt, insecurity • Sensitive, withdrawn • Wanted to be liked/accepted • Labelled/told • dim, slow learner stupid, dumb, thick , duffer • Sequenced learning - fell behind • #times-tables, add- subtract, long division • #rhymes • #rote learning Key Stage 3 - 4 • Profoundly bad writing, spelling • Poor working memory, processing • #Push-pull, clockwise-anti clockwise • #My mothers brother, brothers mother • Left school with poor grades – written off • And yet deep-inside glimmers of • I knew I wasn’t stupid • A dormant bright intelligence • Clever coping strategies Empathy, Think Differently, Creative, Big Picture, Personable, Inspiring!
  5. 5. Be that teacher - make a difference… Dyslexics easily buy into idea no control victim mode Fixed Mindset Instead… success begins by developing a Growth Mindset Educator Dean Bargonier Baboons vs Dolphins
  6. 6. Knowing you’re ‘different’ at school is profoundly hard to deal with Never tell a kid they’re a ‘duffer’ with no future Be that teacher - make a difference… The dreaded parents evening
  7. 7. Despite their difficulties… BELIEVE in Young People… Inspire them to keep going, keep trying. A lucky break will come along Be that teacher - make a difference… Interview with Mr Hinds
  8. 8. Sometimes you have to be tough with young people too… Short Sharp Shock! Be that teacher - make a difference… That one teacher Mr Forster
  9. 9. To achieve something significant… first wake up! Teach them to… • Push against all the odds • Get over themselves • Be determined, don’t give up • Work even harder to overcome difficulties Be that teacher - make a difference… From that moment on everything changed
  10. 10. Message to young people… Be purposeful – create your reality Be that Dolphin # Pursue FATE Instead, pursue DESTINY In memory of Mr Forster RIP
  11. 11. Tomorrow’s AI world will need more ‘Dolphin’ type people Naturally present in ALL children (not just dyslexics) BUT, traditional school governance obsessed with conformity and measurement. This must change