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Customer Service Training Brochure


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PSL Customer Service Training Brochure

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Customer Service Training Brochure

  1. 1. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSL Taking your people to the next level Customer Service Excellence Training
  2. 2. Who we are We are a results orientated training and consulting company. Our mission is to help companies grow. We serve clients throughout the UK and overseas. Our clients come from the public and private sectors and range from large multinational organisations, departments and agencies to small businesses.We are proud of the fact that we work as effectively for small businesses as we do for large organisations. We recognise that every organisation is different and has unique problems. PSL offer a highly flexible approach to developing a partnership to deliver the results you need. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level
  3. 3. Training that’s miles away from a tick-the-box exercise, it really benefits the people we work with and this is why it transfers to what customers experience and the sponsoring organisation achieves. We use proven best practice with skills and tools that makes PSL Customer Service training refreshing, unique and more effective.We will help you to choose the content and methods of training, practical tasks, role plays and team-building exercises that you need. We have plenty of valuable experience to share with the abilities to innovate and help you achieve competitive advantage, better customer retention, satisfaction and sales growth through service excellence. Designed to fit your needs
  4. 4. • A working together approach • Best practice and value for money • Coaching that’s engaging • Designed just for you • Every aspect to be relevant • Fits your business and team needs • Growth in sales and profits • Honesty about what you need to do • Investment returns that meet your expectations What you can expect Training that’s miles away from a tick-the-box exercise. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level
  5. 5. PSL training is different, it’s refreshing and effective.We really make people think and see what they can do. We will work with you to achieve the best outcomes from your investment. The Benefits The Message The Results A well trained workforce, working as a better team, with skills and supporting tools that help your customers gain the best service in any situation. Customer service is the way in which everyone can contribute to the success of your organisation. We can help your people through training that adds value to their lives, to their skills and purpose at work.
  6. 6. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level Creating a service excellence culture From understanding what good customer service really means to having the skills to deliver it, we can help your organisation to achieve better performance and customer service. We offer an approach that enables people to step safely outside of their comfort zones, to experience training that helps them. PSL training will increase: • Awareness - of what service excellence means • Belief - in your people and what they can-do • Confidence - in your team and your organisation • Delivery - tangible results PSL can help you develop your policies, people and service processes. We have plenty of valuable experience to share with the ability to innovate and design training that will give you competitive advantage.
  7. 7. Andrew Griffiths “ It’s truly amazing what people can achieve when they work together. ”
  8. 8. Performing Under Pressure • Techniques and tools for managing stress and other emotions • Understanding how to create self-confidence • Turning can’t do into can-do situations • Organisation, time awareness and management tools • Methods of reducing errors, rework and mistakes • Working as part of a high performing team Dealing With Difficult People and Situations • Understanding why people complain • How to handle complaints and stop problems from escalating • Understanding why people behave in certain ways and how to influence difficult, stressed and frustrated people • Keeping an outcome focus and taking ownership • Avoiding assumptions and prejudgement • Helping customers to help you • Techniques for managing instant stress • Turning around problems and complaints to build better customer relationships • Risk awareness and management skills • Understanding when and how to say no • Ensuring customers know what to expect and following up Delivering On Your Promises • The value of having a purpose and commitment • Managing customer expectations • Taking ownership of customer needs • Keeping customers informed • Turning problems into positive outcomes Understanding Customer Needs • Understanding the difference between good and bad customer service • Creating a positive first and last impression • Attitude is everything - attitude amplifies ability • Developing effective questioning and listening skills • Building rapport and trust • Leading customers • Delivering excellent service for internal and external customers • Correctly communicating customer needs and requirements • Sales skills for customer service roles A Few Examples Communication Skills • Communicating at the right level and with appropriate language • Choosing the right tone, words and phrases • Pacing conversations • Understanding non-verbal communications • Understanding why communications break down • Writing effective, clear and helpful emails and correspondence
  9. 9. MANAGING CUSTOMERS First impressions Understanding customer needs Managing and exceeding expectations Developing customer relationships MANAGING SELF Attitude Actions Achievements MANAGING TASKS Take responsibility Keep customers informed Work as one team WINNING ATTITUDES AND SKILLS LEADING CUSTOMERS TO DELIVER EXCELLENT SERVICE PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level Developing Leaders In Service Excellence
  10. 10. Are we right for you? PEOPLE As part of our process for ensuring the success of your project you will get to work with the same people. People who understand your needs, with the experience required to design and deliver inspirational training. STRATEGY The training we provide will be built on solid preparation, we see this as the key to success. PSL has invested in knowledge and technology to help clients achieve better, cost-effective outcomes. LEADERSHIP We will listen to you, take ownership of your objectives and work with you and your people. PSL will be different in this respect and in how we provide added value for you and your people.
  11. 11. EXAMPLES
  12. 12. Richard Webb UK Operations Leader Honeywell Process Solutions SOFT SKILLS - TANGIBLE RESULTS Working Together We worked with Honeywell’s service engineering leadership team to develop a programme of training that would help their field service engineers to develop deeper and much stronger customer relationships. Delivering Growth We delivered training for 140 engineers in the format of a 2 day interactive course.The outcomes of this training has lead to significant growth in opportunities and revenue. “During progress reviews held with the team I recieved feedback that the training was a ‘revelation’ and they all felt that it provided them with the tools and confidence to help improve customer relationships and as a result drive growth. PSL met my brief for the training and exceeded our expectations, as a result I would have no hesitation in recommending PSL”. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level
  13. 13. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH SERVICE The Challenge Wordbank helps companies to run more successful international marketing campaigns,operating in a complex and competitive market. The Benefits We delivered a unique training course that combined sales, influencing and negotiation with customer service and leadership skills.This gave Wordbank skills and tools for better understanding customer needs, differentiating their brand and creating competitive advantage. “PSL training was great value for money and I liked that we were able to adapt the course to suit individuals and our specific business requirements. The big thing for me was the motivation it inspired; the tools we went through made our people really think about what they’re doing in a positive way.” Claire Ingram Assistant Director Wordbank Ltd
  14. 14. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level BETTER TRAINING Customer Service Excellence Training We have worked withARRIVA to develop Service Excellence teams and trainers. Designed to fit We have been effective through delivering training that is more relevant, focused and highly engaging for their people. “ PSL lead by Andrew Griffiths have a real internal passion to deliver a great customer experience, with the desire to understand our business first then deliver a service that fits us. They go above and beyond the standard contract terms to deliver a real value for money partnership.” Carl Rayner Head of Leadership and Management Development
  16. 16. PEOPLE STRATEGY LEADERSHIP PSLTaking your people to the next level “The best decision you will make this year” 0800 634 3399