AbZorba Games races past 3m mobile casino game installs


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Mobile social games publisher AbZorba Games rounded off their record year 2013 by reaching the landmark of 3 million installs across all their casino titles - Live Blackjack casino, Poker Live, Roulette Live and and Hot2Slot

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AbZorba Games races past 3m mobile casino game installs

  1. 1. AbZorba Games® Races Past 3m Installs Mobile social casino market leader took just three months to go from 2m to 3m 7 January 2014 (Athens, Greece) – Mobile social games publisher AbZorba Games® rounded off their record year 2013 by reaching the landmark of 3 million installs across all their casino titles Helped by its world-leading Multiplayer Live Blackjack21 on Android app, which totaled more than 1.3m installs and bolstered by over 270 days retention, AbZorba enjoyed exponential growth over the last 12 months and hit the 3m mark in late December. The company took just three months to get from 2m to 3m installs, with all the Hub of Fun Casino™ titles and multiplayer cross-promotional games helping AbZorba record a successful second year. “To see such remarkable growth in 2013 is testament to our focus on highly entertaining casino games, robust in-house technology and our exceptional gaming platform" Andrew Hughes, AbZorba Games CEO said, adding “Partnerships with companies like Tango have proved a wining strategy as we leverage our leading B2C content with exceptional brands - in 2014 we seek the next Tango” AbZorba’s B2B partnerships have contributed to a stellar year and the strategic mobile entertainment partnership with Tango has been a particular highlight with Blackjack Live for Tango hitting the top spot for casino games in the iOS App Store USA back in August. Renato Iwersen, VP Partnerships atTango.me added “AbZorba is our model partner with 3 very successful games on our platform reaching the coveted #1 and #4 in iTunes Casino Games together.” AbZorba is not slowing up in 2014. December 2013 was a record month in a record year and January 2014 is already beating targets, so the team is planning for even greater B2C and B2B success in 2014 and beyond. Media Contact
Tom Victor
Lyceum Media
tom@lyceummedia.com About AbZorba Games A leading global publisher of mobile social casino games, AbZorba Games™ has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field of mobile casino games for entertainment since 2011. AbZorba also independently operates Live Mobile Hub of Fun™ producing Live Blackjack21™, Live Roulette™, Live Poker™ and Hot2Slot™ on Android and iOS. Founded in Athens, Greece in 2011 and is an established US Delaware LLC in 2012 by Manos Moschous, Dimitris Tsigos and Andrew Hughes. Co-founder and CEO, Andrew Hughes, is a British entrepreneur who is also a co-founder of the newly formed International Social Gaming Association (ISGA) and SGA and is a strong advocate of responsible gaming codes of practice towards AbZorba’s gamers. For more information on AbZorba Games visit AbZorba Games.