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The Jacob Consulting Group provides expert “real-world” guidance to CEOs, business owners and senior sale executives. The Jacob Consulting Group builds better leaders, and specializes in assisting organizations to dramatically increase its ROI by fine-tuning your current sales approach, making massive strategy change, and developing unsurpassed tactics to make your strategy a reality. Our team provides you with solution-based consulting to ensure you connect with your clients in the most powerful ways possible. Jacob and his team will give your organization the leading edge it needs to dominate at the highest level in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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Jacob Consulting Group

  1. 1. Impactful guidance for CEOs, investors, business owners and senior executives.Accelerate your online growth by making savvy “Real E-World Driven StrategicDecisions.”Andy Jacob has been called one of the world’s leadingauthoritiesonthe “OnlineSales and Marketing Cycle.”“Incremental E-Improvements makes a dramaticdifference in your ROI...and your wife’s lifestyle” -Andy Jacob
  2. 2. The Jacob Consulting Group provides expert “real-world” guidance to America’sleading companies, and specializes in assisting your organization to dramaticallyincrease its online and offline sales conversions.“It’s a new digital world out here. Traditionalonline marketing simply does not get it doneanymore…Social Marketing is so 2012.” -Andy Jacob
  3. 3. Jacob and his team provides you with solution-basedconsulting to ensure you connect with your clients inthe most powerful way possible “Generalists Lose, Specialists Win… …and we don’t lose” -Andy Jacob
  4. 4. What hard problem are you solving… …and how are you using technology to solve that problem?Jacob and his team provides you with solution-basedconsulting to ensure you connect with your clients in the mostpowerful way possible. Jacob and his team will give yourorganization what it needs to stand out in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace “Data is important. End-to-end data is Paramount... No data is a dead end” -Andy Jacob
  5. 5. “I Have Two Rules:Rule #1 Close the deal and make your client a screaming fan.Rule #2: Any questions? Go back to rule #1” -Andy Jacob
  6. 6. “The Target Marketing and Sales Cycle Expert” More Online Sales, More Closings, More Profit“Here is a good referral strategy... …Ask them for one!” -Andy Jacob
  7. 7. Andy Jacob has been called one of the world’s leading experts in the customer “sales cycle”. Jacob is veryfamiliar to many Americans who have seen him featured on local and national television, have heard himon syndicated radio, and have read about his business expertise in national publications including the WallStreet Journal..”Known to many as one of the leading online and offline sales and marketing gurus, Jacob co-foundedWorld Wide Financial Services in 1989, founded Inc.500 Online Advertising and Media Group, LeadPile in2003, and is the founder of Jacob Consulting Group.
  8. 8. “Let’s keep your company mission statement simple……Close the deal and make your client happy.” -Andy Jacob
  9. 9. Testimonials Jacob’s experience in building three multi-million dollar companies fostered a philosophy rarely taught at Harvard Business School. “If you don’t trust your product or service, there is no way to build trust from your customer.” -Andy Jacob “I like going to sleep at night knowing I worked harder than my competition”. -Andy Jacob “Sales managers need a system to raise the bar for their team. Without a system, there is only drinking at the bar for the sales people who did not have a system”. -Andy Jacob “Leaders lead by what they do. Not by what they say.” -Andy Jacob
  10. 10. “Andy has built a great company through hard work, strategic insight and flawless execution. He is the classic entrepreneur in every sense ofthe word--he balances risk taking and careful strategic planning as well as anyone I have worked with.” Stan Christensen, Managing Director, Arbor Advisors, Harvard MBA“Andy was extremely valuable in helping us transform our business plan. His guidance has produced very specific and tactical approachesfor exponential growth of our business.” Edward Sirkel, CEO“I can say without hesitation that Andy is one of the most dynamic and impressive individuals I have ever met. Jacob has an unusual ability tosee opportunity where other don’t, and even a greater ability to execute on the ability where others will refrain. If I were to draft a team ofprofessionals to manage my business, he would no doubt be my number one pick.” Wayne Sieve, Vice President, Sports“Andy Jacob has been an invaluable mentor to me and my businesses for many years. I take very few crucial steps without at least a quickconsult with him. With such a varied array of ideas for start-up’s that I get involved with, it’s reassuring that I can always count on the “wellrounded” voice of reason that Andy easily commands.” Ron Laikind, CEO“I have witnessed Andy’s business acumen first hand and he is the consummate professional. His success in business is undeniable andspeaks to his meticulous work ethic. He is indeed a rare breed—an enthusiastic seeker of knowledge and a critical thinker with the soul of anartist.” Steve Bisch, CEO“Andy has demonstrated a continued commitment to professionalism, hard work, and his desire for successful results fuels his perseveranceand optimism.” Barry Lubin, CEO
