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Enabling Effective Conduct Risk
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Enabling Effective Conduct Risk


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The regulatory landscape for the UK Financial Services industry has undergone a fundamental change with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) splitting into two new regulatory bodies; the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

Focusing on the FCA and the Conduct Risk agenda, in this webinar, "Enabling Effective Conduct Risk", Andrew Smart demonstrates how firms can effectively manage conduct risk by taking an integrated approach to strategy and risk management, and how the StratexPoint solution can support firms as they seek to meet the challenges of conduct risk and engage effectively with the new regulator around this agenda.

During the webinar, Andrew outlines:

'The Seven Key Challenges of Conduct Risk Management';

1. Managing and embedding Governance into the business

2. Definition and embedding the Business Model

3. Definition and execution of the Business Strategy with customers at its heart

4. Enabling & embedding Conduct Risk specific processes

5. Process Management, and specifically New Product Development

6. Product level performance and risk management

7. Conduct incident reporting and analysis

Andrew demonstrates during the webinar that Enabling Effective Conduct Risk Management is not about throwing everything that one currently does away and starting afresh but rather building on existing strategy execution and risk management processes and tools.

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