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Intent financials


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You can do better with your business. Advice. Money. Techniques born of Experience.

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Intent financials

  1. 1. Find more profit from your business? Get access to new financing? Improve a business valuation?
  2. 2.  Turn around a poorly performing business?  Provide management with better reporting?  Have more cash?
  3. 3. Focus on cash controls, on managing receivables and payables and on growing wealth. Examine your cash needs and arrange financing to help you grow. Improve the value of your business
  4. 4.  create the time and space to enact a plan to rebuild a company, save assets.  We use the law and negotiating tactics to deal with creditors.  Build a credible plan to rebuild sales and profits
  5. 5. How to double profit$ starting tomorrow. Techniques used by giants of industry can be yours. A serious application of marketing techniques, sales training and in particular a dispassionate review of prices and your customers.
  6. 6.  Is administration strangling your business?  Streamline paper processes that should be helping you to make money.  Reduce the torrent of information that hits your desk  Success = it takes 15 minutes of your day to learn where to focus your attention.