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A Basic Guide to Server Log Analysis


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My presentation at BrightonSEO April 2016 on a basic guide to server logs. Any questions email me or tweet me and I am more than happy to have a look.

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A Basic Guide to Server Log Analysis

  1. 1. What are server logs
  2. 2. Why analyse your server logs
  3. 3. Don’t build a great site on rocky foundations
  4. 4. Dev: Cpanel: Getting the data
  5. 5. Exact trend – Web Log Explorer: Save 25% brightonSEO2016
  6. 6. Small manageable chunks
  7. 7. Why its different from Screaming Frog / Deep Crawl
  8. 8. What do with the data
  9. 9. Find your Unicorns
  10. 10. SEO Log File Analyser