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Getting Started With Alexa Skills


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A walkthrough of the Alexa ecosystem and an overview of building skills.
From a presentation given at the Denver Alexa Meetup Sept 2018.

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Getting Started With Alexa Skills

  1. 1. Denver Alexa Meetup Launch Event Bob Stolzberg Andy Hahn Hosted by Getting Started With Alexa Skills
  2. 2. Devices with Alexa
  3. 3. New Voice Careers • Project Manager – scope, schedule • Voice UX Designer – field research, personas, scenarios, conversation • Graphic Designer – branding, multimodal • Developer – code, test, deploy, technical limitations
  4. 4. 50,000+ SKILLS
  5. 5. Where is Alexa? Alexa in US, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, India, Mexico, and more...
  6. 6. Don’t Miss: Alexa Developer Rewards
  7. 7. Don’t Miss: AWS Promotional Credits
  8. 8. Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide @AlexaDevs Amazon Alexa Developers @AlexaDevs
  9. 9. SMAPI & ASK CLI
  10. 10. Get Support & Join the Community @AlexaDevs Amazon Alexa Developers @AlexaDevs
  11. 11. Public ● Custom ● Flash briefing ● Smart Home ● Video Types of Skills Alexa For Business ● Smart Conference Room ● Private Custom
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Create an Amazon Alexa Skill: Overview
  14. 14. Skill Development Lifecycle 3 VOICE UX DESIGN DEVELOPMENT 1 CERTIFICATION & DEPLOYMENT 2 Do: • Design the Voice Experience • Use experts in VUI design • Use frameworks for quality and speed of development • Allow extra time for changes during certification
  15. 15. Creating an Alexa Skill </> Frontend Definition Backend Code • Skill store information • Interaction model (VUI) • Configuration (Lambda, REST) • Testing • Publishing (or other) • Lambda (Node.js, Python, Java, C#) • S3 • DynamoDB
  16. 16. Utterances, Intents & Code </> Frontend Definition Backend Code Utterances • Tell me a joke • Give me a joke • Get a joke • Another joke • Something funny • Some humor JokeIntent
  17. 17. It’s a Voice Browser Web Server URL HTML Web Browser API Request Response Audio Stream Audio Response Custom Skill Request Response Display Card ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition NLU – Natural Language Understanding TTS – Text to Speech
  18. 18. Just JSON Custom Alexa Skill Alexa Service JSON Request JSON Response AWS Lambda or REST endpoint
  19. 19. 4 Main Requests LaunchRequest – skill launched in conversation mode IntentRequest – skill launched in single shot or utterance used in conversation mode CanFulfillIntentRequest - optional first party invocation SessionEndedRequest – user ends the session
  20. 20. One Shot Request Response (tell) USER: Alexa, ask _____________ to __________________________ ALEXA: {response} (session ends) Alexa & Siri walk into a bar… speech wake launch invocation name utteranceconnect Alexa, ask Joke Maker to tell me a joke
  21. 21. Conversational / Multi-turn Request Response (ask) Alexa & Siri walk into a bar… I can tell you about things like puns and riddles. What would you like to do? speech prompt For a list of things I can do, say help. reprompt hint USER: Alexa, start _____________ ALEXA: Welcome to the _____ skill. I can do things like ______ and _______. What would you like to do? USER: {command/question} ALEXA: {response} … USER: Goodbye ALEXA: Come back soon. See ya later. (session ends) wake launch invocation name Alexa, start Joke Maker utterance tell me a joke utterance another joke
  22. 22. Wake & Launch Words Wake Words • Alexa • Amazon • Echo • Computer Launch Word Connectors ask to, about, for, if, whether tell to, that talk to, launch, start, resume, run, load, begin and open for, and use and, to search for
  23. 23. ASK CLI Need: • Node.js – version 8.10 • • • Code editor Do: • npm install –g ask-cli • ask init • ask new • ask deploy Setup an Alexa Development Environment
  24. 24. Thank you!