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Should anyone be interested in this partnership please contact me by e mail at: andrew.hickin@btinternet.com

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Piers hickin promo doc 2

  2. 2. INTRODUCING PIERS HICKIN In his short career Piers has demonstrated through his driving that he is a “huge talent with considerable potential” – Kieren Clark. Since his explosive arrival into motorsport, the superlatives have been as numerous as his racing. Instinctive, determined and a real talent have all been used to describe Piers and his racing aptitude. CAREER HISTORY Piers’ limited time in a racing car compared to his peers has not restricted Piers’ success, and the results he has achieved in such a short timeframe have been impressive, winning races and attracting the converted MSA Academy to invest in his ability.’ Now on an accelerated career path, Piers will be building on the achievements to date, with a full time professional racing programme. 2013 : Protyre BARC Formula Renault UK Championship contender. Accepted by the prestigious MSA Academy. 2012 : Junior Ginetta 2011 : Junior Ginetta Testing and Junior Max Club wins and championships. 2010 : Mini Rotax Max Karting Championship.
  3. 3. F3 EUROPEAN OPEN The European F3 Open was created in 2009 by GT Sport, who has been the official organizer for a decade of the championships such as Spanish GT / Iber GT, Spanish formula 3 and International GT Open.
 In 2012 the series will entered its fourth edition, having enjoyed a growing success in terms of excellence and quality of entries, raising interest, exposure and geographical expansion.

 Today European F3 Open is... - The best platform to enter F3 racing at the moment
 - The series offering the highest F3 racing performances
 - The F3 championship with the best cost/exposure ratio
 - The F3 championship with the biggest number of Dallara F312s, most recent F3 car developed and built by Dallara. In addition, Dallara F308s continue racing in Cup class and fighting for overall podiums too. The International European F3 Open philosophy is to keep rules simple and stable during the years, maintain costs under control, visit only top-level circuits, offer professional level formation for drivers, and provide premium TV/media coverage
  4. 4. F3 Open in the Press PRINT MEDIA COVERAGE 2013: In addition to the website, GT Sport has in place a media service that provides comprehensive information (in English and Spanish) and pictures prior, during and after each event, to a database of 900 specialized motorsport journalists in Europe and around the world. Main Specialised Media Covering the F3 Open: In English: In Spanish: Autosport (weekly - circulation 50.000) In German: MotorSport Aktuell (weekly – circulation 30.000) Auto Bild Motorsport (bi-weekly – circulation 40.000) Autopista (weekly – circulation 40.000) Autohebdo Sport (weekly – circulation 25.000) Motor 16 (weekly – circulation 25.000) In Portuguese: Sport Auto (monthly – circulation 100.000) In French: Autohebdo (weekly - circulation 40.000) In Italian: Auto Hoje (weekly – circulation 40.000) Auto Sport (weekly – circulation 25.000) Autosprint (weekly - circulation: 40.000)
  5. 5. F3 Open on TV
  6. 6. 2014 Race Calendar Date Circuit 02,03,04 May Nurburgring, Germany 06,07,08 June Jerez, Spain 21,22 June Portimao, Portugal 18,19,20 July Silverstone, England 05,06,07 September Spa Francorchamps, Belguim 25,27,28 September Monza, Italy 17,18,19 October Barcelona, Spain
  7. 7. A UNIQUE PROPOSITION Piers Hickin is a unique young man. Confident, committed, intelligent and never defeated, all the talents required for a professional racing driver if he is to succeed in his objectives of racing at the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1. When faced with the challenge of raising funds for his racing career, Piers showed the aptitude to make things happen, confidently presenting himself to sponsors and declaring “you should help me to go racing, give me the tools and I will show you what I can do.”. So a season racing for one of Europe’s top teams European F3 Open beckons, the challenge of racing against the World’s finest talents. 2013 saw drivers from 22 different countries. Piers is here to win.
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST Getting recognised as a talent in motorsport these days means more than going fast on the race track. It takes talents beyond car control and Piers has applied himself uniquely in his quest for backing by being innovative in his use of social and traditional media, to raise not only his profile but funding for his racing as well. Piers has developed a legion of followers and fans around the world using Twitter and Facebook. Facebook and the web have allowed Piers to let the world know of his exploits and now he will be racing in Europe, away from many of his fans where he will no doubt be stepping up this campaign to keep the world aware of his results.
  9. 9. SPONSORSHIP OFFERING Motorsport sponsorship offers you the chance to increase your brand awareness in front of millions of loyal racing fans on an international level. Our unique sponsorship package: BRAND AWARENESS Dynamic brand positioning Global TV Coverage CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT Track days VIP Hospitality PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Driver appearances Employee incentives
  10. 10. ACTIVATION TOOLS – BRAND AWARENESS Boost brand awareness on a global scale through media coverage and exposure. Enhance brand identity through dynamic brand positioning. • Prominent car space available on Piers Hickin Formula 3 car. • Available space for company logo on Piers Hickin overalls. Prominent space on Piers Hickin racing helmet. Reserved for series’ Sponsors. All other areas not marked are at the team’s and driver’s Sponsors.
  11. 11. ACTIVATION TOOLS – CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT Experience and enjoy the benefits of being engaged in motorsports on a premium level, whilst entertaining clients and friends at some of Europe’s best renowned circuits. • Tickets & VIP hospitality within the Formula 3 Paddock at every event. • Weekend • Hosted “Access all areas” passes in the Formula 3 Paddock. garage tours with Piers Hickin and the team.
  12. 12. ACTIVATION TOOLS – PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES Throughout the season Piers will be available to make personal driver appearances at promotional events, to meet clients and promote your business. • Drive employee incentive schemes by using team hospitality as prizes. • Personal driver appearances for product launches and other promotional activities. • Opportunity to use the car for promotional purposes.
  13. 13. THE PERFECT PARTNERSHIP BOOSTING BRAND AWARENESS • International marketing platform • Global media coverage and exposure • TV and media exposure • On site attendees • Targeted networking opportunities • VIP hospitality at race events DRIVING REVENUE • Promotional opportunities • Marketing incentive schemes ROI INCREASING RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT BRAND EQUITY COMMUNICATING WITH TARGET MARKET
  14. 14. PARTNERS