  11. 11. “Andy takes ideas from the conceptual stage and turns it into a thriving and successful business opportunity, time and time again.” Anthony Coss, Partner JD“Jacob is well-suited to guide individuals and businesses alike to the pinnacle of their success through his guidance.” Joseph Impastato, II, CEO“Jacob always brings his tremendous talents for business and marketing to the conversation, and is a driving force.” Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Executive Director“Jacob’s trustworthiness and honesty can be best described as beyond approach. He conducts his affairs in a mostprofessional manner and his real strength lies in his creativity and marketing abilities. I can, without hesitation,recommend Andy as a trustworthy business associate who will provide to be an asset to your company.” Bruce Kaye, JD/CPA,PLLC“Jacob’s solid work ethic, professional approach, and positive attitude make doing business with him a pleasure. Andyis very skilled at bringing ideas to fruition and executing through to the end. One of the reasons for hisentrepreneurial success is his unique ability to tap into the zeitgeist…he knows what people want and when they wantit. I highly recommend Andy Jacob as a business partner.” Jeremy D. Chused, Senior Analyst“Andy is a role model and a great leader with incredible people skills, outstanding ethics, and a discipline to hardwork. He always has a positive attitude, inspiring energy, a willingness to assist everyone working with him.” Florin Ilie, CEO
  12. 12. “Over the past decade, Jacob has been a wealth of information as I have grown my internet properties. His businessacumen coupled with his honesty has always provided me a dependable and reliable sounding board.” Steve Kopelman, CEO“Jacob is always upbeat, charismatic, and has a good head on his shoulders. He has personally coached me in life skills aswell as in my own professional career. Excellent in business and personal relationships.” Christos Marinakos, CEO“I have seen Jacob work when things were smooth and easy, but also in the critical moments of a business. He has anamazing ability to make the right decisions when others don’t see the light, and he is able to make everyone believe in thevision set for the company.” Eugen Ilie, COO“I highly recommend Andy as a person you would want to engage in a business venture with.” Hemant Butti, COO“No matter the venture, task, or level of participation, Jacob is always a positive influence on the people heis involved with. He track record of success stands alone, yet he never stands on his laurels.” Robert Silverstein, COO“He impressed me then by his savvy marketing ability, his infectious enthusiasm and his ability to motivateand inspire those working for him or with him. Along with his tireless tenacity, Andy is always professionalin his approach.” Suzette Austin, Sr. Management“Andy has a unique way of looking at business. Andy clearly has a Midas Touch.” David Jernigan, CEO
  13. 13. “Andy has been an invaluable tool in taking my career to the next level. Through helping me to refine my sales methodology,implement strategies, evaluating current marketing systems and defining professional goals, I have watched my skill set grow andflourish in ways that I would not have been able to achieve without his input. I would not be where I am today without his guidance.” Angela Armstrong, Internet Sales Specialist“Andy’s guidance in my new business venture has been invaluable. His marketing prowess and insight has been aboon to my business. I don’t make a marketing move unless I consult with Andy first.” Ruben Sneor, CEO“Andy Jacob is a marketing genius and the person I turn to first for business advice.” Ron Shostack, CEO“If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – where you know you will get the results- useAndy. I can’t thank him enough for assisting me in helping.” Bob Hasset“Andy Jacob and I have enjoyed a long term working relationship, which over the years has evolved into a closepersonal friendship. Andy loves to exhort people to develop powerful visions and critical strategies for theircompanies. With integrity, he’ll transform your company in a direct, powerful and effective way.” Max Cohen, CEO“Andy was a great addition to my team at American Builders. His ideas for offline guerrilla marketing wereimpressive, and we increased our business by implementing his strategies. Thanks Andy.” Stuart Cohen
  14. 14. “Andy Jacob is a true, professional business consultant for his clients. Being a user of Five9 call center services, he knows fromthe ground floor how our solutions help agents to be more efficiency, increase sales growth and improve customer satisfaction.He knows the market extremely well from small to mid-size companies. Andy is a great asset to any companies looking toinvest in his services.” Hai Nguyen, Senior Account Executive, Five9“Andrew’s ambition and straight forward attitude is encouraging, and a delight to see in motion! A true asset to anyorganization.” Adam Abbot, CEO, FreshWay Media“Andy, thank you for guiding me in the very right direction; Your advise is already paying BIG dividends.” Stephen Polter, CEO , Express Property Tax Appeals“Andy Jacob is passionate. He dives in, learns, and makes strong decisions. He is helping us make strategicand tactical changes to our process with one goal; understanding how to exceed our clients expectations. Heputs his heart into it. I recommend him as a consultant for businesses lucky enough to meet him.” Erik Sacks, CEO, The Fixture Zone“You only have to look at Andy Jacob to see how he is conducting an in-depth analysis of everything you aresaying for a quick determination of how you can do thing better, smarter, and more profitably. He is a uniquetalent.” Ezra Goldman, General Counsel, Unites Stats Locator Service
  15. 15. “Jacob is as straight forward as the come. A true gentleman and a breath or fresh air.” Hal Jolley, CPA“Andrew Jacob represents the highest quality of competence, integrity, and can-do attitude coupled with a great personalityand positive outlook. I can recommend Mr. Jacob without reservation.” Elli Mills, CEO, Mineral Ventures Group, Harvard MBA, NYU School of law, JD