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Portrait photography


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Portrait photography

  1. 1. Portrait Photography: Annie Leibovitz BY ANDREW GREER
  2. 2. Marvin Gayce .Taken in 1972 .There is a stark contrast between the focus and the background .Colour is used to great effect in this image. .The use of space leads to the subject being more striking, .The image is balanced between the subject and the space around him. .The perspective given by blurring out the background gives a very ‘grand’ feel to this image.
  3. 3. Kate Winslet .Taken in 1974 .The subject is meant to appear to be in deep thought, and all of the elements of the photo give aid to that. Like the: .Destaurated sepia tone .The prespective .The use of space around the subject .Cutting off part of the subject .The subjects facial expression.
  4. 4. William .S. Burroughs . Taken in 2009 .This portrait is completely bare, with nothing but a close up of the subject. .This portrait focuses solely on the facial expression of the subject. .The contrast between the face and the darkness around it is striking. .The front on perspective of the image conveys the emotions and thoughts of the subject very clearly. .The only other element of the photo is the subject’s clothing and neck, which are both out of focus. Through this and the use of perspective the face becomes more eye-catching.