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2013 RIA Strategy-Building Event for Advisors At NYSE

Fritz Meyer and Andy Gluck to speak at TDAI 2013 Strategy Building Event for Advisors.

Croesus is sponsoring the event in New York City, Jan 15 at The New York Stock Exchange.

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2013 RIA Strategy-Building Event for Advisors At NYSE

  1. 1. RIA  Seminar   At  the  New  York  Stock  Exchange   11  Wall  Street,  New  York   January  15,  2013  2013  Strategy  Building  Event  for  Advisors  Please  join  us  on  January  15,  2013  for  a  special  invite  only  event  at  the  NYSE,  the  mecca  of  the  financial  industry  that  dates  back  to  1792.    Come  to  collaborate  with  leaders  in  the  RIA  space  to  discuss  how  to  break  through  boundaries  with  your  prac+ce  and  look  towards  the  future.    AGENDA  11:30  AM   Par+cipants  Arrival   “ We  mwe  wecome  stee.   ust  b he   ”11:45  AM   Welcome  Presenta+on   change   ant  to   -­‐Mahatma  Gandhi  Noon   Lunch  1:00  PM   Point  of  View:  In-­‐depth  analysis  of   Fritz  Meyer   economic  and  financial  market    trends.   Economist  and   Recommenda+ons  on  investment   Market  Commentator   strategies.    1:45  PM   Standing  Apart:  Insights  on  what  Ultra  High   Chris:ne  Gaze   Net  Worth  Clients  are  concerned  about,   Director  of  Prac+ce   what  best  prac+ces  your  compe+tors  are   Management,  TD  Ameritrade   implemen+ng,  and  what  new  trends  are     leading  the  rules  of  client  engagement.  2:15  PM   Break  2:30  PM   The  Social  Advisor:  Following  the  SEC  and   Andrew  Gluck   FINRA  social  media  guidelines,  how  to   Journalist  and  Founder/CEO   leverage  social  media  tools  to  transform   of  Advisor  Products  Inc.   your  social  skills  into  new  opportuni+es.    3:00  PM   Technology:  How  prac+ce  management   David  Mastroberardino   technology  helps  with  increasing   Director  of  Products,   regula+ons,  sophis+cated  investment   Croesus  FinansoZ   solu+ons,  and  clients  demanding  beXer     informa+on  about  their  porYolios.  3:30  PM   View  of  the  Trading  Floor  and  Closing  Bell                3rd  to:      4:30  PM   Op+onal:  Discussion  Cocktail   efore  January         at  a  pub  near  the  NYSE  (TBC)     Confirm  b en@tdameritr re michael.b TD  Ameritrade  Ins+tu+onal  and  the  above  named  par+es  are  separate  and  unaffiliated,  and  are  not  responsible  for  each  other’s  services  or  policies.  TD   Ameritrade  Ins+tu+onal,  Division  of  TD  Ameritrade,  Inc.,  member  FINRA/SIPC/NFA.  TD  Ameritrade  is  a  trademark  jointly  owned  by  TD  Ameritrade  IP   Company,  Inc.  and  The  Toronto-­‐Dominion  Bank.  ©  2012  TD  Ameritrade  IP  Company,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.  Used  with  permission.