AbZorba Games Casino Affiliate & White Label Program


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The colliding worlds of play-for-fun casino and real gambling is happening fast.

AbZorba's AGON gaming platform extends its 'Hub of Fun' mobile casino games to Casino, Betting & Lottery organizations for white label and affiliate programs.

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AbZorba Games Casino Affiliate & White Label Program

  1. 1. Mobile Social Casino GamesWhite Label & Affiliate Program ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  2. 2. AbZorba’s Hub-for-Fun™Mobile Social Casino Games For Casinos, Lotteries & Betting ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  3. 3. Colliding Worlds•  Today’s opportunity lies between the colliding worlds of Virtual and Real gambling•  Real gambling has identified the social game potential but don’t have immediate access•  Virtual games are a natural feeder for affiliate and white label Real gambling, betting and lottery sites•  Real sites are leaving revenues on the table from $4Billion annual virtual goods spend•  A seamless path from Virtual to Real casinos will generate a rich seam of new customers ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  4. 4. Virtual Games Market Size“Juniper Research estimates that mobile gambling could reach a globalfigure of US$100bn by 2017, driven by social gaming and the development ofmobile wallets”UK – MAY 23 2012 JUNIPER RESEARCH“Juniper Research finds that a growing user acceptance of in-gamepurchases and a sharp rise in smartphone adoption will push sales of in-gameitems from$2.1billion in 2011 to $4.8billion in 2016UK – 10th JANUARY 2012: JUNIPER RESEARCH“Mobile Game market will reach $11.4 Billion by 2014. That’s a big number.Compare that to the Video Game market revenue of $18.58 Billion and MovieBox office receipts of $10.16 Billion for 2010”UK – OCT 2011: GARTENR RESEARCH ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  5. 5. AGON™ Mobile Social Gaming Platform•  AbZorba publishes multiple casino titles attaining over 800K installs•  5 years experience in mobile social platforms and games for carriers Vodafone, Cosmote & Wind•  AGON™ platform is a fully hosted, managed and scalable mobile social games solution•  Turnkey White Label or Affiliate option•  Individual title options: Blackjack, Poker & Roulette•  Published by AbZorba on Google Play & iTunes or offered for self publication•  Clear Commercials: –  Platform monthly license fee, dependent on number of titles –  Title Set-Up fee, dependent on branding and publishing levels –  Revenue share on all virtual goods, ads –  Revenue share on real gambling accounts created ©  2011  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  6. 6. Casino Titles•  Market Ready for affiliate of white label: •  Live Blackjack21™ Android •  700,000 installations •  Live Blackjack21 Pro™ Android •  100,000 installations •  Live Poker™ Android •  Launched May •  Live Roulette™ Android •  Launched May•  Launching Soon: •  Live Blackjack21™ iOS - June •  Live Poker™ iOS – July •  Live Roulette™ iOS - July•  Coming Soon: •  VIP HIGH-ROLLER SUITE, LIVE BINGO, LIVE SLOTS ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  7. 7. Table & Screen Shots ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  8. 8. Social & Tech Features•  Social Interaction Features: –  Live multiplayer tables with up to 5 players sitting –  100’s of tables within games –  Logon through FB, Twitter so gamers opt to show their profile photo –  Achievement status postings on FB, Twitter –  Direct Invites to join in a game via FB and Twitter –  Private instant messages between players –  ‘Send a cocktail’ from the bar to the ‘Hottie’ or to all players on the table –  ‘Friend’ a player –  Leader boards –  Cross promotion games options•  Platform –  Cross promotion between games –  Push messages to individual and mass players –  Open API’s for integrating 3rd Party games on any OS ©  2011  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  9. 9. Revenue Model•  Free-to-play•  Revenue from multiple streams of in-game purchases: –  Casino chips –  Virtual currency “Diamonds” for: •  Casino Bar •  Virtual gifts between players •  Avatars –  VIP Gold Memberships – removes advertising•  Each game offers multiple live players in a live table•  50+ tables in each game title•  Additional Revenue from advertising and offer walls•  Billing through partners Google Check-out, PayPal, Credit Cards, Mobile bill direct ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al  
  10. 10. Thank You Contact: Andrew Hughes Co-Founder & CEO+34 667 802643 andrew@abzorbagames.com www.abzorbagames.com ©  2012  AbZorba  Games  S.A.  Confiden6al